Hosts…and Hostess?!?

Summary: Crossover with Ouran High School Host Club. What if Haruhi had never existed and Usagi was the one indebted to the Host Club? But Usagi isn't one to go dress like a boy…so how much of a difference is this story from the manga? Read and find out.

AN: Ever since I started to get interested in SM crossovers, I started to wonder what would happen if Usagi had replaced a certain character from a manga series or an anime. Since the summer, I started to get involved in Ouran High School Host Club and decided to write a story of where Usagi would replace a character and see what it would be like.

Warning: Character in this story may be OOC, especially the characters from Sailor Moon, such as the make out of the Tsukino family. There are no connections whatsoever with the senshis, but their personalities may be somewhat similar. Characters from the Host Club are the same in the manga and anime.

Usagi Tsukino, a 15 year-old scholarship student over at Ouran High School, was almost at her loose ends. She was wearing the school uniform one of her best friends, Setsuna Meioh, had made as a replica to congratulate her in getting into the school. The yellow dress was an exact copy, so if you didn't know any better, you would've thought that it was actually a school purchase. Her long blond hair was pulled back into two braided pigtails that trailed down to her ankles. She wore square-shaped rimmed glasses over her wide blue eyes.

Usagi was coming close to losing her mind when she had searched through all the libraries they had to offer in the high school. Even thought she had gotten into a really good school filled with wealthy kids, she still wasn't able to find one library that wasn't noisy or crowded, even the library over at the public school she went to was better. She then sighed in complete annoyance as she stopped in the middle of one of the many hallways of the building to look at her watch. Sighing one more time, Usagi looked around her surroundings before glancing up at the sign. "Third music room," she read, pushing her glasses up since they were about to fall down. Figuring since no music was emitting from the room that it was empty. She pushed the doors open and stepped in.

"Welcome," a chorus of six men situated in front of the door said at the same time. Usagi jumped, accidentally closing the door; staring at them for a second, she recognized the men as the most popular ones in the high school that she had overheard her classmate talking about. Tamaki Souh was a tall second year with light blond hair and gentle bluish-purple eyes. Kyoya Ohtori was another second year with slick black hair and glasses over his piercing gray eyes. Takashi Morinozuka, or Mori as everyone calls him, was a third year and the tallest out of all of them, a stoic looking man with black hair and aloof ebony eyes. Mitsukuni Haninozuka, or Hunny, was an energetic blond third year with smiling brown eyes, who was even shorter than her! Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachin were twins with pale brown hair and striking brown eyes, who she had seen in her homeroom and classes.

Usagi cringed slightly as they all stared at her, as if waiting for her to make the first movement. Heaving a sigh for perhaps the hundredth time, Usagi shook her head and turned around. "Usagi Tsukino, just what had you gotten yourself into?" she mumbled, reaching for the doorknob.

"Ah, I must say that I'm quite honored to meet you, Usagi Tsukino," Tamaki said, standing up from his seat.

Usagi turned her head with her back still towards him and asked, "How do you know my name?"

Tamaki smiled and the look on his face made Usagi think that he looked somewhat intelligent. But when he went on with a huge speech about how Ouran High School was a school for children from wealthy families and that news were spread about a commoner like her that had managed to get in by taking the test when so many haven't, Usagi couldn't help but think he's a complete idiot. Usagi rolled her eyes and said in a soft but angry tone, "You're either praising the fact that I got in or you're insulting me for not being rich; choose one."

"Yes, yes. Well, what I was trying to say is that even a woman, who is as poor as you, needs to find a way to satisfy your needs from a man," he said, continuing on about how wonderful the relationship between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing to be treasured. He didn't even notice that Usagi wasn't even listening to his useless rambling.

Usagi looked annoyed as Tamaki walked up to her and grabbed her hand. "Look, I came here by mistake," Usagi said, trying to pull her hand out of his grasp. "So I'd appreciate it if you'll let go of me."

"Now, now, there's no need for you to be embarrassed. There are a lot of other girls who came here as well," he said, still dragging her farther into the room.

"Who's embarrassed?" Usagi muttered. She pulled even harder in vain. "Let go of me, please," she said, stressing the last word. When he still didn't relinquish his hold on her, she took a deep breath. "I said to let go, PERVERT!" And with that loud exclaim, she delivered a swift kick to his knee.

Tamaki released her hand as he grabbed his knee in pain, but by doing so, he had accidentally pushed Usagi into a tall stand where a beautiful vase was presented on. And down came the case with a loud crash and down came Usagi, seated on the floor, clutching the back of her head.

"That's the vase we were going to put on auction next week," Kyoya said, "The bid was going to start at $80 thousand dollars."

Usagi turned around and started to analyze the broken pieces. "I can pay for the damage," she whispered.

"I'm sure," Hikaru said, "But the price is clearly out of your league."

"There's just no way that you can $80 thousand dollars," Kaoru said.

"Well I highly believe that it's unfair that I have to pay all $80 thousand dollars," Usagi muttered.

The twins looked at each other before saying at the same time, "But you were the one who broke it."

Usagi turned to the twins and pointed at Tamaki. "Because he pushed me!" she said.

Hunny clutched his pink stuffed rabbit to his chest. "But you kicked Tama-chan," he said in a childish manner.

"Only because he wouldn't let go of me when I asked me too," Usagi said, glaring at the much taller blonde.

"Perhaps we can negotiate," Kyoya said. He opened the black binder he usually carried and started to write in it. "You work for us until you pay half the price and your debt's gone."

Usagi glanced at her watch and observed it ticking close to five. "Just as long as I don't stay any later than 5:30, then I suppose that's okay," she said. She cupped her chin between her thumb and pointer finger. "Of course, if I were completely insensitive, like everyone else here, I could just ask my friends, who would be willing to help me clear the debt."

"So why don't you?" Tamaki asked.

"Because I don't want to bother anyone and if they find out the reason why, then they'll try to kill everyone here for creating the problem in the first place," Usagi said, sighing, "If it's not daddy, then it's bound to be my friends.

Everyone stared at her blankly as Usagi continued to sulk out loud about her friends' supposed murderous personality when it comes to her well-being. "Just who are her friends?" everyone though silently.


"Tamaki-sama, is it true that you took in that commoner," Ayanokoji said. She was a prideful tall woman with straight brown hair. Her purple eyes stared at Tamaki with self-importance of herself.

"But of course, hime, I can't leave that poor defenseless koneko by herself," Tamaki said. He turned his head when he heard the door open and saw Usagi, still in her glasses and braids, walking in with a large plastic bag in hand. "Ah, koneko, you came back safe and sound," he said dramatically, like she was bound to get lost.

"Who are you calling 'koneko'?" Usagi muttered, dropping the bag on top of Tamaki's lap. She started to walk away to do all the other odd jobs the guys asked her to do.

Tamaki was rummaging through the bag when came across an unfamiliar item. He pulled it out. "Hey, koneko, what is this thing?" he asked, staring at it with wide eyes, "It says 'coffee', but this isn't ground coffee."

Usagi just glanced at the coffee bottle and said, "That's because it's instant."

"No way!" Everyone had jumped up to examine the bottle, like it was an artifact from another country.

"With the way you're acting, I'm starting to believe that you've never seen instant coffee," Usagi said, crossing her arms, with amusement for the first time she arrived at the club.

"I've heard about it, but I never actually saw one," Kyoya said with everyone agreeing that statement.

Usagi walked over to them. "If it's too much for you, I'll just go and buy your brand of coffee," she said, her amusement slowly thinning away.

Tamaki shook his head from side to side quickly and said, "No! I'll try it!" Everyone started to clap and acted like he had just agreed to save their lives from a terrible fate.

Usagi rolled her eyes as everyone started to crowd around a table near the windows. Her attention was caught when she heard someone chuckling and glanced down to see the upperclassman that was with Tamaki earlier, Ayanokoji. "There's no way that that junk can satisfy Tamaki-sama's taste," she said rather smugly, not caring if Usagi had heard it or not.

Usagi ignored that comment and headed over to the round table where china teacups were aligned to everyone wanted to try it out. "Before I begin, can you all tell me how you prefer your coffee," Usagi said. Starting with the girls first and then the Host members, Usagi would pour certain amounts of the dark brown coffee powder and hot water into the cups, along with sugar and milk.

Hunny watched with wide eyes as Usagi made the coffee for everyone. "Ne, Usa-chan, how do you know how much of each to put in?" he asked with a child-like curiosity.

Usagi smiled gently at Hunny. The small blonde's face reddened at Usagi's motherly manner. "My mom taught me when I was very little. I also helped a friend of mine to make coffee as a part time job during the summer from time to time," she said. She placed each order in front of the small audience and bowed slightly. "Enjoy," she said right before putting the supplies away.

"Surprisingly, this tastes good," one of the girls said, taking another sip from the cup.

Her friend next to her nodded her head. "It's just like the coffee my chef makes," she said.

Tamaki listened as the customers and his friends continued to praise Usagi's success in making the coffee to their liking. "Usagi, from now on, you must make this for us to drink everyday," he said. He turned to Usagi and his shoulders dropped when he saw that she wasn't listening to him and instead was talking to the girls.

"Sure, I don't mind making it again tomorrow," Usagi said. She smiled as she continued, "My mom also taught me how to make snacks to go with the coffee. I could bring some in for you to try as well."

Hunny's face quickly looked up. "Snacks?" he repeated, "Are they sweet?" Usagi nodded her head, causing the older boy to jump with joy. "I want to try them! I want to try them!" he said happily.

Usagi watched as the Host club members went on with their business of entertaining, or rather flirting with the girls. "What exactly is the point of this club anyway?" she asked herself, "It's like they're throwing away the old saying of 'Don't judge a book by its covers'."

Usagi jumped when Tamaki sprung up from behind her and said, "But of course, koneko. In this world there are people who are perfect only in the inside and there are those who are only perfect in the outside. Such a rare and beautiful thing it is to have someone who is perfect in the inside and the outside." Often time he would spread his arms out to make a dramatic expression or would act out what he was saying, but he was so absorbed in his speech that he didn't even realize that Usagi wasn't listening to his speech to begin with. He stared at her expectantly and anxiously as he asked, "So do you understand?"

With her back turned at him, she was picking up the cups that customers had used. "Oh, I understand everything very well," she said. She turned her head towards him and added in a straightforward manner, "I understand the fact that you're very egotistical and self absorbed."

Tamaki felt his entire body shut down and shrink as he curled away in a corner. Usagi smiled sheepishly at the club president and tried to apologize, but the twins wrapped their arms around her shoulders and laughed, teasing Tamaki for being on the end where Usagi had probably unintentionally insulted him. Usagi glanced at the twins and silently wondered if they were trying to make the situation worse for her. "Gomen for that comment," she said. She shook her head and lied, "I just had a lot on my mind."

Tamaki stood up with his pride no longer injured. "Perhaps you fear that you won't be able to pay up the debt. That's probably why you're being cruel to us."

"It seems that the only one I'm being cruel to is only you," she muttered.

"So to help lighten up your life, your debt will be cleared if a hundred girls asked you for your services," Tamaki continuing, overlooking what she had said.

Usagi's blue eyes widened as she shouted, "What services? I'm not into girls!"

Kyoya looked at his folder of files and pushed his glasses up. "I've heard that you're a great advisor and a great cook. If a hundred girls ask for those services, then your debt will be gone."

Usagi glared at Kyoya and asked with a skeptic look in her eyes, "Is that true? There's no trick, right?" She thought quietly about the situation and nodded her head. Tamaki's face brightened and held out his hand, but she took Kyoya's outstretched hand, instead of his, and shook it, causing Tamaki to sulk once again.


Usagi held a circular silver tray and placed a white china teacup on the table in front of each of the three girls. "And here are some snacks that I talked about yesterday," she said, placing a plate of cookies down in the middle. "Hunny-sempai had tried them before and said that he liked them."

One of the girls took it and stared at the round vanilla and chocolate swirl cookies. She took a small bite out of it and chewed on it as everyone at the table watched in anticipation. There was a light sweet taste with a mix of both vanilla and chocolate when the treat touched her tongue and almost dissolves. She gasped and stared at the bitten cookie in shock.

Usagi stared at the girl worriedly. "You…don't like it?" she asked.

The girl shook her head quickly. "No, it's not that," she replied, "It's just…it tastes a bit better than what my chef makes."

"No way!" the other two girls shouted. They both took one cookie from the plate and bit into it at the same time.

Usagi watched in delight at the sighs of happiness coming from the three. "My mom taught me how to cook when I was little," Usagi told them with a small smile.

"Do you think I could get your mom to cook for a day over at my mansion?" one of the girls asked.

Usagi stared at the empty silver tray in her hands. "Unfortunately my mom passed away when I was about six years old," she said, "She was ill almost the whole year before so she had to stay at the hospital a lot. Whenever I went to visit her, she would give the recipes she have and would teach me the different tricks there is to cooking. After her death, I was responsible for the house when my dad has to go to work. You could say that by the time I was around seven, I could already be the perfect housewife." She smiled at her schoolmates, who were all looking at her like she had done something admirable to them.

Tamaki was peering at the scene from the couch where he sat and watched as Usagi continued to converse with the customers. He felt his heart quicken as he watched her smile and her eyes sparkle with pleasure as she laughed with the girls. "It's so sincere," his mind shouted as he imprinted her smile into his mind.

"She's doing a good job of attracting those girls," Kyoya said, smiling, "She would've became a great host if she were a boy."

"It seems like it's more natural for her to smile." Hikaru said.

Kaoru nodded his head. "Whenever she's upset, it just seems like she's been forced to be mad," he said. The twins glanced at Tamaki, who looked depressed again.

Ayanokoji forced a laugh coldly, catching Tamaki's attention. "Tamaki-sama, you're just ignoring your customers now ever since you brought in the hired help." Tamaki grinned sheepishly and quickly apologized. She took a quick glance at Usagi and asked, "It seems like you are quite attracted to her, aren't you?"

"No, no, she's more like a daughter to me, more than anything," Tamaki said. He glanced back and said, "Koneko, come here for a minute," waving his hand in the air.

Usagi shook her head at him. No matter how many times she told him to stop, this guy has a one-track mind and wouldn't listen. She walked over to him and placed the tray down on the table in front of Tamaki.

"Koneko, meet my regular customer, Ayonokoji-hime," Tamaki said, introducing her to Usagi.

Usagi silently studied the girl and smiled at her. She may be prideful, but she was also very pretty. Usagi figured that it wouldn't be that bad if they do become friends. "Nice to meet you. My name is Usagi Tsukino," she said with a smile on her face.

"Kawaii!" Tamaki shouted. He grabbed Usagi into a hug, rubbing his cheek against the top of her head. "You should smile like this for the rest of your life. Yes, you should."

"Let go of me, Tamaki-sempai!" Usagi said. She managed to break free, but as soon as she started to walk away, Tamaki once again pulled her back into his embrace. "Don't go randomly hugging people, sempai!" Usagi shouted as she struggled to get free. She then spotted Mori walking by so she called out to him, "Mori-sempai, can you help me?"

Mori turned to Usagi and took her arm gently and pulled her out of Tamaki's hold, but he ended up lifting her up into a bridal position. Everyone stared at Mori, who was carrying Usagi as if she was his bride. Mori looked completely indifferent to what he had just done while Usagi's face flushed with embarrassment.

Tamaki stared for a few seconds before breaking out into laughter while he held his arms out, as if wanting to have a turn to carry her. "All right, koneko, come back to daddy," he said, talking to Usagi as if she was a five year old rather than a fifteen year old.

"You're not my dad!" Usagi shouted, pushing away his hands. Everyone laughed as they watched Usagi still trying to get away from Tamaki. Nobody seems to have notice Ayanokoji was staring at Usagi in contempt.


Usagi continued to serve tea to the other customers as she had done the day before. She came across the twins, who had styled their hairs up so no one would be able to distinguish the difference between them. She watched for a few seconds as the girls tried to figure out which one was Hikaru and which one was Kaoru. She stood right behind them and tapped the one to her right on the shoulder and said calmly, "Hikaru," and then she tapped the one to her left on the shoulder and continued, "Kaoru." After saying that, she walked away, leaving the twins to stare at her with a shocked look on their faces of someone actually knowing who was who and the girls were all wondering how she knew the difference when all she was doing was looking from the back of their heads.

Hunny bounced up and down on his seat as Usagi placed a dish of round vanilla cookies with strawberry jelly in the middle (AN: Those are really good. They're one of my favorites!) down on the table. He instantly grabbed one and shoved it in his mouth, chewing it happily while dropping crumbs on his stuffed bunny. Usagi giggled softly and tapped Hunny on his shoulder and pointed to the doll. Hunny dusted the crumbs off and looked at Usagi with wide eyes, asking in that childish tone of his, "Can you hold my Bun-Bun for me?"

Usagi glanced down at the tray she was still holding. "I can't carry him and this at the same time, Hunny-sempai," she said. She took the pink rabbit and placed it right next to Hunny. After putting the tray down, Usagi took a napkin and tied it around Hunny's neck like a bib. "Maybe that'll be better," she said, patting Hunny on the head.

Continuing on with her chore, Usagi placed a cup of tea in front of Ayanokoji and walked away when a sharp scream erupted into the air. Everyone turned to see Ayanokoji jumping away from her cup, screaming, "There's something in my cup!"

Usagi hurried over to her and peered into the glass cup. There was nothing in there but hot tea, so she looked at the plate underneath the cup. On the plate, crawling in circles around the base of the cup was a black cockroach. "How did that get there?" Usagi asked out loud, lifting the cup to get rid of the bug.

"Oh please, don't act so ignorant," Ayanokoji said angrily. Usagi spun around to see the upperclassman staring at her somewhat with a smug look on her face. "You were the one who put that there, weren't you?"

"And even if I did, what purpose would that have?" Usagi asked, not even intimidated.

Before Ayanokoji could reply, Hikaru picked up the roach and threw it at her. She screamed as it landed in her hair; while she tried to pull it out, Kaoru picked up the teacup and splashed the warm liquid in her face. Usagi just stood there, blinking, as she stared down at the vanished teacup from her hand, wondering just when they took the things away from her. As she stood there wondering, the members had ridiculed Ayanokoji and by the time she glanced up, the embarrassed girl had already ran from the room.

Tamaki turned around and pointed at Usagi. "I hope you know that you will have to pay for the disturbance and the banning of my regular," he said, "You must now service 1000 customers."

Usagi's head dropped slightly as she shook her head and walked away to put the empty cups away and to refill the tea in the back. It doesn't matter if she had argued with him. She concluded that he was just too thick-headed to listen.

Tamaki heard the entrance door open and turned around, all ready to greet another customer. Instead of a high school girl that he was hoping to see, his eyes had landed on a young girl wearing the dark blue uniform from the elementary school on this campus. She had straight black chin-length hair with bright lilac eyes. She walked into the room cautiously and glanced around. Tamaki walked up to her and kneeled down; he took her hand in his and planted a kiss on it. "And what honor do I have to see such a pretty little girl coming onto my doorstep?" he asked, not even noticing the blank look on her pale face.

Before she could even reply, a soccer ball came out flying from the doorway and hit Tamaki straight on the forehead. The second year fell on his back with his eyes swirling around in circles. "Don't go around flirting with little girls, you pedophile!" A boy around the same age as the girl walked into the classroom as he stared at Tamaki with disgust in his eyes. He also wore the dark blue grammar school uniform. He had short dark brown hair and bright brown eyes.

"You didn't have to go and kick the ball at him, Shingo," the girl said softly.

Shingo glanced at the girl and shouted, "Well, he should've kept his hands off of you, Hotaru."

Usagi walked into the classroom to see Tamaki still laying on the floor and Shingo and Hotaru standing at the doorway. "Shingo? Hotaru? What are you two doing here?" she asked, "I thought you had club activities."

The two ten-year-olds turned to Usagi. "Onee-chan!" they shouted, running over to the slightly confused teenager to give her a hug.

Tamaki woke up and sat upright when he heard what the two called Usagi. He watched as Hotaru began unbraiding Usagi's pigtails and Shingo took the glasses off of her face. Jaws dropped as everyone saw that with two simple changes had made Usagi look less like a nerd and more of a princess. Usagi's long hair reached to her ankles in soft waves from being in braids the whole day and without her glasses, her eyes were even wider and clearer than before. He felt his face reddened as he continued to watch Usagi converse with the two children with a bright smile on her face.

"The coach had to do something so he let us out early," Shingo replied to Usagi's question, "And since Hotaru's club ends earlier than mine, she usually waits by the benches so having nothing to do, we decided to come and see you."

Hunny skipped over to the three embracing and asked, "Ne, ne, Usa-chan, who are these two?"

Usagi grinned and placed an arm around Shingo's and Hotaru's shoulders. "This handsome famous-soccer-player-to-be is my little brother, Shingo Tsukino. And this beautiful doctor-to-be is my little sister, Hotaru Tsukino. They also passed the scholarship test and transferred to this school since I was going to be here. They're both in the fifth grade." Everyone was shocked to hear that Usagi wasn't the only one who had managed to get in, but including her siblings; they started to wonder if intelligence traveled in the family.

"So they're twins?" Hikaru asked, looking at the two ten-year-olds, trying to find something similar between them. "They don't look anything alike, like Kaoru and me."

Usagi wrapped her arms around Hotaru and brought her close into a hug. "That's because Hotaru and Shingo aren't twins. Hotaru was actually adopted into our family when she was about four after her parents passed away in a car accident. Her parents and mine were very good friends, so we practically grew up together," she said with a smile, "So, I was in charge of these two when dad had to work and since I raised Shingo by myself for the past three years, it was easy to look after Hotaru as well."

Hunny tilted his head and clung onto Usagi's arm. "What about your mom?" he asked. He wasn't near Usagi when she had talked about her mom, so he didn't know that she had passed away.

Shingo's shoulders dropped as he looked down with a sad expression. "After she gave birth to me, mom fell ill, so she had to stay in the hospital most of the time. By the time I was almost one, the doctors told us that she had passed away in her sleep." Usagi knew that even though he acted like everything was okay, deep down in his heart, he had always felt as if their mom dying was his fault. She ruffled Shingo's hair gently with a soft smile on her face; Shingo glanced up and when he saw her smile, he grinned back at her.

Kaoru shrugged his shoulders as if trying to say that he didn't care about their family's history. "What I would like to know is why you made yourself look so plain for?" he asked, "Braiding your hair and wearing glasses like that?"

Hotaru grinned and attached herself to her sister's arm. "Onee-chan said that she doesn't care what other people think about her and wants to focus more on her school work without having boys constantly spying on her." She smiled as she thought back to frustrated looks on her sister's face whenever she finds a boy hiding behind some counter or bookshelf, spying on her. "I always said that it was because they wanted to ask onee-chan out, but she always said that that wasn't true."

Usagi rolled her eyes and took each of her siblings' hands and lead them to one of the loveseats in the room. "That's because it isn't true," Usagi said, seating them down. She searched through their book bags and took out their homework. "Those boys only wanted to annoy me into giving them my homework or tutor them."

"But they could've asked Ami-nee. She's also very smart," Hotaru argued, "And if the reason was because they wanted you to tutor them, you didn't have to go and disguise your self like that."

Kyoya searched through his black binder. "You were actually quite the popular type in school," he said, reading the file on the blonde, "You were in many clubs and made friends with everyone you meet."

Tamaki walked over to Usagi as if he was in a trance. He knelt down and grabbed both Usagi's hands and said, almost pleadingly, "You must look like this for the rest of your life."

Shingo glared at Tamaki and rushed over to him, kicking him on the knee very hard. "Don't order onee-chan around. Also, only Haruka-nii can call onee-chan that, you pedophile," he shouted.

Tamaki screamed in pain and fell down on his butt, clutching his injured knee to his chest. "I'm not a pedophile," he whispered, as if he was a young child being reprimanded, "You didn't have to kick me."

Shingo turned to Usagi and grabbed her hand. "Onee-chan, that man flirted with Hotaru. We better tell everyone so we could get him locked up."

Usagi shook her head. "You just have to live with this, Shingo. He does this all the time," she told her little brother. Tamaki's shoulders dropped in shame and embarrassment as the twins laughed at him. "Now why don't you two start on your homework and eat some snacks? I'm sure that you're hungry from your club activities."

Everyone in the Host Club watched as Usagi handed out the cookies and tea to her siblings. The customers all squealed at the sight of Usagi acting like a mother to the two children. "You know, she really will do well in this club," Kyoya said, "Perhaps if she continues, looking like that, boys will end up coming as customers."

"Usa-chan acts just like a mommy," Hunny said, lifting Bun-Bun up in the air and resting it on top of his head with a big smile on his face, "She looks like one too."

"And those girls seem to like Usagi and think she's a lot of fun," the twins said, "We don't think they mind that she's a girl."

Tamaki nodded his head and shouted, "Yes! Everything's coming together. With koneko around, the Host Club will definitely flourish and invite more customers."

"I thought I said to not call her that!" Shingo shouted. He took his soccer ball into his hands and threw it with perfect accuracy and hit Tamaki on the back of his head with it. "Call her that one more time, I'll tell Haruka-nii," he said, grabbing his ball quickly before heading back to his seat.

Usagi was reading Hotaru's homework and without even looking up, she reprimanded him gently, "Shingo, don't be mean. The last thing I want is for them to increase the debt."

"Why don't you ask ji-chan or the others to help you pay the debt?" Hotaru asked, "With everyone's help, the debt will be gone in a second. Ji-chan is a very good journalist and photographer for the newspaper. And I'm sure all your friends would be willing to help pay, especially Haruka-nii, Michiru-nee, and Setsuna-nee."

Usagi sighed and placed the book down. "That's true," she sighed, "But they would also want to know the reason why I'm in debt."

Shingo stuffed a cookie into his mouth. "Why don't you tell them?" he asked, "It's not like they're gonna be angry and make you pay you back. Chances are they're gonna tell you to NOT pay them back."

Usagi grinned and replied simply, "If I tell them the reason, we will have several dead bodies in the school, courtesy of Ruka-chan, Mako-chan, and Rei-chan."

"True," Shingo and Hotaru said, thinking about their friends' temper when it comes to Usagi. "When the day they find out comes, I pity them," they said, shaking their heads.

The Host Club members all couldn't help but wonder just who Usagi's friends are and just why those names Hotaru had mentioned sounded so familiar. Kyoya smiled as he looked through the file of Usagi's life before she came to Ouran and the long list of her closest friends, who the majority is very famous. "I'll let them figure it out their own," Kyoya said silently, "This should be interesting."


AN: So, is this very good or not? There may be a lot of you who might think that I made Usagi a bit too perfect, I'm sorry, I just have the habit of doing that sometimes, but I also did warn everyone that the characters of SM would be different.

Also, if you had never read or heard of Ouran High School Host Club, I truly recommend you to read them, or even watch the anime. It's a really good series that actually makes me laugh whenever I read it. If you try it out for the first time, I hope you'll like it.