Human in a Pokemon World Prologue

The day I met Clarissa was both the most startling and exciting parts of my life, for when I first woke up in Clarissa's world as a Charmander to find Clarissa standing over me, no one was more surprised than I. I mean I came from a world that was inhabited mostly by humans and the occasional pokemon, but suddenly waking up in Clarissa's world was beyond anything I'd ever known and simply defied all course of logic that could explain the reasoning behind it to me. Forming a Rescue Team with Clarissa was the most exciting part of my existence it her world, but certain problems soon arose and those who meant to do me harm soon appeared… It soon became evident during one part of my stay in Clarissa's world that it would either be fight or flight to avoid certain destruction. It was definitely unlike me to run away from problems, but as I soon found in this world, one person no matter how hard you try just can not seem to change the minds of others once they have made their minds up on something. Clarissa was with me through it all and became my closest friend and my bravest companion, even in the form of a super friendly, extra happy, super energized Bulbasaur! Friends I'd never have thought possible to even have on the extent I made in this world surprised even I and while we did have our differences we did find ways to settle them, but I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me relate my story to you as it happened. My name is Karania and this is my story….