Ok, I decided to do a regular fic about the H.S.M gang...except their all sex addicted freaks! well, not really, but there is sex, graphic sex, and lots of it!


Troy sat in class, pretending to care about Taylor's seven page essay about evolution as she stood at the front of the room and read it off.

"...thus, proving that evolution is in fact the actual orgin of life, thank you for your time." She finished after twenty minutes.

Three kids clapped as she handed in her paper and sat down.

"Troy." Gabriella whispered, leaning over his shoulder.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"What are you doing tonight?" She asked.

"Probably you." He said.

She smiled and sat back in her chair.

"Shhh." Sharpay jealousy hissed.

"That whore thinks she can just steal my Troy, who does that bitch think she is?" She thought, glaring at her.

She glared at Gabriella's concentrated face as she scribbled something down in her note book

Sharpay glanced down at Gabriella's paper, but noticed something else.

Gabriella's top buttons on her shirt were undone, Sharpay could see her bra.

"Ohhh." She found herself whisper.

Gabriella was a bitch...but then again...those perfect, round, supple breast, that face, that smile, her voice, those legs, that round, tight ass.

Sharpay found her hand subconsciously began to drift downward.

"SHAR!" Ryan whispered, yanking her hand from the zipper on her skirt.

"What?" She asked.

"You're doing it again." He said.

"What?" She asked.

"You know...the thing you just do, without thinking, stop staring at Troy." Ryan said.

"O...Ok, I guess your right." She said, adjusting her skirt.

"Ugh, did you even listen to my presentation?" Taylor asked.

"Ha, no." Sharpay said.

"Bitch." Taylor mumbled.

"What you just cal me you clunt." Sharpay said.

"What?" Taylor asked.

"Ugh, a clunt, a slut, cunt, a clunt, dumbass." Sharpay said.

"Sorry, I don't speak white whore." Taylor said.

"Sharpay, Taylor, out." The teacher said.

"But she..." They both began,"I don't care, out."

They both stood up.

Sharpay opened the door and slammed it behind her, right in Taylor's face.

Taylor rolled her eyes and opened the door.

"You bitch." Sharpay said, the second Taylor closed the door.

"Me? All I asked is for you to listen to my presentation, you couldn't even do that." Taylor said.

"Your right, because I don't give a damn about evolution." She said.

"Well if you'd open our ears, instead of your legs, maybe you'd learn something." Taylor said.

"GO TO HELL!" Sharpay sreamed, storming away.

Taylor smirked and pulled up a chair against the wall.

She looked around, checking to make sure the hallways.

She gave her breast a quick squeeze.

"Psh, thst bitch ain't got nothing on these." She said to herself.

Suddenly the door down the hall flew open.

"YEAH, WELL SCREW THIS CLASS, AND SCREW GEOMETRY!" Chad screamed, rushing out of the room and slamming the door.

Taylor sighed and Chad slumped against the wall.

"Man...I didn't do a goddamn thing." He said.

"Chad, what did you do know?" Taylor asked, walking up to him.

"Taylor? Hey baby, what are you doing?" He asked.

"That bitch Sharpay got me kicked out of the room." Taylor said.

"Where is she?" Chad asked.

"She ran off." Taylor said.

"Hmmm., let's see." He said, checking his watch,"Thrity minutes of class left, your kicked out, I'm kicked out, wanna go do smething?"

"Chad, it's last peroid...on Friday, can you wait?" She asked.

Suddenly Chad grabbed her and pulled their bodies togeher.

He thrusted his hips into hers.

Taylor bit her lip.

"Asshole." She said, taking his hand and pulling him down the hallway.

Chad grinned as they found the restroom.

"Baby wait, this is the girls room." Chad said.

"So?" She asked.

"I...don't know, this is weird." He said.

"Oh right, I'm about to blow you in the middle of school, but this is weird?" She said.

"I guess you right." He said, opening the door, he checked inside and yanked her in.

"Make this quick, I don't want that bitch suspicious." Taylor said.

"Why do you care?" Chad asked.

"That bitch might tell the teacher that I'm gone." She said as Chad proped the out of order sign in front of the restroom door.

"Nice one." She said.

"Nice two." Chad said, squeezing her breasts.

Taylor smiled and kissed him roughly on the lips.

Chad imediantly stuck in tongue in her mouth and grabbed her hips.

She began to moan softly as Chad gently bucked his hips into hers and wrestled her tongue with his.

"Mmmm, baby stop, quick, remember." She said, pulling away.

"This is quick." Chad said.

"Fine." She sighed, kissing him again.

Chad tugged at her skirt, pulling it up all the way.

"What? No thong?" He asked, tracing his finger along her panties.

"No, because I never thought I'd be doing this in the middle of school." She said..

Chad smiled and began tp pull her panties down.

"Chad...no, were not going all the way, just a quick suck off." She said, pulling them back up.

Chad frowned, but pulled the front of her skirt up.

"Now tell me this ain't good?" He asked, squeezing the front her panties.

"Ohhhh, Chad...no no, we can't...stop baby, please, I just wanna make this quick, please, we can fool around tonight." She said.

"Fine, fine, just one feel." Chad said, sliding his hand in her panties and brushing her entrance.

"Ohhhhhk, ok, that's enough." She said, pulling his hand out.

Chad smirked and Taylor brushed her hair back and dropped to her knees in front his crotch.

She undid his belt and blue jeans.

Taylor pulled down Chad's boxers and revealed his cock.

She took hold of it and began to lick the tip.

"Mmmm." Chad moaned.

Taylor took his whole cock in her mouth, her tongue slipping and sliding all around it.

"Oh fuck baby...keep doing that." He said.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and swallowed his whole cock

"Oh shit." Chad said, grabbing her head

"God, only you can do shit like this." Chad panted, bobbing her head back and fourth.

She gently nibbled on the tip, causing Chad to yank her hair.

"Oh, God...I...I'm not gonna last much longer." He said.

"Oh no?" She asked.

She pulled it out of her mouth and began to suck his head as hard as she could.

"OH FUCK!" Chad shouted, grabbing her head.

"Are you there?" She asked.

"Don't fucking stop." He said, shoving her head back.

"Not in my hair, I have to go back out there." She said, licking the tip.

"Just...this one time." He said.

"Fine." She said, talking it back in her mouth.

"Oh fuck baby...now, right now." He said.

Taylor suddenly felt several warm gushes in her mouth.

"Oh God." Chad said as Taylot stood up.

"That was great." He panted, slowly pulling up his boxers and pants.

"One last kiss." She said.

"Sure." He smiled.

Taylor kissed Chad on the lips, parting his lips with her tongue.

Suddenly Chad felt something warm and salty in his mouth.

"Ohhh, baby you didn't." He said, pulling away.

She grinned and stuck her tongue out.

Chad spat out his own seed in the bathroom sink.

"And tonight you can return the favor." She smiled, leaving the restroom.

"Can't wait." He smiled, following her out of the restroom.

Suddenly the stall door opened slowly.

Sharpay stepped out of the stall, smirking.

She looked down ather cell phone, she hit play on the video she had just recorded.

"Oh fuck baby...keep doing that." Chad said.

Taylor wrapped her arms around his waist and swallowed his whole cock

"Oh shit." Chad said, grabbing her head

Sharpay smirked and hit pause.

"Payback, just like you Taylor...is a bitch." She said, walking out of the restrrom and towards the principal's office..

I think it's going pretty good, remember, this was actually kind of clean compared to the rest of the chapters, so be warned. Here are the (Sex)pairing - (In no order)




Shaylor(Sharpay and Taylor)

Kelsi and Sharpay

And a threeway, not sure who yet.

Anyway, lots of sex in the next chapter, Rypay and maybe a little Troyella, or Shaylor.