The Geek and The Grouch

Summary- Set in an AU of the Moebius AU, where the Stargate is found in Giza. Geeky Doctor Carter struggles to fit in the military environment of the SGC and finds an unlikely friend in the grouchy Colonel O'Neill. It's not as silly as it sounds. I promise.

A/N- Yes, I know I still have other fics I need to finish. Besides real life not allowing me much time to write, I've had a bit of writers block with my other stories. I apologise for leaving you hanging on those, but I hope you feel the same way that I do that writing something is better than nothing.

First Sight

The first time Sam saw him was the first time she saw the Stargate. Not an easy moment to forget.

He stood at the base of the ramp, his arms nonchalantly crossed over his chest, like it was the most normal thing in the world to be going through a wormhole to another planet. God, she wished she could be down there with him. Though he'd probably hate her as much as she had heard he hated Doctor Jackson.

"SG-1 is just about to head out," General Hammond from behind her. Sam reluctantly pulled her gaze from the Stargate and the enigmatic man in the Gate Room and turned her attention to the general. "You can watch if you'd like, Doctor Carter."

"Oh, could I?" She couldn't keep the excitement out of her voice.

He smiled indulgently, "Of course."

"Yeah, it's really cool," Doctor McKay put in, the mocking tone in his voice evident. "Steam comes out of it and everything."

She blushed a little, embarrassed at appearing overly excited at what was an ordinary event at Stargate Command. She quickly turned back to the window of the Control Room to see the rest of SG-1 entered the Gate Room.

"Dial the gate," Hammond told the technician before leaning down to speak into the microphone. "SG-1, you have a go."

Colonel O'Neill turned and gave a rakish two fingered salute to the General.

The wormhole splashed out and she watched in awe as the event horizon formed. Sam couldn't contain her gasp. "My God, you can actually see the fluctuations in the event horizon."

"Pretty neat isn't?" Doctor McKay said as his hand settled entirely too low on her back, before drifting even lower. "I could give you a closer look later."

Sam was so entranced be the scene below that she didn't even think to be mortified and step out of his lecherous reach. Her eyes were glued to Colonel O'Neill as he brought his gun to a ready position and casually walked through the event horizon, the rest of his team following behind him.

Sam didn't know if she'd ever envied four people so much before.

The first time Jack saw her was in the commissary. There weren't many women on base so she kinda stuck out despite her tortoiseshell cat-eyed glasses and the dowdy way she dressed.

He was standing in the chow line. She was walking toward the tables carrying a tray laden with her lunch when a Marine bumped into her causing the parfait glass of blue jello to tip over the edge and crash down on the cement floor. She stood transfixed, the tray still in her hands, staring down at the mess of glass and blue gelatin. The Marine continued walking to a table where his friends were sitting. They laughed, casting amused glances at the geek woman. She sat her tray down and used her napkin to pick up the mess.

When he got to the dessert cabinet Jack pulled out serving of blue jello in addition to his pie. As he walked past her table he set it down in front of her, not even bothering to glance at her. He could feel her eyes boring into her back, but he didn't turn around. He didn't head to his usual table on the opposite side of the commissary either. Instead he sat near the door waiting for the group of Marines to pass on their way out. When they walked by Jack looked up from the report he'd been reading and called out, "Sergeant Brooks?"

The man stopped, "Yes, sir?"

"Report to my office at 1400."

Brooks responded with a swift, "Yes, sir," but he looked confused. No doubt he'd already forgotten about the incident or wasn't expecting someone to call him on it.

"You can go," Jack dismissed him and returned his concentration to his report.

A while later Jack saw a brown blob hovering in the periphery of his vision. He pretended to ignore her, but subtly flicked his eyes in that direction. Sure enough, there was the geek woman nervously twisting the bottom of her ugly brown sweater in her hands and chewing on her bottom lip, incisiveness written all over her face. He continued to ignore her and it wasn't long before she fled without uttering her thanks or whatever she had wanted to prattle on about. Jack didn't like the geeks anymore than Brooks, but he couldn't stand a bully.