Chapter XXVI: Goodbye to All That

The star-gate opened and the Titan's stepped out onto their familiar island. Stars twinkled above them as the waves dully crashed against the rocky shore.

"Well it's good to be home again, huh girls," Cyborg asked his young colleagues.

"I'm exhausted," Aimee replied. "What time is it?"

Cyborg looked down at his wrist and tapped into the main computer to check the time and to see if the others had tried to contact him. "I've got ten o'clock and it looks like the rest of the crew will be back in a couple of hours."

"Great," Haley replied wearily. "That means we can catch a couple of hours of sleep before all hell breaks loose."

"Mom, Dad, are you staying here tonight?" Aimee asked.

"I'm not sure if hanging out in a building full of teenagers is something your father and I want to do," Terra replied.

"We've got an extra room," Robin offered. "You're both welcome to it."

"That actually sounds pretty good," Garfield replied.

"We can stop by tomorrow before our flight home," Terra added. Aimee stepped forward and hugged her mother tightly. Garfield walked over and joined them.

"Samuel, do you need a ride back?" Robin asked.

Samuel had his phone open as he worked a message into it. "Not necessary Dad. Jane will be over to pick me up in twenty minutes." He looked up and smiled to his parents.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," his father quickly replied.

"OK boys," Morpheus called out. "Say goodnight, your ride will be here shortly."

"Do we have to go now?" Darien protested.

"Yes," Raven answered sternly. "Your grandparents are expecting you. We'll be back to pick you up in a couple of days. And Darien, I expect you to go strait there; no side trips, understand?"

Darien looked down in disappointment, "Yes Mom."

A brilliant flash erupted and a fine white unicorn stepped out onto the island.

"I'll load the boys up while you say goodbye to your friends," Morpheus said to Raven. "Let's go guys." Morpheus and the boys turned and walked towards their ride.

"Come on Aimee, lets say goodbye to the boys," Haley said. She figured the adults needed some time to themselves.

"I'll join you too," Samuel added.

The former Titans stood on old familiar ground, none wanting to say any departing words. The waves continued to wash rhythmically against the shore as the stars and city lights shimmied in the darkness.

"You know," Cyborg finally said to the others in a low voice. "This is the first time all of us have been together in thirty years."

There was a short silence before Raven spoke up. "I don't think we can wait another thirty years before we get together again."

"No," Terra replied. The time was passing so quickly. "We could stand for another one of these soon."

"Yes," Starfire spoke up. "But next time can we leave out the adventure?"

"How about getting together for Cyborg's fiftieth birthday?" Robin suggested.

"You had to bring that up didn't you," Cyborg said defensively.

"Don't worry Cyborg," Garfield said. "No black balloons or streamers. After all we all know that paybacks are a…"

"We get the point," Raven quickly interrupted with a smile.

The others laughed. Cyborg reached out to either side of him and clasped onto Raven and Starfire's hands. The two women reached out and clasped onto Garfield and Robin's hands in turn. Terra clasped onto her husband's and Robin's hands completing the circle. They stood together quietly staring into each others smiling faces.

Raven was the first to break the circle. "It's time to go," she softly instructed them. The others watched as she turned around then came back and clasped Cyborg's hand before she led him towards her sons. The other couples joined hands and followed the pair.

Daniel and Darien had mounted their unicorn and were about to leave. The girls and Samuel stood with Morpheus. They all turned around and watched as the former Titans slowly came towards them.

Raven let go of Cyborg's hand then stood next to her immortal husband and wrapped her arm around his waist. She leaned her head against his shoulder and looked lovingly at her sons.

"Now remember boys, straight to your grandparents and no side trips, understand?" Morpheus calmly instructed them once again. Both boys shook their heads in agreement.

"Goodbye Daniel and Darien," Aimee called to them as they slowly turned their steed around.

Both boys smiled to the group as a bright light erupted before them. "Vale, honestus domina." Darien called back to Haley with a smile as the two boys quickly disappeared into the light.

Haley looked at Raven hoping for a translation. Raven smiled to herself when she realized what her son had said. "I think he said he'll be back to share some ice cream with you again," was all Raven would offer.

"OK guys, I think I'm ready to get out of here," Terra spoke up. Haley, Samuel and Aimee hugged each of their parents goodbye. The four former Titans then each went to Raven for one last hug.

Starfire and Terra silently helped Robin into his seat. All were soon inside the Grayson's hovercraft. The engines started and the lights came on as the craft slowly rotated back towards the city then moved forward and plied through the ocean waters. The others watch silently. Soon the sound faded as the craft's lights disappeared into the horizon.

"Time to go inside," Cyborg spoke up. He turned to Raven and Morpheus who stood silently smiling to each other under the starry sky. "Where are you two going?" he asked.

"To the stars," Raven answered. Cyborg watched as the two slowly transformed into a million tiny lights swirling together. In an instant they streaked upwards before disappearing into the star-filled sky above them.

Cyborg smiled to himself then looked at Aimee, Haley and Samuel. "Anyone up for a late-night snack?"

Aimee and Haley groaned in disgust.

"Actually that sounds like a good idea," Samuel replied.

"How about I whip something up for you and Jane?" Cyborg suggested. He had suddenly become inspired.

"I'm going to bed," Haley said as the foursome trudged towards the tower. She had no real desire to see her brother put on any romantic moves tonight.

"I'll help if you don't mind Cyborg," Aimee suggested.

"Sounds good, I'll make a cook out of you yet," he replied happily. It was definitely good to be home again.

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