Disclamer: I don't own anything pretaining to Ranma 1/2 nor Battletech and what not. This story was writen by J. Austin Wilde

First off I'd like to say I in no way am taking credit for this story. I didn't write it and have no ties to it what so ever. All credit belongs to J. Austin Wilde. I have not been able to reach the author so I wasn't given a yeah or nay to posting it here, however I will remove it if so asked by either the author or the readers for this reason. The reason why I am posting it is because for some reason this story is getting hard to find. The link I had no longer works and the fission park press one is tempermental at times. And The Penultimate Ranma fanfic index only has to chapter 26. Since is easier to access and has more traffic I thought this would be the best place to put it.

If any one has issuse with me posting this story or think I should take it down then please let me know. I don't want this story to disapear its just so well done that if Fission park press goes down finding it may become even more difficult.

Shinji Ikari

Have a nice day