Title: Breathe
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing/characters: Temari/Shikamaru/Ino, Chouji
Word Count: 332
Rating: T
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or the characters. I do not own FRIENDS.
Summary: He breathes in the fact he's getting hitch.
A/N: Main idea revolved around TV Show FRIENDS. Unbeta-ed because I don't know anyone to beta for me. And I forgot who I asked the last time. D:


He breathes in the fact he's getting hitch. Chouji is at his side, his chubby cheeks perking with a weak grin and a nod, his hands clasped together with the absence of snacks. His suit is stiff and clean with the blooming rose pinned on his chest, over powering his nose. His friends and family are watching, flipping through their hand outs while picking at their clothes. The priest is talking. He breathes in her.

His hands tighten around hers and she looks at him with her bright blue eyes and her pink pouting lips curve into a smile. Her dress is white and puffy and her collarbone is bare and smooth, and he compels himself to brush his fingers against hers for the time being. She smells like something sexy and cute, probably some kind of exotic flower, and he really likes that smell. He even mouths it to her slyly and she raises her eyebrow before the corners of her mouth twitch a bit.

"Shikamaru." His gaze focuses on the priest and he gives the slightest nod. "I, Shikamaru…"

"I, Shikamaru," he murmurs, looking at her. Her eyes drift to the floor, her grip has slackened, and he shudders inwardly. His grip tightens upon her hands. Her battle worn hands, he loved her hands. She didn't need to look, he could see her pain. He breathes in her sadness. The priest continues and he licks his lips before repeating. "Take thee Ino…"

Her hands grips his and she looks up, her eyes staring into his. There's life around him now but he doesn't care. He hears Chouji, the sudden shift of movement as he drops his head towards the floor. He feels a hundred eyes on him. But they didn't matter, because her hair was darker and she no longer smelled of something he desires. He stops breathing as she moves her lips. He can hear her anger.

"My name is Temari."

Ino stares at him from behind the bride.