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Chapter 7

Alex woke up the next morning with the sun just starting to spread warmth across her face. She turned to face the other direction, and curled herself in the white down blanket on her bed. So far her weekend had been wonderful and she was afraid if she got out of her bed now there was a chance of someone or something ruining that.

Unfortunately, she also knew that she should get up and get started with her day if she didn't want to be rushing around trying to cram all her personal stuff she needed to get done on what appeared to her only free day of the week lately. She had dishes in the dishwasher that needed to get put away, laundry to be done and folded, and she wanted to go for a run in the park. And if she wanted that run in the park to not include dodging way too many tourists and other joggers, she needed to get up and go now.

Groaning, she rolled herself out of bed, stretching up and yawning as she got to her feet. She made her way across the room to the bathroom adjoining her bedroom. She quickly splashed some water on her face, fixed her ponytail and brushed her teeth. Then she made her way over to her wooden dresser to find a tank top and running pants to change into.

As she grabbed her keys and a light hoodie on the way out the door, she looked at her cell phone to see she had missed a text message. Grabbing it, she quickly opened the flashing text.

'Thanks again for dinner. Hope you have a great day off.


'Does this women do anything wrong?' Alex thought to herself as she smiled and set the phone down on the table. She thought about sending a message back but she couldn't think of anything that wasn't too overly corny so she instead decided to wait until she could call or send something worth reading that wouldn't make her look like a total cheese head.

Alex came back from her run feeling a lot more motivated than when she left. Something about running always did that to her. She never really wanted to go out and do it, but once she started going and pushed herself past that first mile, the rest felt great. She took her shoes off and hung her hoodie back up in the closet. She grabbed her cell phone from the side table by the door again as she headed into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. Leaning on the counter she flipped open the phone hoping to see another flashing letter on her screen letting her know she had another text. Instead, the plain display shown back at her. Pouting to herself a bit, she drank some more water and put the bottle back in the fridge to go take a shower.

After she got out and put on a navy blue t-shirt and jeans, she put a load of laundry into her washer and went to turn on her stereo as she put her clean dishes away. As Alex put each dish away, she sang along with Colbie Caillat, throwing in some turns and slides as she maneuvered about the kitchen. During one particular slide move, she picked her phone back up from the counter to check to see if she had missed a call or text. Again, she saw her reflection in the blank screen. Laughing to herself she put the phone back down and went back to work.

"Wow, Alex, you haven't been this bad since Larry Smithe in high school and even then you waited at least every few hours to check your phone," Alex said aloud to herself. Picking up where she left off singing "One Fine Wire", she put the last of the dishes up.

By early evening, Alex found herself on her couch surrounded by a mass of papers and a wine glass in her hand. Swirling the red alcohol in her glass, she sighed and took a look around her and her eyes stopped on her cell phone. She had finished all the things on her 'to do' list and now was just fooling herself into thinking she could immerse herself in her work again to take her mind off of a certain detective. She tipped the glass back and drained its contents in one final gulp. Setting the glass down and shifting the papers, she leaned over to get her phone. Maybe she had been going about this all wrong. There was no rule saying she couldn't call Olivia, in fact, Olivia had said if she had a spare minute she would like Alex to call her.

"Plus, it's not like I sat here all day praying for it to ring," Alex said aloud to no one but herself. "I did…stuff,' she finished by looking at her now spotless apartment and stack of paid bills to go out.

She scrolled through her contacts until she found the name she was looking for and pressed send.

"Detective Benson."

"Olivia, hi, it's Alex."

"Oh man and here I thought I was going to get away with not getting yelled at today," Olivia said with a chuckle.

"Getting yelled at? What? Why would I yell at you?" Alex asked.

"Well, I figured I was going to get yelled at for how long I was up again last night. I actually thought about waiting until a decent hour to send you that but I couldn't really concentrate until I did."

"Luckily for you, Detective, I didn't notice the time it was sent. However, now that you've blown your cover, rather quickly I might add, exactly what time did you leave last night?" Alex asked bringing her bare feet up on the couch and pulling them up so she sat Indian style on the cushion, bringing a pillow on her lap to rest her elbows on as she held the phone.

"You're making the assumption that I left, Counselor."

"What? Liv! That's almost two whole days on the clock! This is not a missing persons situation, why are you still there?"

"Today wasn't really my fault. Elliot had to go, an emergency with one of the kids. I told him I would cover his day."

Alex sat in silence amazed at the dedication and loyalty the woman on the other line had for her job and her partner.

"Alex? Hello?"

"Sorry, I'm here. Okay, so you covered Elliot's day but why are you still there now?"

Alex heard Olivia sigh into the phone. "Well, I thought I'd finish some paperwork, go to the gym and then head home."

Biting her lip, Alex was thinking how sad of a day that sounded like and wondered exactly how many days Olivia had spent doing that same thing, alone.

"I have a better idea," Alex said, making a decision.

"What? You want round two with the cacciatore? Sorry, Alex, I don't think I am the person to give you a run for your money in that competition," Olivia said, laughing into the phone.

"Ha, ha very funny," Alex said, letting a little chuckle out herself. "No, I'm going to pick you up. We're going to grab some stuff to make a dinner and rent a movie to watch. And if some cookies or ice cream happen to fall into the cart while we're shopping, we may have to indulge in that as well."

"Wow! That almost sounds like a comparable substitute for the gym."

"That's the offer, Detective, take it or leave it," Alex said trying to use her best court room voice.

"How could I refuse? So what, expect you in 20 minutes?"

"15 and I mean it. I want you out on the street waiting. No last minute touches on files or anything. Okay, Olivia?" Alex said as she heard shuffling of paper on the other side. She swung her feet back onto the floor and headed towards her bedroom to find another top to wear.

"I'll be out there…what was it you said? Reveling in the feeling of the season?"

"Do what you want to do, I just want to see you ready to get in my car and enjoy a night completely job free." Alex said, opening her closet and flipping through shirts on hangers.

"Alex, what are you doing?" Olivia asked.

Alex stopped all movement with one hand still holding the phone to her ear, the other hand on a hanger she was about to push to the side with the rest. "Um, nothing? Why?"

"If you think I'm going to let you get all dolled up when I haven't even seen my place in the last 24 hours, you are horribly wrong. Come down here as you are," Olivia said letting some authority sneak into her tone.

"Olivia, I just…"

"Alex, no. C'mon, it's just me. Listen, I'll grab my gym clothes, clean gym clothes mind you, and I'll change into those when I get there. We can slum it up tonight. No fancy outfits, no styling the hair and absolutely no make up. Lord knows mine wore off ages ago. Just seeing you at all will be enough for me."

Alex looked at herself in the mirror. Staring back at her was her reflection donned in a pair of GAP jeans she owned since college, a navy blue form fitting T from Old Navy, her blonde hair tossed up on the back of her head in a hair clip. She hadn't bothered to put any make up on from her shower after her run. In one way, Alex was completely terrified. She liked looking good. She knew when she looked good. It made her feel confident and confidence was definitely something she needed more of when dealing with Olivia, especially in person. In another way, Alex was flattered the detective wanted to see her this way. This was the kind of situation people avoided for months on end sometimes in a relationship.

"Well, I guess that is fair," Alex started.

"You're not going to get a better offer, Counselor," Olivia said. "Trust me, take the deal."

"Okay," Alex agreed while grabbing her purse and her grey hooded, zip up sweatshirt.

"See you in 15, Alex."

Alex headed out her door and down to her buildings garage. As she got into her car she said to herself, "Two nights with one of New York's finest. Not too bad Alex."

Then she chuckled and thought to herself, 'Finest in more ways than one."