Let it be known that Pride and Prejudice is not mine, nor am I a major fan. This is written at the request of someone else.

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Many songs were sung of the beauty of woman, but seldom of the beauty of men. Some men were so beautiful, too. Especially their eyes. Elizabeth traced a finger down Darcy's cheek, looking at the white eyelids that so perfectly veiled those gorgeous orbs. He had fallen asleep in the library again and she had come in to find him with the candle half gone, his arm draped over the side of the arm chair and his clothes all in disarray. He was so beautiful. Exquisite, really. She kissed his forehead. What a wonder of a man.

Darcy's eyes opened slowly, blinking in the half-light, and smiled upon seeing Elizabeth. He reached up and caressed her wrinkled cheek. She caught his weathered hand in her fragile one and held it to her face, smelling it and reveling in its loveliness.