A Special Desert

She went to the bar and still no sigh of him so she decided to sit at a table for two and wait.

"Glen….Ya asshole! Lil'one must be waiting for a long time now. If she all alone in that bar…"

"Relax. I'm sure that by now she ain't alone no more." – Answered Glen laughing.


"Mark Calaway! Careful with that big tongue of yours. Were in public!"

"Sorry boss."

Glenn was having the time of his life because his long friend was in one of those rare moments of getting as red as a tomato.

"And works for you too Glen!"

Now it was Mark's time to laugh.

"Honestly you two are just like kids sometimes."

They finely got to the hotel and Mark went straight to the bar.

"Woo. Dead Man's thirsty."

"Shut it Rap Boy."

"Hey! The name is Cena, John Cena."

"Damn man. You sound just like Bond, James Bond!"

Everyone laugh of Randy Orton's joke except Mark who was already in the bar looking around for Catherine. Once he found her he started to think how to excuse himself for being late.

"Hey lil'one. Look I'm really sorry ya had to wait this long but that big red retard decided to be a jackass in the last minute. I'm really sorry."

"I understand."

"Really? Ya ain't mad?"

"No….I've met Glen."

"So ya know what I'm talkin' 'bout."


"Well he's a great guy but sometimes he just picks on you when you less need it."

He noticed she was very quiet and pale.

"Darlin' ya alright?"

"Just tired."

"Ya sure?"

"Yeah. I'm not used to be up till so late. Sorry if I'm not being a good company."

"Nonsense lil'one. If ya want we can finish our conversation tomorrow."

"No that's ok."

He wasn't convinced. Five minutes ago he was counting down the seconds to speak with her but now that he had realized she was tired it was a whole new deal.

Plus she did say she's not used to be around till so late. How long has she been waiting? Maybe I should let her go and rest. And we would talk tomorrow when she's more relaxed because something tells me there won't be no smiles right now. And God knows I miss those.

"Listen, if you want to go and rest it's ok, I understand. Hell I'm tired myself. We'll talk tomorrow when ya feel better."

She smiled to his sweetness. It surprised her that a giant like him actually cared for a little woman like her. He was about 6ft 10 while she was only 5ft 8 and still he looked at her as a woman and not as a teenager. He respected her and talked to her which was also a pleasant surprise since she thought he would never talk so openly with someone he just met.

I have to thank him for being so kind. He's really sweet. Who would have said that the undertaker was such a lovable man?

"Thank you."

"So you wanna go rest….alright. We'll talk tomorrow then."

"No, no. Thank you for being so kind and gentle. It's very hard to find people like you nowadays." – She answered with another smile.

Those lips…So perfect…What the hell am I thinking? She probably has some boyfriend already. Get a grip man. But if she doesn't then I'll sure try ma luck.

"Now come on. Don't say those things. I ain't no sweet man. I'm The DeadMan, the worst American Bad Ass ya'll ever know." – He said the last sentence in his in-ring voice making them both laughed.

"Ya know ya got a beautiful smile."

"Mr. Calaway are ya flirting me?"

"Is it workin'?"

"Ow, no you won't. Ya can't just answer ma question with another question."

"Come on. Is it?"

"Maybe" – She whispered so only he could hear.

Mark Calaway was completely dumbfolded. He never imagined she would say that.

This conversation is certainly going the right way.

He got a little closer to her and whispered back.



A garçon approached them making them realize where they were.

"Good evening. Are you ready to make your order?"

Mark was the first to speak since he noticed Catherine was still a bit red on the cheeks. And because he had no dinner due to Glen's delay he was really hungry.

"I'll have a well done stick with chips. And a beer."

"And you miss?"

"Fruit salad and water, please."

"Very well. I'll be right back."

"Hungry, are we?" – She asked with a grin.

"Well thanks to a good friend of mine called Glen I had no dinner. You know, we always eat something light after the matches to restore the energy and all. But because Mr. Big Red Butt decided to take an eternity to get ready I had nothing. So yeah I'm a bit starved."

Great! Now I'm repeating myself. Not good Mark Calaway, not good at all.

"But what 'bout ya? I mean I don't remember seeing you on the meeting zone on ma way out. Did you eat something? 'Cuz fruit salad is like desert right?"

"No I didn't eat. I passed there on my way ou…"


"Right. Sorry. Ma bad." – She said with a smile.

"But as I was saying I passed there on ma way out too. Met Lita and Edge, Christian, Coach was there too. He's really funny. Kinda goofy, but funny."

At the goofy Mark just laughed out loud. He had to, remembering how hard it was for anybody to have an intelligent conversation with The Coach. Impossible, that's how it was.

"So that fruit salad is going to be your dinner?"


He noticed she was a bit happier now. Maybe she was needing company more than sleep. He felt good to be the one working that out.

"I don't think that's a good idea, lil'one. Ya should eat something more substantial."

"Nah…I'm never really hungry at night and too much food gives you nightmares."


"It's scientificly proved." - Another smile. Mark was having a hard time controling himself.

"If ya say so. So how was yer first day on the job? Ya told 'bout Lita, Edge and Coach but what 'bout the rest? And what was Lita doing there anyways? She's RAW."

"She said something 'bout being in the neiberwood. Now 'bout ma day, it was good. Met a lot off people and Roger helped me a lot too."

"So ya dicussed 'bout RAW?"

"Yeah. He had some ideas ya know his around for some time and I'm new here."

The garçon came back with their food."Your stick with chips, sir. And a fruit salad for you miss. The drinks will be here in a moment."

They went on talking about her studies in England, her family and her goals in life. He also spoke of his college days and his friends and partners in basketball, about his carrier and the different characters he had through the years. But he never mention any relationship, she noticed. She figured he didn't want to talk about it and so she didn't push it. It wasn't her place anyway.

"I'm actually a bit worried because everybody is counting on me to do a good job but what if I fail, what if I let you down..."

"There's no way that would ever happen. And even if ya have any problem we'll be right beside ya...I'll be right beside ya." - He whispered those last words as he got closer to her again.


"What ya mean?"

"Why are ya being so nice too me and why are ya ...flirting me? I though ya were married."

Hearing those words he frowned. He had forgoten Sara, finally. Sure he still dreamed about his ex-wife and there kids.Her kids! Not mine! Damn her and that SOB of her lover. She made a fool out of me but no more. No one will ever play with this big dog again.

"Mark? I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked it's none of my business..."

"Damn right it's not!" - With that he stormed out of the bar.

Catherine was dumbfolded. What was that all about? Ok I shouldn't have asked but there was no reason to shout like that.

She paid the bill and went to the elevator. The doors was almost closed but she managed to open them...only to find Mark inside.

"I'll take the stairs."

She went for the stairs but someone grabed her arm from behind. It was him.

"Nonsence kid. Come on."

They got in the elevator in silence. And silence presisted until they reached the tird floor.

"Listen lil'one, sorry 'bout that but every time someone talks 'bout that bitch I go nuts. Sorry."


"Ok? No it's not ok! I was rough withcha for no reason. 'Cuz it wasn't yer fault that bitch had a lover and the kids i though were mine were actually his! It wasn't yer fault that the bastard got rich and she dumped me! Hell can't say I blaim her. I'm just an old broken man."

"No, you're not old. Mr.McMahon is old, you're just a great guy who went throught some bad moments and now I understand why the sudent explosion in the bar. So if ya need to talk...57."


"It's the number of my room. Well in this hotel anyway."

He had to laugh. To think that just a minute ago they were arguing and she was hurt and now they were in an elevator make some sort of peace tretment. She was really amasing.

"What?" - She asked raising an eybrow and smiling.

"Funny. How we were arguing and now ya inviting me to talk bout ma problems. Though ya were mad at me."

"I was but once ya told why ya did that I undestood."

"Hey. I just remembered. I had no desert."

"What? Yer still hungry?"

"Well every decent meal has desert."

"My God. Ya know what? If ya didn't exist ya would have to be invented."

"Good. Like to think I'm unic."

"You are. So where do you want to go?"

"Tell ya when ya start to use that drawl again..."

"Alright, alright. Where ya wanna go?"

"See? It ain't that hard. Now we could go up to ma room and order room service."

They were one floor away from hers. And Catherine was getting scared. She liked him but if she went to his room what would happen? Would he try to force her to do something she didn't want? She wasn't ready for that...not yet.

"I don't know...I not ready to be that intim with you."

They reached her floor and he was holding the doors while they talked.

"What? No lil'one ya got me all wrong. I meant we could do that talking think. And yer right it's too soon for sex besides I would never hurt ya like that...or in any other way for that matter. I'm no monster...well may be in the ring but anyways we got to know each other very well before anything can happen...ya know since Sara I got more carful with those things."

"I'm glad ya undestand and it's only natural that ya became more carful since ya were hurt."

"So wanna do that talking thing?"

"Sure. I'd love to."

"Then come on up."

She got in the elevator again and they went to his floor. When they reached it she noticed it was the top floor and his room was actually a penthouse.

"Ya got a penthouse? I though only the McMahons got one."

"True but the boss wante dto give me a little treet. Ya see I was going to take a two month hiatus and he got worried. He wants me for WrestlwMania and so he booked me the last penthouse avaliable. Something 'bout me being divorced and this being ma home town."

"The last one avaliable?"

"Yeah. Vince and Linda got one, Steph and Paul another and Shane got one for himself too. Hold on I completly forgot ya were tired. May be we should talk some other time."

"No way. Don't think ya geting rid of me so easely Mr DeadMan."

"Well if ya insist. So want something to eat?"

"Well...for a good old secion of mouping I wou..."


"Yes mouping. Ice cream...or something with chocolate...works all the time."

"I ain't mouping!"

"No...but I am..." - She wishpered the last words as if saying them hurted her.

"Hmmm. I see. Chocolate ice cream then?" - He asked picking up the phone.


"Though ya said chocolate helped."

"If it's not on the ice cream, yes." - She explained with another smile. I'm going crazy.

"Ok, I'll see what I can get. Ya know ya smile a lot..."

"Yes every one says that. But that's good right. Or would you rather have me crying like a baby?"

"No, no, no. No crying. Mouping yes, crying no."

They made smal talk until the ice cream arrived.

"So let's do "the talking thing" shall we Mr. Calaway?"