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Welcome to the WWE

Vincent Kennedy McMahon was sitting behind his desk in his office in New York reading the report he was given about the audiences and…he wasn't happy.

SmackDown! was just like last week, and the week before that, and the week before that...

Now, RAW was not like last week...it was worst! Every week the popularity of the show would get lower and lower! He had to do something...but what? He had run out of ideas long ago...and the writers too! He needed a miracle...

Maybe he should call Shawn Michaels and ask him to tall to his "friend" and "tag team partner". He had to laugh remembering that match...

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

It must be the new writer.

"Mr. McMahon? May I?" – Amanda, his secretary, asked.

"Yes, yes! Of course!"

"Good morning, sir. Miss Rosembergue is here."

"Good, good. Send her in!" – Finally...good news. Who knows? Maybe this woman will have some interesting ideas.

"Hello, Mr. McMahon. I'm Catherine Rosembergue."

What?! – "H-hello...Miss Rosembergue? I'm sorry but...err...you see I was expecting someone..."

"Older?" – She said, finishing his sentence.

"Well...yes. Again, my apologies."

"That's all right. I'm used to that kind of reaction. I've been to a few interviews before and they all said they wanted someone with more experience...pretty words for "older". I hope that won't be a problem?"

"Well that depends...to start your career in the WWE is something not everyone can achieve...tell me...are you even legal?" – The chairman joked.

"Yes, yes. I'm totally legal...I know people some times think I look younger but I'm actually 22."

"Really? Because you do look younger. Anyways, shall we talk about your writing skills?"

"We shall."

For about an hour they talked about her curriculum vitae, what he was looking for, the problem with the audiences…

"Now, Miss Rosembergue, there is a "little" test you must pass…can you write for next Monday's RAW?"

"As a test? Sure, I can write a few lines. What do you have in mind?"

"Well…Right…As I told you, lately RAW is losing it's power and I want it back. I tried everything and still the ratings are going down…I've honestly run out of ideas and that's why I call you. So I was wondering if you could write…"

"…the entire show?" – She finished. – "You mean you want me to create and write everything? The matches, the lines, the action during the brakes…"

"Yes. That is exactly what I'm asking of you…do you thing you can manage?"

"Well…Mr. McMahon…I won't make promises, but I can try."

"Good! That's the spirit! And may you need any help, do not hesitate on asking a member of the staff to assist you. That's what they're here for."

"All right, I will. Thank you."

"No, no…thank you for helping on such short notice. It's been a pleasure to meet you Miss Rosembergue."

"It was a pleasure to meet you too, sir. I'm a big fan and I feel great to be able to help."

At the door…

"Listen, do you think we can talk on Friday about your ideas? Can you be in Texas for SmackDown?"

"Texas? Yes I believe so."

"Ok then. I'll find someone to give you the directions…Amanda, darling, can you take care of that for me?"

"Sure thing Mr. McMahon."

"Well, Miss Rosembergue, I'll see you on Friday."

"Yes, sir. Again it was a real pleasure to meet you."

"Ohh…by the way…welcome to the WWE!"

"But I haven't passed the test..."

"I'm sure you will!" – And with that said, Mr. McMahon closed the door of his office with a smile on his face and a thought on his mind.

Good presentation…beautiful smile…she could be a Diva! I wonder if she can wrestle.