Naruto ran from the mob of villagers and a few ninja, tears streaming down his face. Naruto quickly slipped into an alleyway watching the villagers pass by. "Why (sniff) do they a-always try to (huff) hurt (sniff) me w-w-when I go to the Kyuubi festival," Naruto said.

"Because I am sealed within you."

"Huh! Who said that? Please don't hurt me," Naruto cried

"Shh! Tthey'll hear you. Anyway, I am The Kyuubi and as I said I'm sealed inside you."

"That's not possible. The Yomdaime killed the Kyuubi five years ago." Naruto said as he closed his eyes. When he opened them he was in a dimly lit hallway in nee deep water. There in front of his face was a deep red door.

" Open the door kit." The voice sounded distant.

Naruto cautiously opened the door. What he saw inside was a large cell door that had the kanji for seal on it. Inside he saw big red eyes and promptly fell on butt. " This is a dream. I'm dreaming aren't I. Hahaha! I-I'll wake u-up soon, because this is just a dream. Or maybe I'm dead and this is hell!" Naruto screamed.

"SHUT UP, STUPID. You're not dreaming nor are you dead. We're in your own mind."

" 'We're' as in both of us. You're in my mind also. How's that possible," Naruto asked.

" We don't have time for questions because they're coming back."

Naruto felt a searing pain in his right shoulder. He found himself out of his mind to face the mob of angry villagers. He screamed as he felt another pain in stomach.

" How dare you come to the Kyuubi festival, demon brat?"

" Yeah, lets kill him for disrespecting the Yondaime."

" No, let's kill him for just being alive. You killed my beloved wife and brother."

The ninja I the group took out kunai, some of them tipped with poison. The villagers just got sharp pointy objects that could easily pierce through the boy's skin.

"What are you doing in an alley way during-?! N-Naruto? W-What's happening," a small voice yelled.

" Kit listen carefully. I need you to do these hand seals."

" Why should I trust you?"

" Because I don't want either of us to die. Please you just have to trust me."

" B-Bu-But I-I …Fine," Naruto sighed.

Right before Naruto did the hand seals Kyuubi told him to do he heard an ear-piercing scream. There was a dull thud as a body hit the ground. The body in front of Naruto was Sasuke's. Sasuke had a hole through his stomach that was dripping with blood.

" Sasuke? W-Why did you save me? I thought you didn't like me?" Naruto asked

" I-I d-don't know, m-m-my b-body just m-moved on it's own," Sasuke said and then started a violent coughing fit. Naruto saw Sasuke's blood star turning black the more violent his coughing got.

" What the heck are you all doing," said a voice

Suddenly someone dropped in front of the mob of people. He had dark blue and black hair and he was wearing a traditional black yukata. The young boy looked up and they all knew exactly who it was.

Uchiha Itachi.

" Why are you all-? Sasuke!" Itachi rushed to his little brother's side. " W-What happened to you?" Itachi asked tearfully.

" The v-v-villagers w-were (cough) a-attacking Naruto, I-I-I told t-t-hem t-to (cough) stop, but t-they did i-it anyway, so (cough) I-I jumped in front of t-the k-kunai," Sasuke managed to choke out.

(Naruto's Mind While Itachi Comes)

" Kit, hurry up and do the hand seals."

" He saved me."

" Yes, Yes he saved you now do the hand seals before you and Sasuke die."

" You're worried about me dieing."

" NO. I-I just I-I ….w-well….alright I-I'm just a tad bit worried about you ok. Now do the hand seal please."

" Alright…. Kyuubi-ni-chan."

A vein throbbed in Kyuubi's head a Naruto started the hand seals.

(Outside Naruto's Head)

There was a burst of red chakra from Naruto. The chakra started to form into the shape of a human. The red chakra started to swirl around the newly created body and then it was gone. Standing right where the chakra once was a girl about Itachi's age and just a few inches shorter then Itachi. Her hair was a fiery red color and the tips were black. Her hair was long enough that it touched the ground. What the villagers couldn't believe were the two fox ears tipped with black and the nine tails the swayed back and forth.

The girl wore blood red baggy sweat pants with a fishnet shirt. She had red fingerless gloves on and no shoes. She looked up making all of them (A/N:except Itachi because well he's cool) want to run but they were all frozen in fear.

" Hey, I see what you did to my little brother and the boy who tried to save him. So now all of you are going to die," the girl said.

" W-What are you," someone in the crowd said

" Me, what am I. Well of course I'm the one you're trying to kill and let me tell you your not doing such a great job," the unknown girl said with a smirk, her red eyes glowing dangerously.

" K-Kyuubi."

" Bingo."

End of Chapter 1


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