I can imagine a sort of Switchfoot-Relient K-Friday's Child-Avril Lavigne (mellow acoustic/electric guitar rock ballad) fusion for this song. It's a (rock) song the Phantom might have sung to Christine...it's really long, though, so perhaps it's better if you consider it just a poem, and not try to come up with music. You can sing it, though, if that amuses you (as it does me).


I wish I could be free

just as you are today

but I am cursed to what you see

to hide myself away


And all those with God's grace

live their crooked lives

and taunt me with my face

their words cut like knives


(angrily and bitterly) But my heart is turned to stone

and they don't want me

so I will live alone

to the darkness I will flee


(softly and sadly) though I wish for light

and secretly beauty

a lit taper in the night

and just someone to love me


My name is but a curse,

a shadow on the wall,

you all fear as you rehearse,

"will another body fall?"


They all stare

at my disfigured face

(defiantly) but I don't care!

(softly) have I left the human race?


I have nothing to my name

but my music and the night

and my passion, its flame

and my desire for light!


(desperately) Don't leave me here to die!

I've lived alone too long!

Oh, my very soul does cry

to listen to your song


I know why you chose him

and you sang of your love

I knew my chance was slim

(sadly) but I had always hoped...


(snapping back) But it was just a dream,

an inane fantasy

things are never as they seem

(angrily, with a sad tinge) So go! Forget about me!


So I will live in darkness

without you by my side

but I won't love you any less

the pain will not subside


Without you, I shall die

I will never know the light

(sad softness) but I'll remember how you made me fly

(softer and softer) as I fade into the night...

as I fade into the night...

and you fade into the light...