disclaimer: not mine. rating: 13+ sex mentioned set: during the years the kids had both Nate and Dom around.
spoilers: .
genre: fluff.
pairing: Domino/Cable summary: the kids called it movie date night

by ALC Punk!

The kids called it movie date night--except for Tabby, who called it "Dom and Nate have sex everywhere" night. Domino didn't give a crap what they called it, so long as they went away somewhere.

Not that Domino was prudish about having sex with the kids around. But once in a while, it was nice to have them out of the way. Of course, last time, they'd broken the couch. Which had inevitably led to Sam turning red, 'Berto smirking, Ric making a crack at Nate's expense, Tabby asking her for pointers and Terry sticking her fingers in her ears while Jimmy simply suggested getting a new one. And 'Star had just looked confused until someone explained it to him. Then he helpfully suggested they make sure the new couch was reinforced with steel.

Once they were gone, she settled down on the (new) sofa next to Nate and grabbed for the remote.



That meant it would be something horrible and cheesy. Like iPretty in Pink/i.

"You'll like this one." Nate said, pinning her to his side with an arm.

"Right. Like I enjoyed 'Swingers'."


Yeah. She'd missed the TV with the boot she'd thrown and taken out the clock on the wall, instead. "Nate."

"It's a western."

"John Wayne?" She could handle John Wayne; yeah, he was corny, but he shot things.

"Not exactly."

Dom grumbled and filched a handful of popcorn.

Then she spotted the dvd case he'd left sitting on the coffee table and pulled away.


"Fast forward through the commercials, Nate." She placated, wriggling away and lunging for the case.

He caught her by the back of her shirt. "Dom."

"Damnit, Nate, lemme see."

"It's a surprise."

Shit. He was pouting now. She didn't even have to look. Damn. "That is not going to work on me, Nate." Craning her head, she could just read the title iButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/i. Oh. That didn't look too bad.

"Will this?"

Something that felt like fingers and pressure and warmth slid along her skin in a caress. "Not yet, Nate. Movie."

Although, if it had been iSteel Magnolias/i, she would have been the one distracting him.

"Good." He pulled her back and settled her against his side again. "Popcorn?"

"Sure." She copped a feel while she was at it.

He yelped.


"Two can play this game, you know."

"I certainly hope so." She poked him. "Press play, Nate."

"Oh. Right."

She grabbed for more popcorn as the opening credits rolled. "Hey, if I don't like it, I get to see how fast I can distract you."

"No fair."

"Very fair."

"What if I don't like it?"

"We break the couch."

He laughed.

She smirked. It was gonna be a good night.