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Chapter 1: Scavenger Hunt

It is summer break for the students in Orb. Cagalli, Lacus and Mirialia were at the swimming pool at the back of the Clyne's Mansion. The three of them are lying on the chair in the sun.

"Ah, I'm so bored," Cagalli exclaimed.

"Me too," Mirialia said.

"Yeah, I agree with you guys," Lacus said. "We've done everything today."

"It's like there's nothing more we could do," Cagalli said. "And tomorrow would be the same as well. Ah, I can't take it anymore," Cagalli said, sitting up straight on her chair.

It was silence for awhile because the three 16 years-old girls are thinking what they're going to do. Suddenly, Mirialia said, "Aha!"

The blonde-haired girl and the pink-haired girl looked at their auburn-haired friend.

"What is it, Milly?" the pink-haired pop-star asked.

"I know what we can do that's different then any other day," Mirialia said.

"What?" Cagalli and Lacus asked.

"Why don't we have a sleepover?" Mirialia said. "Just us girls. We can invite Stellar, Meyrin and Luna." Mirialia smiled widely, looking at her best friends. "So, how 'bout it?"

"That's a good idea, Milly," Lacus said. "We could use my- Oh no, we can't use my house." Lacus said. "My father's having a meeting with the senators from Plant and Orb."

"Don't worry, we'll use my house," Cagalli said.

"But, what about Kira?" Lacus said, blushing when she said Kira's name.

"Yeah, it won't be an all-girls sleepover if Kira's around," Mirialia said.

"Don't worry," Cagalli said. "We could always kick him out for the night."

"Isn't that too cruel?" Lacus said worriedly.

"Of course not," Cagalli said. "He could always go to Athrun's house."

"Well, I guess it's all set than," Milly said.

Mirialia and Cagalli was about to give each other a high-five when Lacus asked, "What are we going to do during the sleepover?"

A big sweat drop appeared on Milly's and Cagalli's forehead. "Uh…" Milly said. At the same time, Cagalli said, "Well…"

"Why don't we go inside, take our bath and ask Stellar, Luna and Meyrin to come over to discuss the sleepover." Lacus suggested.

"Great idea, Lacus," Milly said. The three girls stood up. "Race you to the mansion?" Mirialia challenged.

"You're on," the pink-haired girl and blonde-haired girl replied.

The three of them began running to the mansion. The first to arrive was Cagalli. Of course, that's not a surprise because she's very athletic. The second to arrive is Lacus and last is Mirialia. The three girls went to Lacus room. Since there're many bathroom's in the Clyne's mansion, they didn't have to take turn showering.

Lacus was the first one to finish her shower. She dried herself up and put on her clothes. She wore a cherry blossom pink tank top and cherry pink mini-skirt. When Mirialia and Cagalli haven't gone to her room, Lacus thought, 'That's weird. A shower wouldn't take this long.'

"Oh well," Lacus said to herself. "I'll just call the others while waiting for them."

Lacus sat on her bed on pick up her phone which was located on her bed-side table. She dialed Luna's house number. The phone rang for a couple of second when someone picks it up.

"Konnichiwa, Hawke Residence. This is Lunamaria speaking," Luna said from the other line.

"Hey Luna, this is Lacus," Lacus said.

"Oh, hey Lacus," Luna said. "What's up?"

"I was wondering if you would to come to our all-girls' sleepover. Do you want to come?" Lacus said.

"When is it?" Luna said.

"Not sure yet," Lacus said. "We're going to meet at Cagalli's house today to discuss about it," Lacus added in. "Could you make it?"

Yeah," Luna said. "What time?"

Lacus looked at her watch. It's now 2:30 p.m. "How about 3.30 p.m.?" Lacus asked.

"Yeah, I could make it," Luna said.

"That's great," Lacus said happily. "Oh yeah, bring Meyrin along."

"Sure," Luna said.

"Ja ne," Lacus said and they put down the phone.

Luna's house

"Ja ne," Luna said. She put down the phone.

"What did Lacus want?" Meyrin asked. When Lacus called, she was reading her novel in the living room while Luna was doing her assignment.

"Lacus invited us to a sleepover," Luna told her sister.

"Oh," Meyrin said. "When is it?" she asked.

Luna shrugged. "I don't know. Lacus said we're going to discuss about the details at Cagalli's house at 3:30."

"Oh, okay," Meyrin said. She stood up. "I'll just go change than."

Luna nodded her head. "I should do the same too," she said. Both sisters went to their own room to change.

Back at Lacus' house

After that, Lacus dialed Stellar's house number. It rang for a few seconds when someone picks up the phone.

"Konnichiwa, Loussier's Residence." A male's voice said. "May I know whose calling?"

"Konnichiwa," Lacus greeted. "This is Lacus speaking."

"Oh, Lacus," the guy said. "This is Auel. Do you wish to speak to Stellar?" Auel asked.

"Hai," Lacus answer.

"Wait just a sec, ok," Auel said.

"Thank you, Auel-san," Lacus said.

"No problem," Auel answered.

Auel ran to upstairs to call Stellar, her older sister. When Auel arrived in front his sister's room, he could hear his sister practice singing. He smiled. He knocked on Stellar's bedroom door.

The singing stopped and footsteps were heard. The door opened and a 16 years-old girl with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a pink, long-sleeves, off-the-shoulder blouse with a light blue mini skirt.

"What is it, Auel?" Stellar asked her younger brother.

"Lacus called," Auel said. "She's on the phone right now."

"Alright, I'll take it from my room," Stellar said. "Thank," she added in before her brother went back down the stairs.

"Hello, Lacus-san," Stellar said after she pick up the phone in her room.

"Konnichiwa, Stellar-san," Lacus greeted. "I hope I'm not disturbing you."

"No, not at all, Lacus-san," Stellar said.

"That's good," Lacus said back. "Well, the reason I called you is because I want to invite you an all-girls' sleepover. We're meeting at Cagalli's house at 3:30 p.m. to discuss about it. Do you think you could make it?"

"Sure, I have nothing to do anyways," Stellar said. "And it would be nice to see you guys."

Lacus giggled, "Yeah, you're right."

"Well, is there anything that I should bring with me today?" Stellar asked.

"No," Lacus said. "Just bring yourself."

"Okay," Stellar said, giggling. "Well, see you later than, Lacus-san."

"Yeah," Lacus said. "Take care, Stellar-san."

Lacus put down her phone. At the same time, Mirialia entered the room, fully dressed. She's wearing orange long-sleeves turtle-neck blouse and a yellow mini-skirt.

"Hi Milly," Lacus said.

"Hi," Mirialia replied. "Sorry it took so long."

"It's okay," Lacus said.

"Where's Cagalli?" Mirialia asked. "Surely Cagalli has already finish her bath. She hates taking long showers."

"I don't know," Lacus said. "You're the first one who came through that door."

"Hmm," Mirialia said. "Surely she's not lost. I mean, we've known you for four years already and you always invited us to this house. I don't think Cagalli could get lost here."

"Maybe she fell asleep," Lacus suggested.

"No, I've checked the guestroom that she used but there's no sign of her." Mirialia said. "All her belongings, including her cell phone, are there though."

"Hmm…" Lacus and Milly said, thinking of possible places where Cagalli might be.

After 3 minutes, they had given up thinking.

"Hey," Lacus said, "do you think we should call Kira or Athrun?"

"No," Mirialia answered. "That will make them worried."

"You're right," Lacus said.

Suddenly, the door to Lacus room opened and Cagalli entered the room. She was holding a tray full of pastries. Lacus and Mirialia just stared at Cagalli.

"What?" Cagalli asked when she realized that her friend is staring at her.

"Where have you been?" Milly asked, half yelling.

"I smelled freshly baked pastries and before I knew it, my body moved by itself towards the kitchen." Cagalli answered childishly.

Lacus just giggled at Cagalli's answer and Mirialia shook her head.

"Cagalli, you're so hopeless around pastries," Mirialia said.

"We almost called Kira and Athrun," Lacus said.

"B-But you didn't, right," Cagalli asked. 'That will be so embarrassing.'

"No, we didn't," Lacus answered.

"Phew," Cagalli said, relieved. A few seconds later, Cagalli asked, "Have you called Luna, Meyrin and Stellar?"

"Yes," Lacus said. "They're all coming at 3:30 p.m.

Kira and Athrun were students at Hi-Tech University. They are taking majors in the technology engineering and such. Kira is in the hacking department while Athrun's in the building department. Even though both of the teenage coordinators are top students at the university but they still attend the summer classes given by the university.

At 3 o' clock in the evening, Kira's and Athrun's classes finished. They decided to spend the day at Athrun's house. But before that, they took a detour to Cagalli's mansion to take his things a.k.a. his clothes.

It was 30 minutes drive to the Attha's mansion. When Kira and Athrun arrived, they saw Cagalli, Lacus, Mirialia, Meyrin, Lunamaria and Stellar, seated on the floor near the table in the living room.

"Hi Athrun, Kira," Lacus said, when she realized her boyfriend and best friend's presence.

"Hey," Athrun and Kira answered.

"What are you doing?" Kira answered.

"Yeah," Athrun added in. "What's up with all the papers?"

Kira and Athrun walked towards the girls.

"Don't come any closer," Cagalli said, standing up.

The two boys stopped in their tracks.

"Why?" Kira asked.

"Because…" before Cagalli could finish what she said, Mirialia cut in.

"It is none of your business," Mirialia said calmly.

"Well, if you don't tell, Athrun and I are staying here whether you like it or not," Kira said stubbornly with his hands folded near his chest. He sat down on the couch beside Lacus.

"Well, if you're not going anywhere, Kira, we'll just use my house." Mirialia said.

Athrun knew that if the girls' decided to go to Mirialia's house, than they have no chance knowing what the girls are planning. So, Athrun said, "Kira, why don't we just leave the girls alone and go to my place as planned." By now, Athrun is sitting beside Kira.

"But don't you want to-" Kira was cut in by Athrun.

"We won't have a chance knowing what they're planning if their going to Milly's house," Athrun whispered.

"Oh," Kira whispered back, understanding Athrun's plan. Kira stood up. "Argh, suit yourself. If you're not going to tell us, fine!" he said.

"Damn right we're not telling you," Cagalli said.

"Well, I'm going to Athrun's house." Kira said. Then, Kira and Athrun went towards the stairs.

"Uh, didn't you say you're going to Athrun's house now? "Luna said.

"After I get my things," Kira told her, smiling sheepishly.

"Oh," Luna said, with a big seat drop appeared on her forehead. Cagalli, Mirialia and Meyrin fell anime style and Stellar and Lacus just giggled. The boys went to Kira's room and the girls' decided to have a break.


"Athrun, what's your plan?" Kira asked while taking his clothes from his closet.

"We can listen to the girls' conversation through Lacus' haro," Athrun told him.

"But how can you be sure that that will work?" Kira asked.

"I am the one who created the haro, am I not?" Athrun said with an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah," Kira said, laughing nervously.

5 minutes later, the boys went out of the mansion, into Athrun's car and went off to Athrun's house.

"Finally," Cagalli, Mirialia and Luna said.

"I feel kind' bad for Kira and Athrun," Stellar said.

"Yeah, me too," Meyrin said.

"You know if they knew we're having a sleepover, they will try to have a sneak peek or listen to what we're saying." Mirialia said.

"Yeah, remember last year's get together?" Luna added in.

"Yeah, how could I forget," Meyrin said.

Stellar and Lacus just laughed.

"Now, back to business," Cagalli said, putting all the papers that used to write their notes about the sleepover on the table.

"So, we're on the day after tomorrow, 5 p.m., at my house?" Cagalli asked.

"Yeah," the others said.

Kira and Athrun are now in Athrun's room, at Athrun's mansion. They are surrounding Athrun's desktop. Since Lacus had brought her haro there, Athrun just have to switch the haro on. Then, he could control haro using his computer and from haro's eyes and ears, they could see and hear what the girls' are doing and saying at the Attha's mansion.

"So, they're planning to have a sleepover-party," Kira said.

"I guess you'll be kicked out from the house the day after tomorrow, Kira, just like last year." Athrun said.

A sweat drop appeared on Kira's forehead. "Yeah, I guess so." Then Kira said, "I never thought haro is a good machine to spy on someone." After that, a thought crossed his mind. "Athrun, you didn't build these haros to spy on Lacus, did you?"

"What?" Athrun said. "Of course not, you know Lacus is my best friend, don't you? And you know I love Cagalli."

Kira laughed sheepishly, "Yeah, I know. I just want to confirm that."

Athrun shook his head, "Kira, you and your perverted mind."


"Then, our first activity will be a scavenger hunt," Lacus said.

"Who will hide the things?" Stellar asked.

"Do you all agree that Lacus will do it?" Mirialia asked.

"Yeah," the other's except for Lacus and Mirialia said.

"We'll split the group into two," Lacus said.

"But if we split it into two, the groups will not have the same amount of members," Meyrin stated.

"I could help Lacus out," Stellar volunteered.

"I guess I'll agree on that," Luna said. "Besides, Stellar is as smart as Lacus and she's one of the top students in Destiny high," Luna added in, smiling.

"So, does everyone agree on that?" Mirialia asked.

"Yes," Cagalli, Luna, Meyrin and Lacus said.

"Alright than," Mirialia said, smiling at Stellar.

Stellar and Lacus gave each other a high-five.

"So, what are we going to do after that?" Meyrin asked.

"Well, according to what I calculated, we'll be finish with the scavenger hunt in one hour time." Lacus said.

"After that, we'll have a shower," Luna said.


Athrun and Kira had a nosebleed, listening to what the girls' said.

Although in their heads they thought, 'No, you can't think like this, you're not a pervert,' but they can't help what they're hearing.


"After that, we could cook dinner by ourselves," Meyrin suggested. "We could try various recipes and we could even bake cakes."

"And after dinner, we could watch a movie," Stellar said.

"Great idea, Meyrin, Stellar," Mirialia said. "Everyone, agree?" she asked.

"Yeah," Luna, Cagalli and Lacus said.

"Well then, that's decided," Mirialia said. "Meyrin and Luna could look for the recipes and buy the groceries we need, Lacus and Stellar could go plan the scavenger hunt while Cagalli and I will take care of other stuff like renting a movie and decorations. Other things, we'll decide during the sleepover."

"Alright," the five others answered.


Athrun shut off the haro and closed his desktop.

"So, their planning a very interesting sleepover this year," Kira said.

"Yeah," Athrun answered.

"That means their bound to play truth or dare," Kira said, putting his index finger at his chin.

"Yeah," Athrun said without thinking. After a few seconds when what Kira said crossed his mind, he said, "Where are you taking this, Kira Yamato?"

Kira looked at Athrun with a look that Athrun didn't like; his mischievous look. "Athrun, do you want to make our summer spicier?" Kira asked.

"Oh no, Kira, you're not thinking what I'm thinking you'd do, are you?" Athrun asked.

"So, who's going to call Daerka, Shin, Auel and Sting?" Kira asked, smiling.

Athrun fell anime style.

Since they have finish discussing about the sleep over, the six girls decided to have fun. They went to swim at Cagalli's swimming pool at the backyard.

When it was 5 o'clock, Lacus and Stellar excused themselves.

"Guys, Stellar and I have to go now," Lacus said.

"Now?" Cagalli asked.

"Yes, Lacus and I have a recording today," Stellar said, blushing a bit.

Just like Lacus, Stellar also has a favor in singing but Stellar's too shy to enter any auditions. Since Stellar is Lacus' friend, Lacus help her out by telling and asking her manager whether they could take Stellar in as well. Well, actually, they could because the company is owned by Lacus' father. Since than, Lacus and Stellar are a group called the Pink Goddesses; Lacus is Pink Princess and Stellar is Pink Butterfly.

"Alright than," Mirialia said.

"Meyrin and I have to go too," Luna said.

"Alright, we'll see you guys the day after tomorrow than," Cagalli said.

Mirialia and Cagalli said goodbye to their friends. After Lacus, Stellar, Meyrin and Luna have left, Cagalli and Milly went to Cagalli's bedroom.

Cagalli launched herself on her queen-sized bed. "Ah, I can't wait to get started with our job," she said.

"Well, we could start by listing down all the movies we know," Mirialia said.

"Alright than," Cagalli said.

"Hamlet," Mirialia said, writing the name down.

"But Milly, Hamlet's so boring," Cagalli said.

"No, it's not," Mirialia protested. "Besides, Lacus love it too."

"But Luna thought it was boring," Cagalli countered, "Remember last time when you rented Hamlet for 'Movie Day'?"

Mirialia thought about it again and then sighed, "Alright, alright, you win." She scratched down Hamlet.

"How about Troy?" Cagalli suggested.

"Nope," Mirialia said. "Lacus and Stellar doesn't like rough movies."

"Okay," Cagalli said. "Uh, Bring It On?" Cagalli suggested again.

"Hey, that one I'll absolutely agree on," Mirialia said with a smile.

After two hours, finally Mirialia and Cagalli had managed to list down 5 movies they're going to rent. Just so you know, although they rent five movies, they are not going to watch all of it. And since it's still early, Cagalli and Mirialia decided to go and rent the movie right away.

After finish their recordings, Lacus invited Stellar to her house so that they could talk about the Scavenger Hunt.

"Stellar, why don't you sleepover at my house tonight?" Lacus said. "It'll be easier for us to plan the Scavenger Hunt."

"Only if I'm not intruding," Stellar said.

"Of course not," Lacus replied. "We're best friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah," Stellar answered, smiling at Lacus.

"So, what do you say?" Lacus asked.

"I'll have to ask Sting's permission first," Stellar said.

"Sure," Lacus answered.

Stellar took out her cell phone and dialed her older brother's number.

"Hello, onii-chan," Stellar said.

"Yeah," Sting said from the other line.

"Can I sleepover at Lacus' house tonight?" Stellar asked. "There's something Lacus and I have to discuss."

"Sure," Sting answered.

Stellar ended the call and looked at Lacus happily. "He agreed," she said.

"That's great," Lacus answered.

Soon, Stellar and Lacus started to discuss about the Scavenger Hunt. It lasted till dinnertime.


It was dinnertime. Cagalli's father had a meeting with the senators of Orb so it's only Cagalli and Kira at the big dining room.

Kira took this chance to try and dig some information from Cagalli. He sat next to Cagalli.

"So, Cagalli," he said. "Do you have any plans tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow?" Kira asked. He has a mischievous glint in his eyes. Cagalli instantly knew what he was up to because of it.

"No," she answered. She quickly finished her dinner. "And you better not try to snoop around, Kira, or you'll be really sorry."

Although Kira was used to Cagalli's threats, somehow this one sounds so real, but, Kira just ignored it as usual.

"And what if I don't?" Kira asked.

"Then you'll be really, really sorry." Cagalli said. "That's a promise Kira Yamato."

"Lacus wouldn't let anything happen to me," Kira said.

"Oh, no, no, no, Kira Yamato," Cagalli said. "This time, your Lacus can't help you."

Now, Kira felt a little bit freaked. He started to wonder if Lacus could help him out this time.

The next day, everyone was busy doing preparations. Mirialia had come to Cagalli's house at 10 a.m. which is, in Kira's time, still too early. Pity Kira, he was kicked out of his own house when he was still half-asleep.


Athrun just finished his shower and was about to start on his homework when he heard a knock on his door.

'I wonder who it is.' Athrun thought. He went to open the door and he was surprised to see the scene that met him. Standing at his doorway is his brunette-haired best friend, still in his pajamas, holding a pillow under his right arm and a suitcase under the other. "Kira," Athrun said. "What are you doing here in your pajamas?"

"Oh," Kira answered, yawning. "I was kicked out."

Immediately, Athrun knew that it was his girlfriend's doing. "Alright, you can sleep here if you want too," Athrun said.

Athrun just sighed when he saw Kira had fallen asleep again. Athrun then carried his best friend to his room.

A few hours later, Kira had finally become fully awake. He, Athrun met up with Sting, Shin, Daerka and Auel at a coffee house near the beach.

"So, why do you want to meet us?" Sting asked.

"Do you want to spy on the girls' sleepover tomorrow night?" Kira asked.

"What!" Sting, Auel and Shin yelled.

"Are you out of your mind, man?" Sting said.

Kira just smiled at Sting's reaction and Athrun smacked his head, muttering, "Oh brother."

"I'm up for it," Daerka said. Daerka has stars in his eyes.

"You're really going to get it from Milly when she finds out," Athrun said.

"I guess I'm in too," Shin said.

Suddenly he was hit from behind.

"Hey," Shin yelled, looking at the older green-haired guy.

"Think again if you're going to spy on my sister," Sting said.

"What the hell," Shin muttered under his breath, rubbing his sore neck. Unfortunately for Shin, Sting heard him. Shin received a glare from Sting.

"Alright guys, back to the topic here," Kira said. "Are you in or not?"

"I still say we shouldn't do it," Sting said.

"I agree with Sting," Athrun said.

"Alright, we'll take a vote," Kira said. "Who wants to go spying?"

Kira, Shin and Daerka put up their hand.

"Alright, who doesn't want to go spying?" Kira asked.

Sting and Athrun put up their hand. Auel was the only one who didn't vote. Everyone looked at the young azure-haired boy.

"So, what are you going to choose, Auel?" Kira asked.

"Of course you won't go spying, Auel," Sting told his younger brother.

"Come on, Auel, Meyrin's going to be there," Kira said.

Auel blushed. "Ah," Auel said, looking from his brother to Kira. At the end, he said, "I vote on spying." He knew that he's going to get a major scolding from Sting but he was tempted to see Meyrin.

Kira smiled with victory and said, "Looks like its four over two; and that means four wins. We're going spying tomorrow. Meet at Athrun's house at 4.30 p.m.

"How did we get in this mess?" Sting and Athrun asked.

The next day, as promised, Shin, Daerka, Auel and Sting met up with Kira and Athrun at Athrun's house.

As they get there, Kira gave them a binocular and a walkie-talkie each. "You're going to need it," Kira said.

They then walked to the Attha's Mansion. Kira said that it's better walking because it's less risky.

At 5 p.m., Milly, Meyrin, Stellar and Lacus arrived at Cagalli's house. They went there by using their bicycle so that it'll be easier for the scavenger hunt. After keeping their things in Cagalli's bedroom, they went to the garden.

"Alright," Lacus said. "Separate into two groups right now."

Luna grouped with Meyrin and Cagalli grouped with Mirialia.

"Okay," Stellar said. "Let me explain a few things. Each group will be given different riddles. The riddles will bring you to your next clues. Lacus or I will be there to give the next riddle when you've cracked it out."

"Sure!" Luna, Meyrin, Milly and Cagalli said, full of enthusiasm.

"Cagalli's group, come with me," Stellar said. "And Luna's group come with me," Lacus added.


"Okay Stellar, give us the riddle," Cagalli said.

"Okay," Stellar said. "It is friendly, it loves to jump. It loves water, but it can't breathe in it. What could it be?"


"Come on, Lacus, give us the riddle," Luna said.

"Yeah," Meyrin added in.

"Alright," Lacus said. "It's yellow, it's sweet. It's the favorite food of a furry animal. What could it be?"

After being given their riddles, they gathered together. Then, they heard Lacus and Stellar said in unison, "At the count of three, one, two, three… Start!"

Immediately, the competitors mount their bikes, cycling without knowing where to go next while trying to crack the riddle. Cagalli and Milly took the route on the right and Meyrin and Luna took the route on the left.

When they were gone, Lacus gave Stellar a blue haro. "This will enable us to communicate so when they have arrived, we could tell each other and be ready."

"Alright," Stellar said.

"Ready Pink-chan?" Lacus asked her favorite haro.

"Ready, Lacus-chan," Pink said. It went into the basket at Lacus' bicycle.

"I'll go to Cagalli's and Milly's next destination," Lacus said.

"Yeah, and I go to Luna's," Stellar said.

They mount their bikes and went on their way.

Behind a cherry blossom tree not far from where the girls' stood before they left.

Kira said, "Alright guys, now we're going to sneak in the house and wait for them to return."

"Aren't your maids going to be there?" Auel asked.

"Nope," Kira said. "Cagalli gave them all a day off today."

"I see," Auel said.

"Now, let's go in," Kira said. "There, Cagalli's balcony window is open; we can get in through there."

Kira was about to climb the Sakura tree to reach Cagalli's balcony but he was stopped by Athrun.

"Kira, instead of climbing, why don't you just use your key and enter your house like a normal person, not a burglar," Athrun said.

"Eheheheh," Kira said, laughing with a sweat drop appeared at his forehead. "I forgot."

"Sometimes I really wonder how he manages to be the top student with a major in Science and Technology," Sting said.


"I wonder what the riddle means," Cagalli said.

"It's friendly, it loves to jump. It loves water but it can't breathe in it. What could it be?" Mirialia quoted. Mirialia suddenly stopped her bike to think for awhile. Cagalli followed her action. Suddenly, Mirialia snapped her fingers. "I got it!" she yelled.

"What?" Cagalli asked.

"It must be a dolphin," Milly answered.

"There's no dolphin here," Cagalli said.

"There's a dolphin statue at the water fountain near the Cherry Blossom Mall," Mirialia said.

"You're right," Cagalli said. "Let's go."


"Ah, what is a food that is yellow and sweet?" Meyrin asked.

"I don't know," Luna groaned. "There're too many sweet that is yellow in color."

"You forgot that the riddle also state that it is a furry animal's favorite food," her sister told her.

"All I could think of is a monkey," Luna said without realizing that she had got the answer.

"Luna, that's it," Meyrin exclaimed. "It's yellow and sweet and it's a furry animal's favorite food. And monkeys' favorite food is…"

"A banana," Luna interrupted.

"Yup, that's right," Meyrin said.

After a moment of happiness, Luna said. "The problem now is, there're lots of bananas in Orb."

"But there's only one place called Banana Café House," Meyrin said, smiling.

"That's right, let's go," Luna said, cycling towards the café house that was located near the beach.

Meanwhile, at the Attha's Mansion, the boys or namely Kira, Shin and Daerka are up for mischief and Athrun, Sting and Auel got stuck in it with them.