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Chapter 1

As Alex continued to push herself to go faster along the path in the park, she fought to keep her head clear. The woman had a lot to stress lately and these runs were supposed to help her work off that pressure. Lately more and more of her lunch hours were dedicated to running which wasn't fair to everyone else who was trying to catch her at a free moment between court and when she was with clients. Her intern, who was in charge of setting up appointments, was getting threats over the phone because people could not get in to see her as soon as they wanted.

'I'll have to take her out to lunch sometime,' Alex thought as she dodged a dog walker on the same path.

As she started to climb a set of stairs heading out of the park, an alarm went off on her watch. Alex slowed her pace down to a slow jog. She had a few minutes left to cool down and stretch before she had to don her suit again.

After she stretched, Alex headed back to the gym in between the police station and the District Attorney's office. She went into the locker room and went over to the back wall where her locker was located. She started to get ready for a shower when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Hey Alex, haven't seen you around in awhile," the smiling detective said turning the dial on a lock a few lockers down.

"Hi Olivia. Yeah, they've got me swamped in the office lately. I haven't had a chance to stop by and see my favorite detectives in awhile, have I?" Alex answered as she continued to grab things for her shower, rolling her towel around her tighter.

"Yeah, Munch is taking personal offense. You may want to stop by soon because the longer you wait the more he's gonna be on you about cheating on him." Olivia joked pulling a bag from her locker.

"I'll keep that in mind. How are things there? I know you guys are keeping me busy but any thing I should know about that I might not?"

"Nothing new that you shouldn't all ready know about. We're just making head way on the Mitchell case but you should have gotten an update on that yesterday afternoon."

"Yeah, Meghan gave me the update. That's a great find in the phone records. We'll see if we can cut a deal with Harden for his partner."

"Yeah, we'll work on that. I don't want to take up more of your time though counselor, I hear it's pretty expensive these days. Enjoy your shower and don't work too hard. We wanna keep you around for awhile," Olivia said tossing her black gym bag over her shoulder. "If you need someone to vent at let me know and I'll send Elliot over for you to yell at for awhile. He needs it sometimes."

Alex laughed thinking about trying to yell at the high strung, bull dog of a detective. "Yeah, I'll probably pass on that but it was nice catching up with you Olivia. Maybe I'll have Meghan set up an appointment with you sometime for more catching up."

"Yeah, have your intern call mine. See you later Alex," Olivia said turning to leave.

Alex smiled. That was the first friendly conversation she had had in a long time with anyone. She started to put her red track suit in the locker and looked down at her watch on the bench, catching the time. "Ah, shit!" Alex grabbed her shower stuff and ran into the showers for a quick clean up since she was all ready late.

After her meeting, Alex leaned back in her chair and shut her eyes for a moment of peace and quiet. The moment was soon interrupted by a knock at the door. Alex sighed and brought herself back up to sit straight in her chair. "Come in."

In walked the short haired, brunette detective she had run into earlier that day, with coffee in hand. "Hey, the guys and I thought you might be in need of this," Olivia said setting down the cup on her desk. "Hope you don't mind, Meghan said you had a spare minute between this meeting and your next. She told me not to blame her if I got tossed out on my ass though."

Alex grinned back. "Actually both the coffee and you are welcomed any time," Alex pulled the coffee over and breathed in the aroma of the steaming cup. "Is this a raspberry mocha? This is my favorite. How did you know?"

"I've taken your order before," Olivia said looking around the room taking in the very official looking office. Not many personal items were in the office with the exception of a few pictures, diplomas and certificates.

"What? When have you gotten me coffee?

"After the Butler case. We wanted to congratulate you on the first time Cragen complimented you. It takes most people years to get one of those from him."

"Olivia, that was months ago! Why on earth would you remember something like that? And I still don't think 'way to not screw everything up this time' counts as a compliment," Alex asked eyeing the detective.

Olivia laughed, "Hey, it's better than a lot of the stuff he's said to us. And I'm a detective remember, trained memories and all that. Plus, I remember thinking it was interesting because I didn't expect that kind of a drink order from you. I pictured you as a latte woman," Olivia said looking at the blonde at her desk, holding her gaze with the blue eyes behind the dark rimmed glasses. "Well, I should get going, Munch is going to get jealous about me being here so long."

"Of course, we wouldn't that to happen," Alex answered, "Well, thank you again for the coffee Olivia. I'll make it a point to stop by the precinct tomorrow, okay?"

"You're welcome and it'll be nice seeing you down there. Just remember to make an appointment with my intern. His name is Elliot. Don't be too intimidated by the gorilla look he's got going on, he's mostly harmless," Olivia said over her shoulder, giving Alex a wink as she went out the door.

Alex leaned back in her chair taking in the warmth and smell of the coffee, with a smile on her face. Again, her moment of relaxation was interrupted by a knock at her door. Alex rolled her eyes and set down the coffee. "Come in."

Meghan, Alex's fresh-out-of-college-on-her-way-to-law-school intern poked her small, blonde head into the office. "Alex, I just wanted to let you know your next appointment is running a little late if you wanted to step out for a breath of fresh air for a minute. They kept apologizing but there was an accident on York and there was no way around it."

"No, that's great actually. I'll get to enjoy this coffee while it's warm. Why don't you come in and bring your calendar I want to set up a time I can take you out to dinner for all the hard work the past few weeks."

"Sure, let me grab that and my coffee."

"Of course. Wait a minute, Olivia brought you coffee too?" Alex asked a little impressed by the detective's gesture.

"Yeah, she said she wanted to stay on my good side since I might be her only contact with you at times," Meghan said coming back in with her coffee, shutting the door behind her. "She's funny for a sex cop. You wouldn't expect it from her either. She seems like the quiet, 'drink a glass of wine alone at home on a Saturday night over a good book' kind of person but with a side of 'I'll mess you up at the drop of a hat if I need to.'"

Alex chuckled at the analysis of the detective from the younger girl. "I think that's a woman who would surprise you, Meghan. She is not afraid to go and hang out with the guys at the pubs after a long day. I'm afraid she can make some of the toughest cops in New York blush at times."

"So you've gone out with her then?" Meghan asked, leaning forward with interest.

"No, I've just heard stories," Alex said. She regretted not going out with the crew when they invited her but she always felt like she should be working more on parts of her cases. She bet Olivia would shock her more than even she could guess.

"You think it would be weird if I asked her to hang out sometime?" Meghan asked looking at her coffee.

This brought Alex back from her thoughts. "You want to go out with her?" Alex asked a little surprised.

"Well, I don't know many people in the area yet and she seems nice enough. I'd definitely feel safer around here having a cop for a friend."

"Well, don't call her a cop to her face. She likes her detective title now that she's got it. But, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask her. She might like not being the only woman there with the crew."

"Is she dating anyone? She probably has a boyfriend, right?"

Alex thought about it. She had never heard much about Olivia's personal life. What if she did have a boyfriend? Alex wondered a bit about the type of person Olivia would date. She couldn't clearly picture an ideal person for Olivia in her mind. Olivia seemed to always run alone, with the exception of her partner. She could picture them together but she knew Elliot was happily married to a woman named Kathy. Well, as happy as a sex crimes detective who worked non-stop and was always on the job mentally could be. Alex started to laugh when she pictured Olivia and Munch hanging out.

"Alex?" Meghan asked with a slight smile. This was the second time in the last few minutes that Alex had gone off on her own and got a funny look in her eyes.

"No, no I don't think Olivia is dating anyone but I don't know for sure. Either way, I think she'd be okay if you wanted to go out with her," Alex said her focusing her thoughts to her conversation with Meghan.

"Uh huh," Meghan said with a smirk. She was getting a vibe from the ADA when she talked about Olivia that she had never gotten from the other blonde. "So, I'm sorry I got us off track, you wanted to discuss a time for dinner together?"

"Yes, how do things look for you this coming week?" Alex asked pulling her day planner over.

"I'm free a lot of nights. The question is when are you free or less likely to stay late at work?" Meghan said glancing over at Alex's day planner that had scribbles all over it. For a lawyer she wasn't very organized. On more than one occasion Alex had told Meghan that was why she was here as an intern, to organize her. One day she would get to have the same pleasure.

Alex grinned knowing what Meghan meant. She seemed to be a little busier than she anticipated next week. "Well, what about this weekend?" Alex asked spotting an open night.

"This weekend? Sure, Saturday?"

"Yeah, Saturday it is then. It'll be totally informal. A kind of a get to you know dinner and see how you like things around here," Alex said as she penciled in the date.

"Maybe we could even see if Olivia wanted to meet up for drinks after? A ladies night out?" Meghan said, trying to suppress her smile.

Alex looked up at the intern. "Well, yeah, I guess we could. No reason not to anyway, this isn't really formal or official."

"Do you want me to call or do you want to make this one yourself?"

"I'll go ahead and call. We'll do dinner around seven o'clock so that could put us at the bar around nine o'clock?"

"Sure and if we happen to meet a little before that, I'm sure that would be fine as well. I'm going to go back out front. Your client should be coming soon," Meghan said rising out of the chair, moving towards the door. "Let me know what Detective Benson says."

"I will. Let me know when Phillips gets here."

Alex watched the girl leave and pulled her phone closer to her. She picked up the receiver and started to dial Olivia's desk. She was surely going to shock the detective with this request.


"Detective Benson, it's Alex."

"Hey Cabot! Talking with you three times in one day, that's gotta be some kind of record! You enjoy the coffee? Placing another order?" Alex could tell the woman on the other line was smiling as she asked.

"The coffee was wonderful. Meghan enjoyed hers as well. That was very thoughtful of you detective."

"You sound almost shocked Cabot. Didn't know we lowly detectives thought further than our asses?"

"Olivia!" Alex laughed, "I was just impressed is all. Most people, not just amazing detectives, wouldn't have thought to pick her up something. Even though I did want to thank you for the coffee again, that's not why I called."

"What can I help you with, counselor?"

"You can join Meghan and I for after dinner drinks this Saturday around nine." Alex said trying to be bold with the woman to make up for the fact she was kind of nervous. She was never really the 'going out' kind so she didn't have much experience trying to set things up with other people outside of her office schedule.

"Well, now I'm the one that's shocked. Not only are the lawyers going out but you want me to join up with you? Is there a catch I don't know about?" Olivia joked.

"No, no catch. We'd just enjoy your company. If you can't make it that's fine I just wanted to extend the invitation."

"I would love to Alex. I'll give you a call when I get off that night to check on you guys."

"Okay, sounds great," Alex said truly happy, "Well, I'll talk to you later then."

"Okay. Goodbye, Alex."

Alex hung up the phone with a smile on her face. She said yes. Alex started to think about what she had gotten herself into just as her phone beeped. Alex pushed the speaker button. "Yes?"

"Miss Cabot, Mr. Phillips is here to see you."

Alex adjusted the glasses on her face and moved her files back in front of her. It was back to business. "Send him in please."