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Rating: PG… I think.

Pairings: one-sided Eriol/Syaoran, Sakura/Syaoran

Warning: The story is a bit random, very choppy, and not at all coherent

Author's Notes: I should be doing homework and I should be working on other stories but I'm writing this instead. --; Also I'm not sure about Syaoran's age when he came back to Japan so bear with me here.


You had a choice: the bright and innocent cherry blossom girl Sakura, or the dark and mysterious navy-haired mage.

You had a choice

You chose Sakura. You thought she was the only choice (other than Meiling of course) but after what happened, Meiling wasn't quite an alternative anymore. You didn't know that there was another option. But then again you were still a naïve, rash boy of eleven years.

You had a choice.

When you came back at sixteen years of age, you again chose Sakura. Hiirigizawa, Eriol of the enigmatic smile never came to mind until he arrived a couple of months later, fresh from the breakup with Mizuki, Kaho.

He smiled at you with a blasé smile. You returned with a small, tentative smile of your own.

You had a choice.

That one smile blossomed into a friendship. Slowly, but surely both of you began to confide in each other. You found out that behind that smile, there was a boy who lived in confusion; he found that you could give him your loyalty.

You had a choice.

You saw that small twinkle in his eyes, the one he only gave to you and you alone. You chose to ignore it.

You had a choice.

When it came to choosing again, this time the stakes were a little higher: upholding tradition, or breaking tradition.

You had a choice.

You chose to follow tradition.

There was always a happy smile tinged with a not quite there sadness on his face whenever you saw him after your decision. You wonder if his happiness was real.

You had a choice.

You had a choice…


Author's Notes: This wasn't quite what I had in mind when I wrote this. Oh, well. Read and review please.