Title: What You Get

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Summary: "She would be grateful to this man for the rest of her life." William Danes gave Lorelai Gilmore an amazing gift the day she moved to Stars Hollow: introducing her to his son. An AU story about the lives of Lorelai, Rory, Luke and William Danes as they move through life together and overcome the hardships that they have come to face.

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There were so many things that she was unsure of as she stepped off that bus, a tiny infant in her arms and maybe a hundred dollars (and that was pushing it) in her pocket. The town was small, quaint. Some Thanksgiving decorations still littered the windows of the store fronts, and there were a few twinkle lights sparkling against the dusky sky. She clutched the baby to her chest and kissed her forehead. She'd make this work, she'd have to.

She wandered down the street, simply taking in her surroundings. There was a large white gazebo in the center of the square where a few men were standing on ladders placing lights around the rim of the roof. A bearded man stood at the foot of one of the ladders yelling up to a slightly frightened looking young boy;

"Now Kirk, make sure that you really screw that hook in, we don't want these lights falling down do we?" The boy struggled with a hook looking frustrated with himself. "No No No. It needs to be tighter than that Kirk. Clock wise. No. The other way. Kirk!" The man sighed in frustration. Lorelai giggled, she was going to like it here. She could tell.

Lorelai continued to walk down the street, quickly realizing that the sun was setting, and that she had no where to go for the night. This scared her. She needed to keep her baby warm, and herself for that matter. She stood on the corner, paralyzed with fear. She hadn't thought this through at all. She had no where to go, and maybe enough money for a night at an inn, but after that she was stuck.

As she stood pondering her next move she heard a door behind her and felt a soft hand on her shoulder."Are you lost dear?" She turned to see a balding man, about her father's age looking at her with concerned eyes. "Oh, no I'm not lost. Well, actually, I'm new to the town." The man smiled. She watched as his eyes traveled to the sleeping baby in her arms. " An who is this little princess?" He asked kindly. "This is my daughter, Rory, well Lorelai actually. Oh, I'm Lorelai by the way. Lorelai Gilmore." She extended her hand to the best of her ability. He smiled and shook her hand. "William Danes." She smiled, and then shivered. "You must be cold. Please, come inside. We don't want you to freeze, or this little one here." He opened the door for her and followed her inside the hardware store.

The inside of the store was warm and rustic looking. The walls were littered with knick-knacks. Behind the counter were all manner of bolts, screws, nails and other things generally found in a hardware store. While she took in her surroundings, a boy, about two years her senior emerged from the back room.

Luke was instantly captivated by the woman standing in the corner. She had auburn hair and the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. She was slowly rocking a little bundle in her arms and it took him a few seconds to realize that the bundle was a baby. She looked as though she couldn't be much more than 17. This didn't bother him however, for his sister had just recently given birth to a little boy, and she was only 17 herself. He quickly stopped thinking about his sister, there was too much to deal with there. He didn't want to think about where she had taken her son, and what kind of trouble she was bound to be getting herself into now.

The girls eyes slowly met his and they simply stared at one another for a moment. Suddenly, she pulled out of her reverie and walked over to the counter. "Lorelai Gilmore" she said, extending her hand. He took her and shook it (with a remarkably similar grip to that of his father). "Luke Danes. You new in town?." She smiled. "Yep, fresh off the bus."

"Well then, you'll be needing some things wont you?" William said as he walked out of the back carrying a baby carrier, a package of diapers and a few bottles. He placed the items on the counter. "It didn't look like you had some of the essentials, and we have some lying around that wont be getting any use now. Unless of course Lucas here shrinks back to baby size." Lorelai stared at him in awe. She dashed over to him and threw her arm around him, giving him the best hug she could while hold Rory. No one had ever done something so generous for her in her entire life. "Oh my god. Thank you, thank you so much. This is amazing." He simply smiled at her and returned the hug. "You'll also be needing a place to stay and a job I would assume?"

Her face fell, she'd almost forgotten about the fact that she had nowhere to go. "I think I've got a solution to your problem. I have a friend over at the Independence Inn, the owner actually, and I happen to know that she's in need of a hard working girl such as yourself. I also happen to know that there's a vacant shed out behind the Inn, that Lucas and I spruced up last winter. One of the rooms burned down, and they needed extra space. The shed is no longer used as a room, but I'm sure Mia would let you stay there if you'd like."

"Wow, that sounds perfect. Thank you so much. Just so much Mr. Danes." He smiled at her. "Please, call me William. And it's no problem. Why don't you head over now, I'm sure Lucas won't mind helping you carry everything over and helping you find Mia." He leaned closer to her and whispered: "And, maybe if you wheedle him enough, he'll make you some coffee. Best coffee in the world. Don't let his hate for it get you, it's really amazing." Lorelai giggled and smiled at both of the Danes men. She was in awe. No one had ever treated her this way, especially since Rory had come into her life. Usually people stared at her, and asked all sorts of questions about Rory, who the father was, how old Lorelai was and everything in between. William hadn't done anything of the sort. He'd given her everything she could possibly need, and he didn't even know her. She had no idea that people like this existed in the world. She'd be forever grateful to this man.

She nodded and gave William another hug whispering words of thanks in his ear over and over. He simply gave her shoulder a squeeze. "You make sure you come back in a few days and let me know how things are going." "I will. Thank you again William." She placed Rory in the carrier and took out a blanket from her bag and covered her with it. She and Luke walked out of the Hardware store and began to make their way across town to the Independence Inn.

"So I hear you make great coffee."