Ok so if you guys want to see the pairings I have so far give me a comment and I'll post them up. If you don't like some of the pairing tell me, and ill see what I can do.

Also im thinking about changing Naruto's weapons, so if you want his weapons to stay the same tell me or if you want them to change tell me what I should change them to.

If this confuses you please tell me and ill try to make it easier to understand. ( this is referring to the demons in my fanfiction) For every 1 demon year it's 10 years for a human.

EXAMPLE: Kina looks 18 therefore she is really 180

And for a little tweak in my story, you guys remember Daichi's four sisters, Maiko, Akane, Hitomi, and Masami, well im going to make Hitomi and Akane twins and younger than Maiko and Masami but still older than Daichi

Maiko and Masami: look 18 therefore they are really 180

Hitomi and Akane: look 14 therefore they are really 140

Daichi: looks 12 therefore is really 120