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She found the picture at the bottom of a cardboard box. The instant the saw it, she knew who it was. The little girl was grinning at the camera, and she had Gibbs' smile, not to mention his vivid blue eyes.

"Tell me about her," she asked softly when she felt him standing behind her. Gibbs reached for the frame and Abby passed it to him. He looked at it for a moment and then returned it to the box before leaving the room without saying a word. Abby let him go. When she heard the door to the basement close behind him she retrieved the picture and placed it on the fireplace mantle next to a snapshot of herself, Kate, Tony, and Gibbs.

Knowing that he needed time, Abby waited two days before broaching the subject again.

"What was Kelly's favorite color?" She grabbed his hand so that he could not turn away from her.

"Abby..." He had that note in his voice, the one that always makes her stop whatever she's doing. Not today.

"Please tell me. Something. Anything." He tried to free himself, but she held tight. Lowering their joined hands she presses them to the rounded swelling of her abdomen. "Our daughter needs to know her sister. I want to give her that."

He was silent for a long time. Abby was afraid that maybe she had pushed him too far. In the year that they had been married, he had mentioned Shannon and Kelly only twice, once when he told her the story of how they had died, and once when he had woken trembling from a nightmare.

"Gibbs, I'm..."

"Green." It was barely a whisper, but as he continued his voice grew stronger. "Kelly loved the color green. Not just any color green. When anyone would ask her, she would say that the best color was the green of a Marine uniform, just like the one her dad wore."

A moment later he climbed out of the bed and headed for the shower. When she heard the water running she patted her stomach.

"So what do you think of a Marine green nursery, kid? It sure beats pink or blue."