She woke up feeling her head throbbing. Her whole body ached. She tried to move but found she was tied to the wall. She looked around but it was too dark to see anything. Fear paralyzed her as she remembered what had happened and she wondered why she was still alive.

After that terrible night only a few weeks ago, there had been three Order meetings. The first one just after the funeral, but everyone was still too shocked to do anything. The second one had taken place in London, in what seemed to be an abandoned house, but only on the outside. It was there where most of the members were staying, since Grimmauld Place wasn't safe anymore, especially now with Snape on the other side. He knew all the secrets of the Order, and now he didn't need to be careful, to avoid suspicion. Not anymore.

On that second meeting, that lasted barely a couple of hours, they clearly avoided that subject. Some may not have entirely trusted Snape before, but they were still too shocked about what he had done. Fortunately, they had other spies, but none as close to the enemy as him. They had been informed that someone in the Ministry was working for Voldemort, but they didn't know who it was. They agreed to investigate further, and that was all they discussed. Harry had decided not to tell anyone about the Horcruxes. The three of them were leaving for Godric's Hollow in just a few days to try to find them.

The third and last meeting had been that very afternoon, but she had never gotten there. She was on her way, when she saw him with another wizard, both hiding their faces, trying to move anonymously through the street. Hearing him speak, even in whispers, was enough to know who it was. That drawl was unmistakable, just like his son's.

She hid her own face with her cloak and moved to follow them as they left Diagon Alley and entered Muggle-London. They kept walking and so did she, leaving enough space between them to avoid being seen. Muggles kept staring at them, but they didn't seem to care. More than ten minutes had passed and nothing had changed. She hoped they were headed for their quarters, thinking how the Order could use the information. Maybe they could attack them by surprise or…

She looked around, suddenly feeling alarmed. She had been so lost in her thoughts she hadn't even realized the two men were nowhere to be seen. She was all alone now, in the middle of a deserted park. Something inside told her she had been a fool, following Death Eaters around London on her own. Worst of all, she hadn't once wondered why they hadn't just Apparated.

A cold laugh behind her told her where the two men were, but she didn't even have time to draw her wand. A flash of red light and everything went black.

She first came to when she hit the floor. They had finally Apparated and they had taken her with them. She was lying in what seemed to be a huge room, surrounded by at least a dozen Death Eaters. Even though they were wearing their masks and she couldn't see their faces, she could tell they were surprised to see her there. Maybe that's why they hadn't attacked her yet. They were looking at her and speaking with each other, some of them laughing, and she was just too scared to notice one of them hurriedly leaving the room.

The first spell hit her and she gasped for breath. She started feeling dizzy just as it was lifted. They started howling with laughter and at least another four spells hit her. Now her body was covered in deep cuts, blood everywhere. Their laughter grew even lauder as silent tears covered her face, but she wouldn't scream, she would never beg for mercy.

Suddenly the room fell silent. The Death Eaters parted and she saw a hooded figure approaching her. All she could see of him were two red eyes and a wand pointing at her. He muttered something she couldn't understand and then darkness took her.

So now here she was, tied to the wall but still alive. She struggled to free her hands but it was impossible. She could tell the wounds on her body had been healed, and instead of being relieved, she felt terrified. What could they ever want from her to be keeping her alive?

Then the room filled with light as the door opened and a dark figure stepped in.

"Couldn't wait another day to see me, could you?"

She could have recognized that voice anywhere, she had heard it so many times over the last six years, but there was something scary about his tone. She opened her mouth to retort, but the look in his eyes stopped her, and she just stayed still, watching him approach her. He stopped just a few inches from her, his body so close they were almost touching. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around her waist and at the same time, he buried his face in her hair. He could feel her tense under his touch, and before she had time to say anything he whispered in her ear, so low she could barely hear him.

"Play along, they're watching."

"What are you doing," she asked, her voice shaky.

"Saving your life," he said, just as he started kissing her neck.