Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: 18+ (naked people)
SPOILERS: for Ripple Effect!
Pairing: Sam/Jack.
Notes: nique's fault.

Trouble That Can Be Laid
by ALC Punk!

So, maybe she could have waited. Until, you know, they'd been dressed (again). Or after breakfast. Maybe she could have waited until they'd been kissing goodbye. Although, not at the airport, it was, after all, a little classified.

But, really, Sam figured it hadn't been that much of a shock.

Shouldn't have been?

Peering over the edge of the bed, at Jack O'Neill, who was staring up at her in shock, though... Maybe she should have waited, "Jack?"

"Hold on--" He held out one hand and rubbed at his eyes, as if that would help. "Carter--"


He glared. "Sam."

A smile appeared on her lips. "Jack?"

"I have to be hearing things."

"Nope." She propped her chin on her fist, and wriggled on the bed, amused. After all, he'd fallen out of bed (naked), and she was naked (and sated, for the moment, kinda--of course, two weeks was a long time to go without sex). And now he was awake again.

"Martouf is dead."

"I know." Deciding she was definitely awake, Sam rolled over and peered at him upside-down. "I forgot to tell you about my week, didn't I."

"Yeah, y'know, there was the whole--" Jack waved a hand that described the arc of them falling in the door groping, getting their clothes off and falling into bed. He didn't go quite so far as to indicate the sex part of the equation, but Sam had been there.

"Right. So, a whole bunch of SG-1s came through the gate, from alternate realities. And, at first, we didn't know why--"


"Close. But then they were stuck here, and--"

"What about that thingie. The cascade mountain rupture?"

Sam fought back a smug smile. He really did sometimes listen to her being a geek. "Entropic cascade failure. And we're not sure. Maybe it's something about coming through a quantum mirror that causes the cells to reintegrate oddly, but--"


She stuck her tongue out at him. "So, Martouf was one of them. And we kissed."

"And you had to tell me this now?"

She grinned, "Yes."

Glaring, he got up from the floor, with at least one curse for the carpet.

Maybe she should have waited, Sam decided as she stared up at him, and he glared down. She absently scratched the mosquito bite she'd gotten on P4X-324. "So, um... How was your week?"

"Well, I didn't kiss any dead ex-lovers, if that's what you're asking."

"I met another Asgard, too." She arched a little, wondering if the best distraction was a good offense.

Sounding almost as if he wasn't paying attention, he asked, "Where was my buddy, Thor?"

"If Asgard scuttlebutt's right, he's off with Heimdahl re-learning how to make babies."

That stopped him, and he gaped a little. "Baby Thors?"

"Yes, Jack." Sam rolled over and shoved up to stand on her knees and leaned into him. "Baby Thors. And Heimdahls. And God knows how many others."


"Hrm?" She slid her hand to cup the back of his neck, stretching just that last little bit to bring her lips into close proximity with his.

"I said," he replied, hands groping her competently, "You're evil."

"Very." Smugly, she pulled backwards, dragging him back into bed.

He happily complied.

So, yeah, maybe she could have waited 'till later to mention kissing Martouf. But the results had so been worth it.