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Chapter 1: Free Plushies!

It was a fine hot day at the Kamiya dojo. The sun is shining and the birds are singings, it was so peaceful. Or so a certain red-headed wanderer thought as he happily sat washing the laundry. It was, for once, a very pleasant, peaceful day…

"YAHIKO, YOU BRAT! Come back here and do 200 more strokes!" the voice of a certain Raccoon girl rung in the air.

"Make me, busu!" yelled back a boy with spiky, messy black hair that ran across the yard.

Kenshin sweat dropped and signed. …Or not. He looked up again to see a red-faced Kaoru chasing a laughing Yahiko around the area. They were at it again! Couldn't they give him a day of peace? But being the quiet, calm and cheerful wanderer he was, he just laughed and went back to washing the laundry.

"Oi, Kenshin!" Kenshin looked up and saw Sano and Megumi walk through the floor.

Kenshin smiled, "Good morning Sano and Megumi-dono."

"And a good morning to you too, Ken-san. How are you feeling today? Do you need me to give you a check up?" Megumi flirted while moving closer to him.

Seeing Megumi with Kenshin, Kaoru immediately forgot about Yahiko and rushed up to the two.

"What are you doing here, Megumi? Don't you have a client to run?"

"Well, I've got a free day today from Dr. Genzai, so I wanted to use this time to visit Ken-san. Hohohohoho!" Fox ears mysteriously popping out.

Sano placed a hand on his forehead like he had a headache. "Fox-lady, just give Jou-chan a break will you."

"Who are you calling Fox-lady!"

Kenshin tried to calm everyone down when he heard a knock on the door. Immediately, Kenshin used this as an escape from the commotion and ran to open the door. Saved by the bell…or the door in this case.

Kenshin opened the door to greet whoever it was at the door…


"Oro!"…Only to fall flat on his bum in shock. Standing at the door was what looked like a thirteen-fourteen year old girl holding a large box in hand. Her loud business-like voice got the others attention and they all went to see who was at the door.

"Oi Kenshin. Who's that?" Sano asked, staring at the girl weirdly.

"I'm giving away free plushies! One per person!" the girl announced with a big smile, "Just stink your hand in and pull out a plushie." She held the box out for them.

The Kenshingumi glanced at each other confused. "Aren't plushies toys for kids?" Kaoru pointed out.

"We don't play with toys, go ask someone else." Yahiko said to the girl.

But the girl kept smiling. "You don't have to play with them, just keep one as a companion, they make great friends. Come on, they're for free!" She continues to hold the box out to them.

Kenshin smiled with a sweat drop, "Well, if she wants us to take one and it's for free, seesha does not see the harm in it, that he does."

"Well, if Ken-san says it's safe, then I don't mind taking one." Megumi said.

Kaoru shot a glare at her. "I won't mind either, let's get one you guys!"

The girl's smile widened. "That's great! Just put your hand in and take out a plushie!" And that is what the Kenshingumi did. Everybody placed their hand in and pulled out a soft plushie…

Kenshin: ORO!

Kaoru: Hey, this looks like…

Sano: What the fck!

Megumi: Oh my!

Yahiko: Hey! How come…

Everyone stared at each other…"THIS LOOKS JUST LIKE ME!"

True enough, in their hands was a plushie that looks similar, if not exactly, like them! In out words, each people held a plushie that look like the chibi version of themselves. Not to mention, they wore the same clothing too. Kenshin's plushie even had a mini sakabato with it!

The Kenshingumi looked at the girl for an explanation, but as if she never appeared, the girl was nowhere to be found.

"Ok, now this is just freaky. What do we do with these things?" Sano asked, indicating 'these things' by waving his plushie.

"For starters, you can quit waving me around." A voice replied.

Sano's body froze and his head slowly turned to look at his plushie. The plushie was staring back at him with large brown eyes and his cotton-filled arm waved, "Hey."

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Sano dropped the plushie and jumped back in surprise. The others did the same when their plushie started to move too.

"Hey! Did you have to drop me like that!" yelled Plushie Sano.

"Ah man! It's so good to be out of that box!" Plushie Kenshin said, stretching his plushie arms.

"Wahh! I think I broke a stitch! He dropped me too hard!" cried Plushie Yahiko still on the floor.

"Hey, this place looks like a dojo, don't you think?" Plushie Kaoru asked Plushie Megumi beside her. Plushie Megumi stood up at her full height (as high as a plushie can stand anyway) and stared at the gapping mouth, eyes as wide as china plates and stunned people in front of them.

Plushie Megumi glared. "What's with the face, haven't you guys seen plushies before?

For a while nobody said anything, until Kenshin broke the silence and said what was on everyone's mind.

"Oro! T-they can talk too?

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