I don't really (like to) write stories like these...in fact, it was never MEANT to become like this, but the reference was too funny. Don't own Naruto.

"Mmm," Naruto purred.

His lips barely grazed over the wetness, tongue flickering out, tasting it, before swallowing it whole. He slurped the warmth and hungrily devoured every inch of this rare morsel. Sighing, he smacked his lips before delving in once more, sucking loudly, savoring each drops of heaven. The blonde grinned mischievously, obviously enjoying himself. Sasuke groaned.

"Naruto…stop it," he ordered gruffly. "You make too much noise."

His reply was only a shrug. Naruto took a slight breather, gasping for air, before plunging right back in. He caressed the hard bowl, followed by a quick retreat of his hands, startled.

"It's hot."

"Idiot," Sasuke hissed. "Of course it's hot. You just got it. Stop making so many complaints. You're the one who wanted to do this in the first place."

Naruto shrugged, replying, "At least I'm enjoying myself, unlike you." He laughed, and bent down his head to slurp some more. Sasuke sighed, but did not say anything. Naruto was busy making an odd assortment of noises of pleasure, face relaxed in a content pose, his boyish face immersed in pure bliss. He made one particularly loud slurp, looking up to meet Sasuke's irritated face.

"You got some over there." He pointed.

"Really?" Naruto wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "Now?" Sasuke shook his head. Naruto continued to slurp before a loud beeping noise interrupted them both. Sasuke immediately stiffened, and Naruto nervously stopped, reaching slowly into his coat pocket, pulling out a cell phone.

"Hello?" he greeted, and a few seconds later, mouthed to Sasuke, 'Sakura.'

"I'm kind of busy right now. Oh, no, I mean yeah!—I know. Yes, yes…I know, okay…well, I'll talk to you later."

He shut off the phone, and Sasuke sighed.

"I want to leave now."

Naruto pouted. "What? Why? You didn't even try-"

"I said I'm leaving," he snapped. "Don't really feel like doing this, anymore."

"But the next one is better, I promise. Please?" Naruto clasped his hands together.

Sasuke grimly laughed, telling him, "Just finish your ramen, idiot."

He left, and Naruto shrugged, returning to his meal.