Hosts…and Hostess?!?

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(AN: I'm skipping the part where Renge was in France when she had discovered her prince in Japan.)

The start of a New Year had arrived with the Host Club dressed in glorious kimonos and serving treats to welcome the New Year. The male members were off entertaining their customers but glances were often cast towards the door as they were trying to appear patient for the only female member to come out after helping Hotaru and Shingo into their costumes as well. The two fifth-graders didn't have any club activities so they decided to help out their older sister and were immediately pushed into wearing kimonos by the girls. The doors then slowly opened as squealing from the girls could be heard outside of the school when they saw the Tsukino family. Shingo was wearing a black yukata with red flares on it. Hotaru was wearing a dark purple yukata with lighter violet blossoms on it. Usagi was wearing a light blue kimono with pink Sakura blossoms.

"Those are so adorable, Bunny-chan," one of the girls said, "Where did you get them? They must've been expensive."

"Suna-nee gave them to us," Shingo said with a bright smile on his face. "She's always giving us these nice clothes to wear, isn't she, onee-chan?"

Usagi just smiled at Shingo and handed him a small cake to eat when she felt someone tugging gently on her kimono. She glanced down and saw Hunny looking like he was about to cry. "Hunny-kun, what's wrong?" Usagi asked, her maternal instincts immediately kicking in. She kneeled down and gently took Hunny into her arms. "What happened?" she asked.

Hunny lifted his girlish-looking kimono and revealed that one of his feet was naked while the other bore a sandal. "I can't find my other sandal, Usa-chan," he said, his eyes tearing up, causing the girls to flock towards him, promising to help him in his search.

"But you were just wearing it, Hunny-kun," Usagi said. She crossed her arms and glanced around, trying to spot the missing shoe. "Maybe we should retrace your steps and then we can find it."

It was then Mori came over to them and lifted Hunny's bare foot and slipped the sandal on, almost like a prince aiding a young princess. He pointed over to the other side of the room. "It was over there," he said in a bored tone, almost as if he was reading it off a script.

Hotaru just stared at Hunny with a blank look in her blinking eyes. "I never thought of Hunny-nii being someone who tears very easily," she said.

Shingo snorted and said, "Hunny-nii may be older than onee-chan, but he acts like he's younger than us." He turned around and bumped into Hikaru, causing a small bottle to fall out of his sleeves and landed on the floor. Shingo picked it up as Hotaru looked over his shoulders to see. "Methanol," he read it slowly. Then he remembered what it was used for and opened his mouth. "Hey, you're cheating!" he shouted, pointing to the twins. Shingo turned around to see Usagi giving Hunny and Mori a slice of cake. "Onee-chan, these guys are…humph."

Usagi turned around and saw Kaoru and Hikaru covering Shingo's mouth. It was a pretty comical scene with the two older twins both using one hand to cover the struggling boy's mouth and the other hand to hold his thrashing arms. "What are you guys doing?" Usagi asked with an eyebrow arched up. "And Shingo, don't thrash around so much, you'll wrinkle your kimono." She quickly rushed over to spread out the wrinkles. "So, what's this all about?" she asked with an amused smile on her face.

Shingo glared at Hikaru and Kaoru, who were just sprouting off lies to his precious older sister. "How dare they even think about lying to onee-chan," he thought angrily. He glanced down to their hands that were covering his mouth and bit down on their fingers, causing the twins to jump and wave his hands furiously to get the stinging pain to go away. "Damn you bastards!" he shouted angrily, pointing to them.

"Shingo, where did you hear that word from?" Usagi shouted, "I know it's not from me and it better not be from Ruka-chan or Seiya."

Shingo gulped as he stared into his sister's eyes, almost resembling an angry mother, to the customers' delight. "Ah man, I can't tell onee-chan that," he said in a panicky tone in his mind. His brown eyes glanced over at the twins, who were laughing at his predicament. In a desperate way of revenge, Shingo pointed at them and said quickly, "I heard it from them."

Hikaru and Kaoru stopped laughing when they saw Usagi turn her glare at them instead. They had witnessed first hand at what will happen if Usagi gets angry at the Christmas party. Despite how adorable she looks when she's upset, it gets down right scary when she starts to threaten others' weak points with promises that they know she'll keep. Usagi had managed to stop Haruka and Seiya from pummeling Tamaki when he tried to kiss her. She had threatened to confiscate the keys to Haruka's beloved racecar and ground her to a year of sleeping on the couch away from Michiru. And then she told Seiya that she won't sing with him for a year and that she'll lock away his precious guitar and throw it into the ocean. How she'll manage to do that, they'll probably never figure it out, but her warnings worked and they did stop.

Deciding to find an easy way to appease her anger, Hikaru and Kaoru quickly handed Shingo and Hotaru a small box of candy. "Here, a New Year's treat," they said with a smile.

Hotaru stared at her in silent awe. "Onee-chan, can I give this to hahaue and chichiue when we go see them?" she asked, staring at Usagi in an almost begging way.

"Yeah, I can give this to okaa-san as well," Shingo said with a smile on his face, "As nice as this looks, I like onee-chan's homemade candy a whole lot better."

"Snot nose brat," Hikaru and Kaoru snarled angrily in their minds. If Usagi ever hears them insult her siblings out loud, they started to fear for their lives and fates.

Hunny was being carried over by Mori and stared at the two fifth-graders. "Why are you giving it to both your parents, Hotaru-chan, while Shingo-kun's just giving it to his mom?" he asked Hotaru, forgetting that she was adopted into the family.

Hotaru just stared at her gift with a soft smile on her face. "We always go to the cemetery to pray our respects to those who had passed away," she said, "It's like a tradition for us to visit them on the New Years, their birthday and death days."

Usagi just smiled at her younger siblings, but her grin grew even wider even larger when she saw Tamaki's eyes tearing from hearing the heart touching tradition and gave Hotaru another treat as a present for being a good girl. However she burst into giggles with Hikaru and Kaoru laughing boisterously when Shingo yelled at Tamaki for trying to be a "pedophile sugar daddy", as he would like to call it, and kicked him with his prized goal kick he used in soccer games. She shook her head and walked into the back to get some more snacks ready for the guests.

Everybody burst into laughter as the door opened. The hosts turned around to see a brunette sporting a ribbon on the back of her head. Shingo and Hotaru stared at each other and wondered if this girl was an acquaintance of a friend of theirs who's studying abroad in England. They watched as Tamaki walked over to her, recovering from the kick Shingo gave him, and began to welcome her the very same way that he always did to every girl.

But instead of reacting the same way all the other girls had done with all the swooning and squealing, she immediately pushed him away, screaming, "YOU PHONY! GET AWAY FROM ME! THERE'S JUST NO WAY THAT A FLIRTACIOUS MAN LIKE YOU WHO GIVES LOVE AWAY LIKE SOME CHEAP MARGARINE CAN BE A KING OF THIS CLUB? YOU'RE NOTHING BUT AN AIRHEADED PLAYBOY, AN IDIOT WHO'S ONLY GOOD FEATURE IS HIS LOOKS, A LOUSY LOVER!!!!"

Shingo burst into laughter as he pointed at Tamaki falling in slow motion. 'Man, onee-chan and Haruka-nii would get a kick out of this,' he said silently.

The girl then turned towards Kyoya with tears in her eyes. "Kyoya, my one and only prince," she said. She ran over to him and threw her hands around his waist. Everybody just stared at her, not sure what to make out of her statement.


"Kyoya has a fiancée?" the twins shouted, staring blankly at the glasses wearing teenager.

"Yup, it's a pleasure to meet you," she said, "My name is Renge Hoshakuji. I'll be transferring to 1-A tomorrow." The members of the Host Club glanced at the wall to see Tamaki doing his usual sulking when he doesn't get what he wants. "I fell in love with him at first sight," she sighed, cupping her face between her hands, "Watching him giving those malnourished plants those loving attention and caring for that poor injured kitten."

"Are you sure that's Kyoya-san?" Shingo asked indifferently as the twins waved their hands to tell him to shut up, "That's a really difficult thing to picture."

"Yes! Of course, I'm talking about him!" Renge shouted, her face becoming red with anger, "Kind to everything and never asking anything in return! A lonely soul who loves solitude! Priceless moments captured in a love stimulation game…featuring Ichijo Miyabi from 'Uki Doki Memorial'! And you look just like him!" Renge pointed at Kyoya with an excited look on her face, causing an uproar among the leaders and the two fifth graders.

Inside the back room where Usagi had been putting some tea together for the members since the customers had all left, she heard the loud racket. "What's going on out there?" she wondered. Still wearing the kimono, Usagi stepped out to see Shingo staring at this unknown girl in disbelief with the two twins laughing wildly. Tamaki looked relieved at Kyoya's direction as Hunny and Hotaru looked at Kyoya with a blank look with Mori looking disinterested at everything around him. "You guys seem to be having fun," she said, putting the tray down.

Renge looked up at Usagi and gasped. She stood up abruptly, pointing at Usagi, who just looked at her all confused. "What, she's your fantasized fiancée too?" Hikaru said, causing Shingo to kick him for teasing his sister.

Renge just ignored him as she still stared at Usagi. Then squealed rather loudly, triggering everyone to cringe, as she wrapped her arms around the slightly shorter girl. "Minako-chan, what are you doing here? I thought you're in England."

"Another one who thinks that onee-chan is Mina-nee," Shingo sighed. He glanced over at Hotaru and asked, "How many people does that make now?"

"About five thousand and counting since they first met," Hotaru replied.

"Excuse me, but I'm not Mina-chan," Usagi said, "The last time I talked to her, she was in England."

"Huh?" Renge pulled back and stared at Usagi. "You're not Minako-chan?" Usagi shook her head. "But you know her?" Usagi nodded her head to that question. Renge stepped away and stared at her rather closely, too close for Usagi's comfort. "But the resemblance is so canny unless…you're Usa-chan, Minako-chan's best friend from Japan and her not-related twin sister!"

"How could someone be twins if they're not related?" Kaoru asked.

"That's because they're not related to each other at all, but they look alike so much that everyone keeps mistaking them for each other," Hotaru said.

"The only difference is the fact that onee-chan's hair is much longer than Mina-nee and the shade of their hair and eyes are either slightly duller or brighter," Shingo said. He reached into his book bag and pulled out a photo of Usagi and Minako wearing the same junior high uniform and showed it to them.

The members of the host club quickly crowded around to see that the two fifth graders were right. At first glance, the two friends do look like they could pass as twin sisters. "Isn't that Minako Aino, whose mother is Nadeshiko Aino, a famous actress in both Japanese and English films, and father is Arashi Aino, a world famous movie director?" Kyoya asked.

"Yup," the two children replied with smiles on their faces.

Then out of nowhere a loud squeal caused everybody to jump into the air and fall to the tiled floor. They all looked at Renge to see her shriek in excitement before throwing her arms around Usagi, hugging her tightly. "I wanted to meet you ever since Minako-chan showed me that play the two of you starred in as children," Renge said, "You were such a great actress and singer, I almost thought that you two were twins! Imagine, the two of you, looking so alike, and ironically you were playing the Princess and the Pauper(1). You played the pauper while Minako-chan played the prinecss, singing and dancing in perfect harmony."

"Where did you meet all of your friends, Bunny-chan?" Hunny asked, "I never knew that you were acquainted with famous people other than Michiru-san, Haruka-san, and the singers of Three Lights."

"I met Mina-chan back in grammar school. We actually knew each other before we met because a lot of people had often mistaken us for each other. It wasn't until we met at the student council in 4th grade and became fast friends."

"You were in the student council?" Tamaki asked, staring at Usagi.

"According to my sources, she was the secretary in the 5th and 6th grade and the vice president in 8th and 9th grade," Kyoya said, looking through his binder, "If this sequence continues, she might be the president in 11th or 12th grade."

"Yes, a true beautiful and talented young lady who can charm any man and woman to be the best they can be," Renge said, "While Minako-chan is a wonderful actress and friend, you are just so much more!" She twirled around and clasped her hands together. "And not only that, you look just like Hikari Hoshino from Uki Doki Memorial!(2)"

"Uki Doki?" Usagi said, "You must be…Renge-chan, Mina-chan's friend from Paris." Renge nodded her head. "Mina-chan always told me that you really loved to play that video game ever since you started playing it." Renge just grinned and stared at Usagi with stars in her eyes. "So what brings you here in Japan?" she asked.

"I came over here to visit my fiancé, Kyoya Ohtori," Renge said.

Usagi turned towards Kyoya, wondering just when in the world did he get engaged. "Kyoya-sempai's engage to Renge-chan?" she said, looking at him mischievously.

"Yes well," Kyoya began, pushing his glasses up, "She saw this character in that game and figured that would make me her fiancé."

Renge leaped over to Kyoya and wrapped her arms around his. "And this is just perfect for my dream, since Kyoya is in charge of this club" she said with a far off gaze in her eyes, "I've always wanted to be a supervisor of a store."

"Who cares?" Hikaru and Kaoru said, completely ignoring the bright sparkles surrounding the daydreaming girl. "This is a host club, not a bakery."

"So to train as a perfect wife, I'll serve as manager of the Host Club," Renge said, not listening to anyone around her and still in her dreamland.

Everybody in the club stared at Kyoya, as if waiting for him to do something, but all they saw him doing is just looking through his files of information. "She is the only daughter of one of my family's key clients; do treat her with the utmost respect…" And everyone can imagine the 'or else' that wasn't included.

That was when Usagi picked the wrong time to walk over to the conversing group. When she reached them, everyone patted her on the shoulder. "Usagi, you're our only hope," Tamaki said before they all ran off, leaving a confused rabbit in the scattering dust.

She turned around to Kyoya, hoping that he'll explain it to her, but all he said was a warning, "Mess this up, your debt will double." Usagi glared at her so-called friends and just turned to her siblings, who just shrugged their shoulders.


Not knowing what else to do, Usagi took Renge to the kitchens and decided to teach her who to cook. Shingo and Hotaru met up with some of their friends and decided to play some rounds of soccer for fun. While Renge was wrecking havoc throughout the kitchen with Usagi trying to make her know her mistakes without going crazy, the rest of the club members were peeking into the kitchen.

"Usa-chan looks really cute," Hunny said.

"Kinda looks like a housewife preparing a meal," the twins said, watching Usagi using a large scarf to tie her hair back.

Tamaki started with a low chuckle, causing the others to stare at him. "This is just perfect," he started in a low tone. He threw his arms open and exclaimed, "If this keeps up then Usagi's female friends here will increase and all will appreciate her, regardless of her wealth status."

"Don't they already appreciate her?" the twins asked silently.

"Quiet, you faker," Renge said angrily at Tamaki, causing him to sulk in the corner. She then skipped over to Kyoya, showing off her burnt cookies. "Usagi-chan's teaching me how to make common folk cookies. I'm afraid that they're a tad overdone."

Kyoya laughed lightly as he stared at the dark brownish-black snacks. "They do have a…interesting color to it."

Renge sighed and cupped her face in her hands. "Yes, but I know that no matter what you'll say, 'If you made it, it's a feast for the kings'."

Behind her, everyone, but the still sulking Tamaki, tried out her cookies. One by one, as they taste the bland hardness of the snack against their tongues, they complained about the ruined cookies. Renge glared at them as her hair gave the impression of becoming snakes, causing Hunny to cry to Mori from her demoic Medusa-look.

Usagi picked up a cookie from her own batch and bit into it. "Not bad, but okaa-san's was definitely much better," she mused silently, not noticing the mischievous glint in the twins' eyes as they stared at her and Tamaki.

Hikaru took Usagi's hand off of the cookie she held in her mouth and pulled her to him. Leaning forward, he bit a piece off while the cookie lay innocently in her mouth. He glanced over to Tamaki, to see him staring in complete shock, and licked his lips. "That was pretty good, Usa, next time bake us a cake," he said, still licking his lips suggestively while patting her on the head.

Kaoru laughed when he caught a small drop of white cream on her cheek. "Oh, Usa, you've got some cream over here," he said in an almost concern manner. He gently took her chin to hold her face close to him and licked it off, causing Tamaki to start cursing and freaking out.

"Well, it appears that her male friends are appreciating her very well," Kyoya said, practically mocking the shocked teenager.

Tamaki just stared in complete shock as Usagi just looked at the smirking twins with a disapproving expression on her face. Instead of blowing up in their faces as he had predicted, she only scolded them like a mother would do to a child who misbehaves. Not being able to take it anymore, Tamaki grabbed Usagi into his arms and glared at the two twins. "What do you think you're doing to my precious daughter?" he shouted angrily. He tearfully turned towards an annoyed Usagi, as he said sobbingly, "You should chaste them for their insensitive behaviors. There's no need for you to be so light on them."

Usagi felt him put his hands on either side of her face as he gazed at her with tear-filled eyes. Most girls would start to swoon when they're in her position, but Usagi just sighed and said, "Tamaki-sempai, please release me before I end up calling Haruka and Seiya that you're sexually harassing me."

"Sexual harassing," Tamaki said, repeating what she had said, before screaming at the top of his lungs, "I only touched you! Those two practically LICKED you!" He grabbed her arms as he began screaming through the hallway, "Help! Police! Rape! Police!" as the twins tried to calm the frantic king down.

Renge studied the characters around her and so far, her opinion on the members, other than Kyoya and Usagi, were downright pathetic and don't fir each other well. She glanced down to see Hunny offering her some milk in a cute cup; a displeased look was still on her face as she pulled on one of his cheeks, causing the child-like upperclassman to run crying to Mori. "Tepid," Renge said, "Each and every one of you is tepid! There's no depth, no shading, no angst! Women swoon over tragic handsome men. Without that men are just silly, stupid, and boring! Koyoya's shop deserves the best of the best!"

Everybody just watched in complete silence as Renge went into a commanding made and changes in everyone's personalities. Hunny must now have a demonic personality despite his cute exterior as Mori as his concern bodyguard. Hikaru and Kaoru must now share the pain of not being able to differentiate themselves from each other. And despite being adored by all, Tamaki feels alone and left out. However when she turned to her prince and new found friend, she said that they were perfect the way they were, causing the others to wonder if there was something wrong with her.

Usagi could help but laugh to herself as she said silently, "Mina-chan's right about her, straight forwards and stubborn."


"No way, Renge is in Japan right now?" Minako said through the phone as Usagi laughed, "I haven't seen her since last Christmas during okaa-san's movie premiere."

"She was going on about how Kyoya-sempai is her dear fiancé," Usagi said. She lied down on the bed and patted her black cat as she was sleeping by her owner.

Minako laughed and said, "Let me guess, this Kyoya looks like this guy from that game of hers."

"Wow, Mina-chan, how did you know?" usagi said, gasping in mock shock.

"Because the first time she saw me, she said that I look almost look like Hikari Hoshino from that game," Minako said, "Then she went on saying that if some of my features and personality had changed then I would be the exact copy of her."

"From what you told me about her, that just doesn't surprise me one bit," usagi said, "So how's England and the voice acting? You're doing a main character of a cartoon, correct?"

"Not bad, mama told me that voice acting is a great start to becoming a real life actress on camera," Mina said, "How's Artemis doing?"

Usagi heard the bedroom door open further and saw a content white cat saunter in. "Artemis is doing great," Usagi said, watching him jump up onto the bed. "I won't be sending Luna and Artemis back to England next week."

"Huh? Why?" Mina shouted, "Did something happen? ("Mina-chan," Usagi said.) I got a bunch of presents for those two. ("Mina-chan.") And if they don't come then it would be all wasted! ("MINA!") What?"

"Do you put a pregnant woman on an airplane?"

"No, because there's a chance that she might end up going into labor," Minako said.

"Then I can't send Luna over and if she's not going then Artemis wouldn't go as well."

"Wait you don't mean that Luna and Artemis is…OH MY GOD! Luna is pregnant! How far along is she?" Minako asked excitedly.

"The vet said that she might give birth in a few weeks," Usagi said, "That's why I can't send them over."

"Of course not, the trip just might be too dangerous for Luna and if anything happens to her and the babies, Artemis would be traumatized!" Minako shouted, 'Not, let the two of them stay with you. I'll come over to see them instead."

"Mina-chan, that's a great idea and all, but what about school?" Usagi said. She could practically hear a loud brake screeching in the background after her question.

"You sure do know how to rain on someone's parade, you know that?' Minako said, "And besides I'm being home-schooled, so it doesn't really matter. If I transfer over to Ouran then I'm in the same school as you and I could see the others more often."

"Not everyone's still here in Juuban, Mina-chan," Usagi said, "Ami-chan's in Germany, remember? She's going to the medical school there and Mako-chan got into a culinary school in France. They got accepted in junior high after the graduation."

"That's right. Haruka-san and Michiru-san are right now resting from their world tour in the music, art, and racing. And Setsuna-san is working on a new line of clothing," Minako said, "Rei-chan is still in Japan, going to that all girl school since elementary school. Hotaru-chan and Shingo-kun are going to the same school as you. And you transferred to that Ouran High."

"That sums it up," Usagi said. She glanced over to her clock and said, "Shoot, it's getting late."

"All right, talk to you later, kay?"

"Sure," Usagi said, smiling, "Ja, Mina-chan."


Usagi just stared at the sight in front of her. Renge had managed to get a whole camera crew over night and was now bent on changing the members of the Host Club to her view of how they should be. She sighed and sat back next to Kyoya, who looked amused with his friends' annoyed antics. Getting bored of just sitting around, Usagi got up and decided to take a small walk when she heard Renge calling to her.

Usagi turned around with a welcoming smile but her eyes immediately zoomed towards the two boys Renge was pulling towards her. "Renge-chan, what are you doing?" she asked, not particularly liking the way they were eyeing her.

"These guys are just perfect and I want them to be in the movie," Renge said, "What we truly need are villains, who will terrorize our heroes, and then Kyoya will try to reason with them, but what will really get them to change their ways is with your tearful compassion and belief that there are still good in them."

"Renge-chan, wait," Usagi said, but was quickly ignored as Renge anxiously pulled the two males towards the set. She gasped when the guys became upset and pushed the otaku to the wall. As if her own child had been pushed instead, Usagi quicky rushed over and shielded Renge from getting hurt.

Hearing the noises, Tamaki ran over to see what was happening. His heart suddenly stopped when he saw Usagi leaning against the wall with Renge kneeling beside her in worry and two guys standing over them. Angry that someone would even think about hurting, or in his mind, violating, Usagi, he rushed over to the guys and punched them in the face. He started to tell them off with the threat of expelling them when Usagi grabbed his arm.

"It's okay, Tamaki-sempai," Usagi said, "I'm fine."

"But weren't they trying to violate your chastity?" Tamaki asked, tearing that his precious daughter would even be kind to those who want to rape her.

Usagi laughed and said, "They weren't doing that at all. I was just protecting Renge-chan so she wouldn't get thrown to the wall, that's all."

Renge just stared in complete shock as she clapped her hands. "That's perfect," she shouted, "All we had to do is replace Tamaki with Kyoya and this scene would be flawless."

-Crash- Everybody turned to see Kyoya standing near the camera with his hands clutched tightly onto a rock embedded in the camera's lens. "I'm afraid that's quite enough," he said, "I can't have our members being shown in this kind of conduct. It's time to wrap up all this bothersome playtime."

Renge stared at her self proclaimed fiancé and felt her heart break. "But Kyoya would just pat my head and tell me that everything's all right. He would just…"

Tamaki dry-laughed and said, "That's not how Kyoya is at all."

"It's one thing to see somebody and immediately judge them base on their looks and appearances, but what you should really do is to find out more about them personally," Usagi said almost like a mother gently chiding at child, "Learning more about others and becoming friends with them for who they are is what relationships are all about. Understand?"

Renge glanced down and couldn't help but notice how Hikari also acted like a mother to the other characters from the game. She smiled gently and nodded her head.


The next day everything was chaotic around the Host Club as the customers had now became fan girls for the movie they had just purchased. As each one squealed about how much they adored the characters they each portrayed in the movie, Usagi couldn't help but smile as the other members stared at Kyoya, who had just mentioned how the money the movie had made brought in the club's budget and paid back the broken camera.

Renge had returned and now clamped tightly on Usagi, much to Tamaki's dismay and Kyoya's delight. "I'm gonna start learning more about other people and then we'll become closer, ne Usagi-chan?" Renge said. Tamaki protested and started to argue when Renge turned around and snapped, "Quiet you faker."

Tamaki started to sulk in the corner as Renge dragged Usagi to the seats to learn from her again. The doors flew open and everybody turned their heads when they heard someone scream, "Usa-chan!" They turned around and everyone immediately gasped. Standing in the doorway was Minako Aino in her shining glory.

"Mina-chan?" Usagi said, standing up, "What are you doing here? Don't you have your voice acting to continue?"

Minako ran over to her and hugged her dearest friend. "Baka, Luna and Artemis are about to have their first litter and all you care about is my job. Besides, we finished recording my voice yesterday for the whole series."

"All in one day?" Usagi shouted.

Minako giggled and winked at her friend. "Well, I am a genius. And best of all, I'm transferring to your class starting tomorrow!" she cheered, hugging her shocked friend.

(1) The Princess and the Pauper was a movie done by Barbie and it just sprung to my head when I heard the songs from there and imagined Usagi and Minako signing it along.

(2) Hikari Hoshino is not a character from the game Renge plays. I did borrow the name from an anime, but the character is all mine.