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In Konoha

Sundown, in a village called Konoha. Everybody rushing to do last minute shopping and running to Hokage Tower for missions.

A mob was seen leaving, dispersing the circle they formed. In the middle layed a boy in orange clothing and a bloody mess.

" That's what you get demon-child for killing my daughter!!!"

"Demon! That's all your good for destruction and sorrow"

After the crown left the boy, using his little strength pulled himself into a sitting position.

" Why can't they see I'm not the fox...?"

With that question Naruto fainted on the ground in a bloody heap.

A few yards away on the rooftop a brunette with a scar over his nose was seen looking at the boy with sadness.

" I'm so sorry Naruto... I was too late... Damn my clans' ability..."

With that the brunette picked Naruto up and sped towards the hospital.

Early in the mornin' !!!

"WHERE IS THAT BAKA?!?!?!?" a scream was heard early in the morning by a Sakura Haruno. " Even

Kakashi-sensei is here early than him no wonder nobody likes him!!!"

"Sakura!!! If you actually got the chance to be in his shoes you would understand his situation."

'Though I can't say I did any better I hardly trained him'

Team 7 in their training area were waiting for Naruto to arrive but he never showed up.

Iruka ran up to them and tried to explain where he was. Panting he said,


Kakashi could guess what had happened and assited (A.N. I can't spell for nuthin ppl sry) to visit Naruto

" How the hell did that idiot manage to get himself injured already? I swear I hate him... Sasuke-ku..."

Sasuke was already gone following Iruka and Kakashi to the hospital.

Sakura,looking at Sasuke leaving, had a brief conversation with Inner Sakura

What's so special about Naruto I mean he's the dobe that failed all his classes!'

But he's actually useful on missions unlike you.

If anyone's useless it's that idiot!!'

With an Indigant huff she stalked away to who-knows-where.

IN THE ATL...ooops wrong line AT THE HOSPITAL

hey kit get up!!!

C'mon kit I know your all healed up c'mon kit WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Groaning, Naruto woke up in his mindscape. He looked at the cage that contained the 'Great' Kyuubi' and glared at him.

" Why did you wake me up I wanted to sleep bastard-fox!!!!"

We have something to discuss. Do you really want to stay here in this damned village. And slowly with the village to your demise? I, Kyuubi, will not allow that. We can leave this village tonight when your fully healed then I can contact Shukaku and see if he can offer you any assistance because Shu's a

Chuckling Naruto replied, " You sure you don't mean friend furball?"

Kyuubi slammed his body against the cage in rage.


" But I don't want to-"

This village is damned! They really don't give a rat's ass about you! Only the rookie 8 Iruka , Sarutobi, Kakashi, and a few select civillians and shinobi do!!!!! I'm doing this for the good for you. I'll teach you my demonic jutsus and demon abilities.

"...If you put it that way I guess I'll do it"

Oh yea one more thing we're fusing kid.

" Oh ok- WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

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