Title: Survival of the Species
Author: JediBant
Beta Reader: Jord-El
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Superman
Summary: Not knowing about Jason, and still standing firm about Kal-El not forming any relationships with the humans, Jor-El and Lara take desperate measures to continue the species, whether their son likes it or not.
Warnings: Male and Forced Pregnancy (Not rape)
Authors Note: I was feed up of there being no Superman M-pregs outside of Smallville, so I wrote my own, I can only hope that others will follow.

Chapter 1

Deep in the ice plains of the arctic, there is almost no life, except for algae and bacteria that somehow manage to brave the freezing climate of the frozen mass, made entirely of frozen water at planet Earth's most northern point. On the outer edges of this barren land you might find a few mammals, polar bears, seals, you might even be so lucky as to see a bird if you go far enough south; but in the inner regions, there is no visible sign of life, except for one thing.

At an unknown point on the arctic there is a huge structure. At first glance it seems to be made of ice, but on closer inspection it is realised that the huge structure is made of crystal.

Recently, another structure like this one was seen, off the eastern coast of North America, close to Metropolis. Had it not been for Superman, the land mass created by Lex Luthor through Kryptonian crystal technology would have destroyed Metropolis, and later the rest of America. Maybe even every other landmass in the world, but Superman had been there to stop Luthor as he had been in the past, and in the process, it almost cost him his life.

Many had waited on baited breath, outside the hospital or at home, waiting for any news of the normal indestructible hero's health. When he had finally woken and disappeared from his hospital bed, most claimed that they had known all along that he would be fine, that they hadn't been worried. Others had just sighed with relief and gone back to their daily lives as soon as the Daily Planet had confirmed that he was fine, being the one paper that was always up-to-date on everything to do with Superman. Those who were still unsure were put to rest when Superman reappeared, helping to fix the damage done by the new landmass, dubbed New Krypton.

During the clean up process, three strange crystals had been found in the rubble, all had been confiscated for fear of another New Krypton being created. They were destroyed, but Superman had requested them back, claiming them to be the last remains of his home world and his only link to his past.

Which brings us back to the cold, barren, wasteland that is the Arctic.

Superman stood on the overhanging platform in the centre of his Fortress Of Solitude. Slowly he held out one hand and the ground in front of him slowly grew up to form a crystal control panel, in which he placed the remaining three crystals that had been recovered from Metropolis.

Three crystals, each with huge amounts of knowledge on them, each unique, much of that knowledge would most likely, be lost to the sea or space, unless some were still in the hands of Luthor. That could be disastrous, he had to hope that it wasn't the case, although that wasn't going to stop him from searching for Luthor to check for himself.

Of the three crystals remaining, Superman knew what was on each and every one, to most the crystals looked the same, but Superman could see every detail of the crystals, right down to their molecular structure, so he knew.

One was almost useless to him; it contained all the knowledge that his father thought he would need to know to live one Earth; what is a tree, where is Japan, what are the customs of the Aztecs of South America; these things he knew, his greatest use of this crystal would most likely be to just hear the sound of his mother's or father's voice, nothing more, nothing less.

The other two crystals however, one held part of the knowledge that his father had sent to him about the 21 known galaxies, and a lot about Kryptonian customs and science. The other was part of two crystals, which helped to run the Fortress' Artificial Intelligence. Hopefully, along with the green crystal, which he had taken away with him, and what was left of the other crystals, would allow the AI to regrow the crystals and place the rest of the lost data back into from compressed forms in the AI crystals, but it was a long shot.

"Kal-El, it is time,"

Superman jumped at the unexpected voice, "Time for what Father?" he asked looking up at the large figure of his father.

"Time for the line of El to continue, and Krypton to go on," his mother appeared beside Jor-El.

"Well yes about that…"

"No son. It is still forbidden for you to put one human life above another, and the line must be kept pure if we are to survive, but there is one other way." Jor-El interrupted.

"You don't…"

"It is the only way," Lara soothed, "and it will be painless, we will place you in a deep sleep…"

"What! No…"

"…and when you wake you will be with child."

"What! No!" Kal-El repeated, but this time was allowed to continue, "I am a male…that is impossible."

"Our technology surpasses all that is known on this world, it is no large feat, after it is initiated you will carry the child for a rotation of this world around its sun."

"A year? No, it isn't necessary, you see…"

"It is necessary Kal-El, and you will do as you are instructed for the betterment of our species."

As soon as it was said there was a bright flash of light and the last surviving Kryptonian collapsed to the ground at the base of the control panel. Deeply asleep.