Title: Survival of the Species
Author: Jedi-Bant
Rating: Teen
Fandom: Superman
Summery: Not knowing about Jason, and still standing firm about Kal-el not forming any relationships with the humans, Jor-el and Lara take desperate measures to continue the species, whether their son likes it or not.
Warnings: Male and Forced Pregnancy (Not rape)
Disclaimer: I do not own Superman, Smallville, Teen Titans, Justice League, Batman or any other recognisable characters, places etc. featured in this fic.

Chapter 31

Flash started after the trail of destruction left in Superman wake before the others had even realised he'd been thrown. The Kryptonian had gone through a second story window into the offices within. Thin cubicle walls and generic bulk buy desks hadn't stood a chance against the usually invulnerable alien but they had at least served to reduce his velocity enough that he hadn't taken out the supporting column that he was now leaning against near the centre of the room.

The office had for the most part been deserted but those workers who had still been evacuating via the stairwell now stopped to see what had just decimated the office space and it took only a moment for the room to start filling with people from the floors above, all morbidly fascinated.

The speedster reached Superman long before any of the office goers. Far from his usual reaction to being thrown through a wall he was curled up on his side, in close to foetal position. Each of his breaths were deliberately slow and deep, his face was crumbled up, as if warding of pain.

Flash didn't hesitate to reach out and touch his shoulder, "Hey Supes, you okay?" People were starting to gather around them now.

Kal opened his eyes and looked up at Flash but didn't make any move to get up. "Something's wrong Flash, I can feel it." He suddenly cried out in pain, and he wrapped both his arms around his middle, without regard the damage that had been done during the battle to the right one which was still wrapped in the green energy from Green Lantern's ring.

"Supes…Kal, I can't help until I know exactly what's wrong." Flash said, watching as his friend grew progressively paler.

When he got no reply Flash moved his hands under Superman's shoulders.

"Ok, lets get you more comfortable to start with." He looked up at the gathering office workers. "Does this building have any wheelchairs."

They all looked at him wide eyes until one was pushed forward by another.

"No, but most of the office chairs have wheels." The unwillingly elected man said.

"That will have to do." Flash said, and in the blink of an eye an office chair was suddenly in front of them. "I'm going to need someone to help me," he continued, pointing towards the biggest man in the group. Ironically he was wearing an out-of-fashion suit with glasses, then turned to everyone else.

"I need more room here, everyone back off, and you're only going to complicate things. Now this building has become very unstable, so you all need to head for the nearest exit and get away from here, but don't get in the way of that thing outside."

Normally Flash had more patience for civilians then others in the hero business, but today there just wasn't time for pleasantries. As he expected though, very few actually left, he wasn't the most well known of the League and didn't command as much respect as say Wonder Woman, nor did any of them fear him, like Batman, which normally he was fine with, but it meant in situations like this, his commands didn't hold much weight, but at least they did back off somewhat allowing them a bit more room to manoeuvre.

He turned back to Superman. The Kryptonian was still hunched over and breathing erratically.

Flash crouched down in front of him again, "Kal we need to get you onto the chair and out of this building, it's one of the one's you said were coming down earlier and we don't want to take that risk."

Kal nodded and took a deep breath moving to get up from the floor. Flash reached down to grab him under one arm, and the man he had picked out could thankfully take a hint and moved to grab the other.

They managed to get him upright, but another wave of pain, had Superman's knees collapsing under him. Flash could barely support his weight, being build for speed he didn't really have much upper body strength, but the other man was easily able to support the hero, and scooped him up without too much trouble, and deposited him on the chair.

Flash couldn't resist, "Let me guess. You were raised on a farm?"

Kal got his first look at the man, and managed a small laugh.

The man gave them a funny look, "Nah I just go to the gym."

"Well thanks for your help, Mr…"

"Lark, Charlie Lark."

The two heroes shared a small look again.

"Thanks Charlie."

Flash pushed off quickly, not too fast because the wheels weren't made for speed, but faster then anyone else in the room could move. He didn't know how they were going to get down stairs yet, but with any luck the fight would be over and one of the others could help them down.

Luck was with them as they arrived at a hole in the side of the building, Diana flew through with J'onn close behind her. Diana went straight for Kal and he willingly wrapped his arms around her neck as she lifted him and flew him over to the arriving EMTs.

"The city is waiting on baited breath this evening to hear the condition of its favourite hero, Superman. Superman is believed to be close to term in his pregnancy, and witnesses say that he went into labour earlier this afternoon, after he joined other members of the Justice League in a fight in downtown Metropolis. After being thrown into a building, Superman was taken to paramedics by Wonder Woman, and has been moved to Metropolis General Hospital.

"No news has come out of the building since Superman was taken inside, but sources in the hospital say that all treatment is being taken care of by the League. All we can do is wait and hope; this is Matilda Radcliff for the Metropolis News Network."

Lois waddled up and down the bullpen, growling at anyone and everyone who came anywhere near her. She had already been to the hospital and was denied access. Staff said that no one was allowed near Superman, on Batman's orders. She had promptly rung Wayne Manor and abused poor Alfred in an attempt to get him to call Bruce and get her access; but the butler merely said that 'Master Bruce' was busy and would get back to her.

After slamming the phone down, she managed to pace again for three minutes before she had a fit of conscience and phoned back to apologise. Which she blamed completely on her raging hormones, because never under normal conditions would she ever apologise for anything.

Two hours later, she got a call from Alfred.

"Master Bruce said to inform you that, Master Kal, is well and that so are the babies."

"So they were born then?" she asked, drawing the attention of every other person in the room.

"There will be a press conference in one hour outside of the hospital where the League will make a statement, if you would please inform your employer. Good day."

Lois latched onto Jimmy's arm and grabbed her coat, dragging Jimmy behind her.

"Lois! Where are you going?" Perry and Richard both shouted after her.

"Hospital. Press conference." Was all she said before she disappeared into the elevator with a helpless Jimmy trailing behind.

"Thank you all for coming." Wonder Woman began, causing the last few dregs of chatter to die down, "I will be making a statement only and will not be taking questions. As you all know, earlier today Superman went into labour during a situation in downtown Metropolis. Though we would have preferred that Superman was not involved due to his condition, it became unavoidable and though the circumstances were regrettable many lives were saved by his intervention. We are pleased to inform you that Superman and his offspring are doing well, we have been able to abort his contraction and he has been moved to the Justice League Watchtower, until further notice. It has been decided by the senior members of the league and Superman's doctor that he will not be returning to hero work until such time has he has given birth and all his abilities have return to normal, this is likely to be several months from now. In the meantime, the Justice League would like to assure the people of Metropolis that others members of the League will be taking over from Superman to watch over the city so his absence does not mean that the city will be unprotected. Thank you."

Wonder Woman stepped away from the microphone and nodded her thanks to the hospital staff before taking flight, ignoring all questions posed to her by the press. Lois was the loudest voice in the crowd and was fuming by the time she broke away from the group and met up with Jimmy again.

"That big haired, pompous, royal pain-in-the-arse," She growled angrily at her inability to describe the Amazon to her satisfaction, and stomped over to the car.

Many of the other press members from other newspapers and TV stations remembered how she was during her last pregnancy and knew to stay away from her; the new members learned quickly or paid the price. So she had a clear route to the car but the man leaning against her car wasn't a press member and was the last person she expected, which made her temper flare again.

"You! What the hell are you doing here? Why wasn't I allowed in the hospital, I'm his friend, I have a right to know what it going on." She stormed over to the car, where Bruce Wayne had been casually leaning.

"Not here Lois, my car's over there." Bruce turned to address Jimmy, with his normal, 'I'm a clueless billionaire without two brain cells to rub together' smile, "You can take Lois' car back to the Planet for her can't you, there's a good lad." He said herding Lois away without waiting for a reply, not that the shocked photojournalist could answer anyway.

Bruce directed Lois over to where Alfred had the car still running, waiting for them to arrive.

"Can you please attempt not to abuse my butler while we do this?" Bruce said, before opening her door for her and sliding in after her.

The second the door closed his face changed seamlessly into the cool exterior that the Batman was famous for.

"Let's just get one thing clear, if it were up to me I wouldn't be doing this but since Superman is who he is, he thinks because you're Jason's mother that he has to tell you everything. If it were up to me you'd be kept in the dark like everyone else; but it's his life and his children."

During this monologue, Alfred had left the hospital grounds and was now turning onto the road that would take them to the WayneCorp Metropolis building.

Lois jumped when Bruce thrust his hand into hers. She tried to pull away but his grip tightened.

"Teleport for two," he said, holding one ear.

"What the hell do you thi…"

"…nk you are doing, let go." Lois yanked her away harder, only for him to release his grip sending her stumbling backwards. Luckily for her Flash appeared behind her to break her fall and put her back on her feet.

"Careful there, we've had enough baby drama tonight to last us a lifetime."

"Where's Kal?" she demanded without acknowledging the speedster, she directed the question at Bruce, only to find he had already disappeared.

"Typical." She sneered before turning to Flash, still expecting an answer.

"He's in his quarters, follow me," He said speeding off only to return half a second later, and start off again but at a normal speed, then slowing further to allow for Lois' waddle, torturously slow for him.

It took them ten minutes to make a five minute trip (or in Flash's case one second) and after showing Lois where to go, Flash rushed off back the way they came, going fast even for him to make up for the lost time.

Lois entered the room Flash had shown her and found Kal dozing in the bed but a quick glance around revealed no infants. She approached the bed quietly and gently sat down on the bed, not wanting to wake him but needing to get off her feet. She bent her leg up to rub her foot, groaning softly at the sensation.

"You're only at seven months, try doing it for ten." Kal said quietly from beside her.

She looked down and smiled at his sleepy expression, "hey, how you feeling?" she asked.

"Like a complete idiot, I never should have gone into that fight."

"Now, none of that, you save many of lives by doing what you did and it all turned out fine. You're alive and so are the babies. Do you know what happened?"

Kal, rubbed a hand over his still distended abdomen, looking extremely guilty. "The impact with the wall, dislodged part of the placenta and induced early contractions. Maria and J'onn managed to stop the contractions but it looks like I'm going to be bed bound for awhile though."

Lois nodded in understanding but then looked around at the almost completely bare room. "Do you have to stay here?" she asked with distaste. "It's so clinical and I'm sure Richard wouldn't mind you staying with us."

Kal glanced around as well. "It is a bit clinical," he agreed, "but only because I never use this room. It was assigned to me when the watchtower was built but I've never really used it, except to shower and change, so it's remained the way it was to start with," he explained. "Besides, I'm not going to stay here for the next two months. Just for a week or two, just to be sure everything is fine, then I'll either move back into my apartment or go stay with my mum for a while. Thank you for the offer though."

"Your welcome…apartment?" she couldn't help it, the reporter in her forced it's way out.

Laughing Kal replied, "Yes, my apartment, I do have to sleep sometimes you know and the fortress is too far to fly every night, even for me."

"Well, yeah, I know that, I suppose I just never thought about it before."

Suddenly the door open and a woman burst in.

She was an elderly lady from looking at her face, but she had a scarf covering her hair and she was wearing large sunglasses, which obscured her face. She rushed straight over to the bed and hugged Kal.

"Are you alright? I saw what happened on the news, Diana said you were staying here." She pulled away and started checking him for injuries.

"How's your head?"


"And your back you hit that wall pretty hard."

"My back's fine too, just some bruises." He assured her.

"Let me see." She didn't wait for permission, just pulled him forward and yanked up his shirt to look at his back.

His back didn't look fine at all, it was covered in cuts and bruises, except for where they stopped in a perfect line, indicating where his invulnerability was protecting the babies however his upper back had obviously been treated and it was already showing signs of healing.

"That does not look fine to me," she scolded, "but they're obviously taking care of you," The woman assented.

"Yes they are, and I know that you worry but really I'm fine Mum."

"Hey wait, you're Martha?" Lois asked finally able to put a face to the name, sort of.

"Oh," Martha jumped, finally noticing Lois, "Lois dear, you almost gave me a heart attack, I didn't see you there."

"That's fine. What's with the get up." She asked gesturing at the scarf and glasses.

Martha pushed the glasses further up her nose, "These. Well, most of the superhero community have secret identities including Kal and not everyone here knows Kal's identity, so I had to cover up a bit, but nothing was going to stop me from seeing my boy."

Lois turned to Kal scowling, "So in other words I'm here, and we wouldn't want me to know would we."

Kal gave a heaving sign, "Lois don't be like that." He made to reach out to her, but quickly moved his arm back under the covers.

"What was that?" Martha asked, interrupting Lois' response.

Kal looked over at her guiltily, "It's nothing; I just hurt my arm is all."

Martha reached out and grabbed his arm, knowing that he wouldn't risk hurting her by pulling away. She moved it out from under the covers revealing a pristine white cast.

"Enough to need a cast." Martha scolded, releasing her grip.

"Why didn't you say something," Lois demanded.

"It wasn't important, it will heal in a few days." He defended, pulling the limb back towards his torso, as if to protect it from the irate women.

"That is beside the point," Martha said, "and you wonder why you've been confined to bed rest."

"This has nothing to do with that, Maria and J'onn are being completely unreasonable, I've already said I'll stop being Superman until after the birth, I shouldn't have to stay in bed too." He crossed his arms over his chest, looking for all the world like a sulking child.

"You're confined to bed?" Lois asked.

Kal slumped back against the bed rest, not elaborating, so Martha explained for him.

"Though they were able to stop the contractions earlier, part of the little girl's placenta separated from the womb wall. It's fine for now but if it separates further it could harm her. So Kal's been ordered to remain in bed until they ascertain whether moving around is going to dislodge the placenta more. Hopefully Kal's healing ability will allow the placenta to reattach to the womb but it could be that he will need to stay in bed for the rest of his pregnancy."

"It's completely unreasonable; she said I can only be up for a maximum of 2 hours a day. 2 hours! I'm going to die of boredom." Kal groaned, slumping further in the bed, still sulking.

"Aw dittums," Lois patted him on the head, and stood up, "you'll live." She waddled over to the door. Martha got up to follow.

"Where are you going?" he asked, stopping mid sulk and sitting up again.

Martha returned, only to make him lie down again and tuck him in like she use to do when he was little. He just went with it and she finished with a kiss to his forehead.

"Get some sleep, I'll be back when you've finished sulking." She then moved back to Lois at the door.

"I don't sulk!" Kal protested as the door closed behind them.

Both women laughed as they left.