Title: Walmart Parking Lot

Author: Adrian Jade

Summary: One day you wake up and realize that everything you thought mattered to you doesn't. John Cena has a girlfriend who he thinks he loves and a best friend who he knows he will always love. What happens when on a random pit stop to a Walmart they find something that could change all of their lives. John needs to choose where his heart belongs.

Disclaimer: I own all the people that you don't recognize. Everyone else own themselves and their characters belong to the WWE.

Chapter 1

"John please pull over somewhere because if I don't get something to drink I am going to die of dehydration" Kelly whined.

Ashley Benoit rolled her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her best friend John Cena make an annoyed face.

"Yes please John pull over somewhere so I don't have to listen to your girlfriend bitch anymore" Ashley said from the backseat.

"Alright ... alright I'll pull over at this Walmart up ahead" John sighed they were already behind schedule as it was.

"And for your information I was not bitching Ashley" Kelly said in her snotty, stuck up voice.

"Whatever you say princess"

Randy Orton who was sitting next to Ashley snickered to himself. He loved it when Ashley and Kelly got to arguing, it was always entertaining to him. To say Ashley and Kelly liked each other would be the biggest lie anyone could ever tell. Ashley thought Kelly was a stuck up bitch and the only way she got her job was because she was Vince McMahon's niece and Kelly of course hated that Ashley was John's best friend and usually wanted to spend more time with her than he did Kelly. She thought was Ashley was a threat because she and John had dated once upon a time but it didn't work out so they decided to just be friends but Kelly could tell that John still loved her more than he would admit.

"John are you going to let her mock me like that?" Kelly asked.

John blinked a couple of times "What did you say baby?"

"Oh my god why do I travel with these people!" Kelly exclaimed to no one in particular mainly because no one was listening to her.

Ashley saw John wink at her in the rear view mirror and smirked proudly to herself. John pulled into the parking lot and Kelly got out.

"Don't take all day" Ashley yelled out the window to Kelly.

Kelly flipped Ashley off and continued walking.

"Don't be bitter because I slept with him first" Ashley yelled out the window again.

"Ash please don't patronize her" John said.

"Sure thing" Ashley put the book she was reading down on the seat and climbed over the back seat and took the seat Kelly had just vacated. She began playing with the radio stations while they waited. Lips of an Angel started playing on one of the local radio stations.

"I love this song!" Ashley exclaimed turning the song up loud.

"It's really good to hear voice saying my name it sounds so sweet comin from the lips of an angel" Ashley sang along with the song.

"Ash ... shut up for a minute" John said lightly pushing on Ashley's shoulder.

"What?" Ashley asked annoyed.

"I think I hear a baby" John said.

"John look where we are ... frickin Walmart of course you'd hear a baby here because parents shop with their kids"

"I know that but this sounds different" John said not being able to put into words the weird feeling that he was getting.

"Dude that sounded so gay" Randy said from the back seat.

"Shhh, there it is again" John said.

"John ..."

"Shut it" John snapped struggling to listen.

"Ok I heard that" Ashley said getting out of the car.

"Thank you" John threw up his hands getting out of the car also.

"It sounds really close" Ashley said bending down to look under the car.

"There isn't a baby under my car Ash" John said.

"You never know with the way you drive" she said.

"It sounds like it's coming from over there" John said pointing to some brush near a wooded area.

Ashley and John began looking through the brush.

"John maybe we were hearing things" Ashley said after 5 minutes of searching.

"Shh let's see if we can hear it again"

They stood silently for about 5 minutes and then heard a faint cry coming not far from where Ashley was standing. Both Ashley and John rushed over where they heard the sound and sure enough a baby boy was laying in the brush barely covered with a navy blue towel.

"Oh my god John he is shivering and turning blue" Ashley said picking the baby up "he's cold as ice"

"I have some blankets in the car" John said ushering Ashley and the baby to the car.

Ashley sat in the front seat examining the baby. Randy sat staring at Ashley not saying a word.

"Fuck he's a newborn" she said "here's where the umbilical cord was cut ... shitty job of who ever cut it"

"Here's the blankets" John said returning from the trunk with about 3 blankets.

"He can't be anymore than 5 hours old" Ashley said.

"How can you know that?" Randy asked speaking for the first time since his best friend came back to the car holding a baby.

"My mom was a pediatrician before she died she taught me a lot I guess she was hoping I'd follow in her footsteps but I never did" Ashley said sadly thinking about her beloved mother.

"Is he ok ... like is he going to make it?" John asked.

"We need to get him to a hospital like now" Ashley said.

John grabbed his cell phone from the cup holder and dialed Kelly's cell.

"She's paying for her stuff now" he said "we'll take him to the nearest hospital when she gets back"

The baby was looking from Ashley to John but never once did he cry. He closed his eyes and Ashley was afraid that he wouldn't make it to the hospital. She continued to rub his little arms and chest trying to circulate blood to warm the baby. John watched her while she did this and knew one day that she's either make a great mother or doctor but wasn't sure yet.

Kelly returned to the car carrying a plastic shopping bag in each hand.

"Why is she in the front?" Kelly asked.

"Just get in the damn car" Ashley exploded at her.

"Geez someone is on their period" Kelly said.

"Kelly if you don't get in this car now I will rip every precious blond hair out of your head" Ashley said in a dangerous tone that could only be matched by her father the one and only Chris Benoit.

Kelly did as she was told and got into the backseat without another word.

"He's needs medical attention now John" Ashley said.

"I'm trying to find a hospital right now Ash"

"Why are we going to a hospital?" Kelly asked Randy.

"For the baby" Randy said.

"What baby?" Kelly asked.

"The baby Ashley and John found in the bushes of that parking lot" Randy explained nonchalantly.

"Wait! What you guys found a baby in a parking lot ... why would you even pick it up I mean it could have diseases" Kelly said disgusted.

"Yeah well so could you but John still touches you doesn't he" Ashley retorted without second thought.

"Listen bitch ..." Kelly started but was cut off by John.

"Both of you just stop talking to each other right now we have more to worry about then whether you two like one another"

John sighed in relief when neither one said anything. They found a hospital about 15 minutes later after John stopped and asked someone for directions. The doctors took the baby right away and they all just sat and waited to see if the baby would pull through.

"Only in South Carolina would you find a baby in the grass" Kelly said.

"Too bad your parents didn't get the idea first" Ashley mumbled under her breath.

"What's your problem Ashley?" Kelly asked before getting a sick smirk on her face "maybe you are jealous that I have John and you don't"

"Oh yeah Kelly that is it" Ashley said sarcastically "I mean for all you know all the time John is with me I could be finding ways to seduce him right under your nose"

John smiled to himself he like the sound of that idea. But his smile was short lived because Kelly opened her mouth again and her next comment was meant to do major damage.

"Or maybe it's because I have a mother and a father and your mother was a whore who had AIDS and died"

"You stupid bitch" Ashley lunged at Kelly but was caught and held in place by Randy.

"My mother was not a whore she died of cancer you stupid fucking slut if anyone is the whore it'd be you" Ashley yelled hysterically. She fought free of Randy's grip and instead of going after Kelly again she walked away.

"Not cool Kel" John said getting up and following Ashley.

Ashley was so frustrated that she started pacing in a random hall. She collapsed onto the floor and brought her knees to her chest. The tears fell freely from her eyes, she felt someone put their arms around her tiny frame.

"Who the fuck does she think she is" Ashley buried her face in John's chest.

"Your mom wasn't a whore Ash, Kelly was just trying to get you mad it wasn't right of her and I'm sorry" John said.

"She didn't even know my mom"

"I know" John said stroking Ashley's hair "I know"

"What would I do without you?" Ashley asked finally calming down.

"I have no idea" John smiled at her.

Their faces were so close together John couldn't help himself he let his head fall. His lips touched her's in a very warm kiss. Reluctantly John pulled away.

"Ash I'm sorry I ... I got carried away" John tried to apologize.

"Don't worry about it let's just get back to find out how the baby is"

"Ok" John said getting up and helping Ashley do the same. They walked back to the waiting room but they sat away from Kelly and spent most of the time joking around and having fun, some people would say they were just being Ashley and John. The doctor who was assigned to the baby came out to see them. Ashley was the first one to her feet next was John and then Randy, Kate chose to remain sitting.

"How is he?" Ashley asked.

"It's a miracle you found him when you did he was very weak, we have him on fluids and under a heating lamp for warmth. It's amazing he survived he was so sluggish and near hypothermia when he was brought in but we think he will make it"

"Can we see him?" Ashley asked hopefully.

"I'm not allowed to let you ... you aren't family"

"Doctor we saved that baby's life the least you can do is let us see him" Ashley argued.

"I'm sorry but hospital rules say no person other than family or hospital staff can go near an infant"

"Doctor at least let Ashley in if it wasn't for her the baby would have died in the car" John said.

"Fine but just the young lady" the doctor relented "follow me"

The doctor lead Ashley towards the ICU, he watched as she washed her hands and stepped over to the incubator in the back corner of the room.

"Hey little guy" Ashley said coming to stand next to the incubator.

The baby looked at her and she noticed right away his striking pale green eyes. She placed her hand in the incubator and watched as the baby grabbed her finger with his tiny hand. She was awed by his tight grip. She looked at all the other incubators which had names on them and little trinkets that showed that someone obviously loved the other babies. This baby had no one to love him and it made Ashley really depressed. She looked at the little name tag on his leg it read # 56387654.

"You deserve a name little guy" Ashley said "doctor come here for a minute"

"What is it?" the doctor asked walking over to Ashley

"He needs a name" she said.

"We can't give him one" the doctor said sadly "that's social services job either them or the parents who adopt him"

"Well that could take some time he can't be # 56387654 forever"

"So if you feel so badly adopt him yourself" the doctor challenged her.

"I might just do that" Ashley said "I'll be back tomorrow with a few toys for him"

"Why do you care so much about this baby he isn't yours?" the doctor asked.

"I was lucky I grew up with two of the best parents in the world, then when I was 14 my mother died. Every child should have at least one person to love them and if that person for this baby has to be me then so be it at least he has some one"

"See you tomorrow then Ashley" the doctor smiled at her.

"How is he?" John asked when Ashley finally left the ICU.

"He'll live" Ashley said glaring at Kelly "what's in the bag?"

John looked a little embarrassed as he pulled out a little blue teddy bear with yellow paws and a green nose.

"I figured the baby might like it I saw it in the gift shop when Kelly sent me down there to buy her a candy bar"

"He'll love it" she smiled at him "# 56387654 will really appreciate it"

"What?" John said.

"That's his name # 56387654" Ashley said in disgust.

"Looks more like a William to me" John said.

"I was thinking Joshua" Randy added.

"Well you guys lets go find a hotel" Ashley said "I'm beat"

"Ok" John agreed.

"I thought we had to be in Seattle" Kelly said.

"We can risk staying here a little longer" John said snaking his arm around her waist.

"Uncle Vince isn't going to like it" Kelly said.

"Uncle Vince isn't going to like it" Ashley said softly imitating Kelly's high pitched voice.

"You are so bad" Randy said laughing a little "you can't even pretend to like her a little"

"Bite your tongue" Ashley scoffed "I'd rather eat thumb tacks"

"Looks like you and me are roommates" Randy said putting his arm around Ashley.

"Always good with me Rans" Ashley said "I mean you are like my second most important friend after John of course"

"Why is he always first?" Randy asked.

"Because I have a thing for Italian boys" Ashley said pinching Randy's cheek "and you Randal are not Italian"

"Neither are you ... in fact you aren't even American" Randy said.

"Touche Mr. Orton touche" she said "I am not American my father is Canadian and my mother was straight off the boat from Ireland"

"But then again you already knew that didn't you" she said getting into the car.

They found the closest hotel and the pairs went to their rooms. It was 4 in the morning and Randy woke up to get a drink of water. He left his bedroom to find Ashley sitting on the couch in the small living room studying her laptop screen intently.

"What are you reading?" Randy asked leaning against the doorway,

"Randy you scared me" she said placing her hand over her heart.

"Sorry I didn't mean to" he said "but again what are you doing?"

"Researching my family tree" she replied returning her attention back to the screen.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I want to" she said "did you know that my great grandfather was mayor of Dublin at one time"

"No I didn't"

"Then there was my Granddad Phinnigan O'Connell he was the greatest man I have ever known" Ashley said proudly.

"What did he do that was so special?" Randy asked.

"It's hard to explain really it's more how I feel ... when I was younger I was scared to death of him but I could always tell he loved me and that carried over after he died and it has stayed with me always so that make him great in my eyes"

"What about your dad's side?" Randy asked.

"I don't know much about them, my dad lost contact with them when he married my mum seems they didn't like him marrying an Irish immigrant so they basically said it's either her or us and he chose my mum and you know the rest of the story ending with me and my brothers Keegan and Connor"

"How did your younger brothers end up with the Irish names and you got the American name?" Randy asked.

"Ashley is not American it's English?" she corrected him "the Irish equivalent of my name is Ashling which comes from aislinge which means a vision or a dream. That was my mom's favorite name growing up but when she came over here she realized that Ashling would get a child picked on for their whole life so she switched to the "American" version as you like to call it"

"Wow that's creepy that you know that much about your name" he said.

"You are forgetting Randal that I have a middle name Fiona which I won't bore you with the details but let's just say there is an interesting story about that"

"Maybe another time" Randy yawned "let's get some sleep because were back on the road tomorrow which means a very long day"

"We have to visit the baby tomorrow I need to see that he is ok" she insisted.

"He isn't your problem you know that right"

"He isn't a problem at all Randy he's a human being ... how would you feel if your parents thought you were a problem?"

"That's the thing I'm not his parent and neither are you" Randy replied.

"I didn't say he was I was just trying to make a point"

"Just shut up so I can sleep" Randy led Ashley to her bedroom and waited till he saw her shut off the bedside lamp. He had no idea why Ashley felt so strongly about the little abandoned baby but he couldn't think of anything good coming out of it.