Author's Note: Please be aware that as I cannot detail every mission they go out on, doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Team Crystal still gets points and ranks, but if I tried to calculate every point they earned we'd be here forever, so that part gets skimmed over just so I don't bore ya'll with details. Also I don't have enough time to detail each adventure with a new job, school, and the prospects of still having a life of my own. I'll reveal what their rank is further into the story when I can work it in without disrupting the actual flow of the story, but rest assured, it will be revealed in due time. Until then, please be patient as I might not be able to update as much as you would probably prefer due to the possibility of longer holiday hours at my place of work. (With longer hours we might not end up shutting down shop until midnight in some cases) I just got hired recently at the Disney Store at one of the malls near my house, so I'm pretty happy about that, especially the fact I got the job the same day I was interviewed. Anyways, that said, I'll do my best to bring ya'll a quality chapter when I can, but rushing a chapter is never a good thing, for quality doesn't occur overnight, it takes time to perfect, so please keep this in mind.

Now on with the story! I present to you, Chapter 2!

Chapter 2

"The Team Takes Shape"

The next morning, after Karania had gotten and had gone outside to check the mail, she encountered a shock when she nearly tripped over Clarissa who was sprawled out snoozing on the path leading up to their base. Karania tapped Clarissa gently and she jumped to her feet and said, "Oh hi, Karania! I've been out here since early this morning, but I must have dozed off while I was waiting for you to get up as I'm so excited about finally being on a rescue team!"

"I see." Karania replied blinking at how enthusiastic Clarissa was at this hour of morning.

"Um, Karania?" Clarissa asked turning to look at her.

"Yes? What is it?" Karania replied trying to figure out what Clarissa wanted to know.

"Well… I was just wondering if you decided what the name of our rescue team should be. We really should have a name that people can remember so they can tell us apart from the other rescue teams that have sprung up…" Clarissa replied.

Karania thought for a moment before she said, "Well I personally liked the name, Team Crystal for our rescue team name. I think it's probably different than what others would probably think of, Clarissa."

"Team Crystal?" Clarissa asked trying to comprehend what she had just heard. Karania nodded so Clarissa said, "Yup, it's definitely different, but I like it anyways! Rescue Team Crystal, yes, it does have a special ring to it, so that's what we are now, Team Crystal! We'll just have to do our best to help others to the best of our ability and to make our team more well known, but, heh heh, I don't think anyone knows about us yet as we just started our careers as a rescue team…."

She then looked all excited as she said, "Oh! We should check our mailbox, maybe we have some mail…" Clarissa ran to the mailbox to look and pulled out something that looked like some sort of kit, she held it up for Karania to see before she said, "This is a Rescue Team Starter Kit set, and the Rescue Team Association issues them when anyone starts a rescue team. Each kit comes with a toolbox for carrying items and a Rescue Team badge that will prove that we are a legit rescue team."

Karania nodded taking this all in before Clarissa said, "Do we have any mail?" She looked in the mailbox before she said, "No… Unfortunately not… Oh well, we'll just have to wait for someone to come to us for help. Someone will probably come to us for help soon… Until then we'll just have to do our best and just do rescue missions from the bulletin board that are posted in front of the Pelipper Post Office."

"I see, and where would that be, Clarissa? I'm new here, I don't know where many things are yet…" Karania asked her.

"Oh, it's just a little ways down the path after we go into the center of town. It's not far, come on, I'll show you!" Clarissa replied happily as she began to scamper happily down the path that led into Pokemon Square. Karania, not having any better ideas, ran after her eager to see what there was to see and what there was to do in town. Karania followed Clarissa into town and Clarissa said upon entering the town, "Well this is Pokemon Square, it's pretty much a meeting place for pokemon, but Kangaskhan Storage, the Kecleon shop, and Felicity Bank are the main points to see here. We can leave extra items we don't want to carry with us everywhere we go in storage just by talking to Kangaskan and giving her the items we wish her to hold for us until we want them again. At the Kecleon shop, we can buy items, TMs, pretty much anything you can think of that we might need on an adventure, but we'll deal more with that later. Oh yes, and Felicity Bank is where we can deposit any money we earn so that we don't accidentally lose it, which is a good idea considering that we may have enough to keep up with once we obtain liftoff…"

Karania nodded before she said, "I see, but where's the Pelipper Post Office and this Bulletin Board you were telling me about? I'm eager to see where these are…"

"Follow me." Clarissa replied as she walked through the square and down the path that led to a scenic view that overlooked the ocean, when they arrived there they saw that the Pelipper Post Office was located close to the edge of the cliff while the Bulletin Board was located close to the path before they reached the post office. She then turned to Karania and said, "This is where I was telling you about, that building over there is the Pelipper Post Office and that Bulletin Board close to the path is where Rescue Jobs are posted from anyone who needs help. I think that until we become more well-known, that we should just do jobs from the Bulletin Board for now. Who knows, maybe by doing this we'll be able to get some job offers in our mailbox!" Karania nodded at this before she and Clarissa examined the Bulletin Board for Rescue Jobs that they could perform, and after selecting a few they headed back towards their rescue team base.

Karania and Clarissa walked back into Pokemon Square to head back to their base to prepare themselves to go out on some rescue missions in an attempt to make their rescue team more well-known and to create personal satisfaction between the two of them when they could truly say that they could actually help those in need and were doing their best to play their part in the quest to help others who needed help.

After preparing themselves Clarissa and Karania went out on a mission in the Tiny Woods, that they went out on enthusiastically since this was their first mission as a rescue team and they were excited about their role they were playing as newly formed rescue team.

The rescue mission didn't take quite as long to complete as they had anticipated it to, and due to this they returned around mid afternoon, and they were both absolutely thrilled that their rescue team days were now truly in motion.

After returning from the mission, Clarissa turned to Karania in front of their rescue team base and said, "I think we did pretty well for our first job a rescue team, though I will admit I was a bit nervous since it was the first job we did… Oh well, but we did fine, and you have to start somewhere to get better, so that's what we did."

"Yup, that's true." Karania replied agreeing with her on that subject.

"I think we should call it a day and get some rest, I don't think we have enough time left in the day to perform another rescue mission… So I'll see you tomorrow." Clarissa told Karania after looking up at the sky and realizing that it was about mid afternoon at this point.

"I think you're right, we did enough for one day, and since it was our first mission we should probably reflect on what worked and what didn't so we can apply that knowledge we learned to future missions." Karania replied looking at Clarissa who nodded her approval at Karania's words.

"I'll see you later, Karania, I'm going to go get some rest, bye…" Then with that Clarissa scampered away from Karania to go back to her home to get some rest.

After Clarissa was gone, Karania went inside their team base to do the same, but before she did she still couldn't help but wonder why she, a human, had been turned into a pokemon and for what reason. Karania shrugged and settled down to get some rest and as pleasure washed over her from the satisfaction she had from assisting someone in need, Karania fell asleep and knew no more until a time.