Fighting Destiny

Prompt: #002 Middles

Notes: Written for fanfic100

Christina stared down the dusty, desolate road that ran through the middle of Point Pleasant, a blank expression plastered onto her face despite the absolute terror that she was experiencing. This was all her fault. She had killed them all.

At least she had in her dreams. Maybe things would be different when she woke up. Better. Or maybe not. Maybe it wasn't just in her mind this time. Maybe it was real.

It didn't really matter, Christina reasoned with herself. After all, it was prophesised that she, the child of the devil, would arrive in the peaceful town of Point Pleasant and destroy every last thing that was there.

Half of that had come true already. She had been washed ashore in Point Pleasant of all places. It was too much of a coincidence. It was destined that she'd bring destruction down onto everyone's lives and who was she to fight what had been foreseen? How could she?

She was just a girl – a girl with innate abilities of evil origin that threatened everyday to take her soul from her and turn her into who she feared she was meant to become according to the prophecies; a girl designed to fight on the side of evil and turn against the ones that she cared for most.

And she couldn't stop it.

The evil was inside her. She could feel it writhing in her heart, through her veins and in the centre of her being. It was in her blood and it was slowly taking over, moving from the middle out to the edges. The power was overwhelming and its grip on her was tightening by the minute.

She couldn't force it away for much longer. It was becoming a part of her and the only way to stop it from spreading any further and fulfilling the nightmare in her mind was to end her own life before the darkness consumed her and pushed her into a killing frenzy.

She didn't know if she could do it; if she could prove the prophecy wrong. She didn't know if she could fight her destiny and win.