Thirty Year Reunion

Cyborg brings the Titans together thirty years after their break up. Meet the kids and find out if there is more to their little reunion than just wine and small talk. Established couples BBxTer, SFxRob, RaexMorph. The original Titans are not mine. Their offspring are lame figments of my imagination. (Morpheus is a small tweak on the Greek god of Dreams)

Chapter I: Cyborg

Cyborg stood outside the tower facing the city scanning the horizon. "Damn it," he said softly to himself. Everything was blurry in his one eye. He quickly found his spyglass on his belt and pulled it out then extended the lens tube and raised it to his good eye. "Much better," he replied to himself as the city skyline came into focus.

"Ahoy captain Cyborg, does ye see any sign of ye ole Titans me matey?" said a gruff female voice followed by a restrained giggle.

"That's enough Aimee," Cyborg quickly replied. "Keep it up and I'll give your mother a bad report."

"Sorry," Aimee replied in a slightly scared voice.

"It sucks being old, huh Cyborg?" said another girlish voice.

"Don't you start too Haley," Cyborg retorted. "I still have some pull with your parents."

"Come on Cyborg," Haley complained. "I'm nineteen now. For crying out loud I've been here three years. I'm technically on my own."

Cyborg lowered his spyglass and turned to face his comrades. The two girls stood several feet behind him looking out over the ocean. A cool breeze filled the air blowing Aimee's long blond hair across her face.

Aimee was sixteen and the newest member of the Titan legacy. She was a slender girl almost a foot shorter than Haley when she stood next to her. Cyborg smiled; she was a dead ringer for her mother. She wore the standard Titans blue body suit with black boots and the T4 emblem on her chest. When her training was over she would be allowed to develop her own look. Cyborg figured she'd add another six inches to her frame before she left the group.

Terra had opposed Aimee joining the group because of her age and the fact that she was Garfield and her only child. Her sudden relentance without explanation had been a surprise to all of them. Maybe Garfield had some pull in that household after all.

Haley stood staring at him, her arms folded across her chest. She wore a light gray body suit with a silhouette of a rabbit on her chest that only she knew the meaning of. Her long dark hair was wrapped into a tight ponytail that went half way down her back. She had dark cunning eyes, a no-nonsense attitude and a deadly roundhouse kick; a born leader and every bit Robin's daughter. Whatever genes Starfire had passed on to her Robin's had buried long ago. About the only hint of her mother was her unusually tall and slender frame.

"This isn't going to work," Haley dully announced.

Cyborg groaned in frustration. Aimee looked at Haley with fearful eyes then turned to Cyborg for reassurance. Aimee idolized Haley. The two were nearly inseparable over the months they had spent together. To Haley, Aimee was a malleable piece of clay to be molded by her into a fine sculpture. Cyborg wondered when the young girl would cry uncle and tell her elder to stick it. He had tried to warn Haley about being overbearing with their new recruit. So far, however, they were still the best of friends.

"Don't worry, we act cool, give them a good meal, then let me do the talking. Got it?" Cyborg's voice was stern on the last point. Aimee offered a slight smile while Haley was completely unaffected. She would grudgingly go along with his hair-brained scheme because Cyborg was the elder statesman of the group.

Cyborg was almost fifty years old; too old to be in the hero business. The original Titans had moved on with their lives long ago. But he was still here; it was the only thing he knew how to do. His hair was peppered gray and his skin, what little he had, was starting to wrinkle. He had no idea why these kids put up with him. They kept him on his toes though. Without them he'd have relegated himself to the scrap heap long ago.

The fourth generation of Titan's had started. Now his friend's children were part of the group. He felt like an old school teacher whose first pupil's were coming back to check on their kids. In some ways that's what was happening.

"Who do you think will get here first?" Aimee asked.

"My parents have the shortest drive so my guess is they'll be here last," Haley replied.

"Both your parents will get here before Raven does," Cyborg countered as he turned then continued to scan the horizon facing the city. The sun was falling rapidly behind him and the whole city was turning red.

"Why do you say that?" Aimee asked.

"Because Raven won't get here until after the sun sets. That's just the way she operates now," Cyborg explained.

"My Mom and Dad have talked about her but we've never met," Haley replied. "She was one of the original Titan's wasn't she?"

Cyborg sighed as he reflected on his former colleague. Raven was the first to leave the group. She had nearly destroyed them all. None of the Titans really understood why she had turned on them. Though she never told any of her friends why Cyborg figured Raven had finally succumbed to the dark side of her soul. It was Morpheus who had brought her back from shadow and returned her to the light. After he and Starfire had freed the Titans, Morpheus abducted Raven and took her to the underworld as his wife. Their union produced two sons who became Raven's total obsession. Her infrequent visits with Cyborg over the past thirty years were always brief, always at night and always with her sons in tow.

"Yea she's an original all right," Cyborg answered in a dreamy voice. "It will be good to see her and the twins."

"She had twins?" Aimee inquired.

"Yup, two boys," Cyborg continued. "Right after she left us."

"Then they should be thirty-year old men by now; that's really old?" Haley chided Cyborg.

Cyborg grinned to himself. "If you say so, but I'd wait until they get here before you pass judgment."

"Are they cute?" Aimee chimed in. Haley looked at her partner then rolled her eyes in disgust. Aimee's infatuation with meeting members of the opposite sex bordered on an obsession. Cyborg thought to himself that it was a good thing Garfield didn't know about that, especially if he was anything like Robin.

"Yea, they're cute," Cyborg stifled his laughter when he thought about it. The girls would definitely be surprised when they arrived.

"Cool," Aimee replied. She was looking forward to meeting them.

Cyborg looked through his spy glass and spotted the first of their arrivals. "Quick girls, who'll get here first?"

"Why, do you see them?" Aimee asked impatiently.

"Yup," Cyborg replied. "Hurry up if it's going to be a fair guess."

"I'll say Haley's," Aimee quickly decided.

"No way," Haley replied. "My parents are always late."

"And the winner is," Cyborg paused to build the tension, "Haley with her guess that Aimee's parents would get here first."

"Hey wait a minute," Aimee protested. "Haley said that her parents would be late, not that mine would get here first."

"Well I guess you're technically right," Cyborg replied.

"Oh who cares," Haley piped in, "we weren't betting anything anyway."

"Well I just wanted to be sure Cyborg wasn't going to use this to assign kitchen duties," Aimee replied.

"Ahh," Cyborg whined, "you girls never let an old man have any fun."