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Pratty was busily heating up some materials for a new weapon she had invented-the fiery Parista Fists, and she planned to make an improvement in it.

"Let's see...258 mystic ores..."Pratty muttered, rummaging around. Her companion made a 'Squee!' noise and expertly threw a bag of mystic ores to Pratty.

As she extended her hand to catch the bag, Razzy burst into her workshop, knocking over more than half of her creations, which were kept on a huge shelf near the door.

"Hey Big Sis! Guess what? Guess what?" screamed Razzy, bending to pick the stuff up.

The young girl had grown quite a bit, with slightly longer hair and a skirt instead of shorts. Besides that, nothing had changed since she had gone on a journey across the sea saying that she wanted to see the world, which was exactly two years ago. She had arrived back only the day before yesterday, and, refusing to rest, she had begun training. Pratty had not seen her since her arrival back to Wystern because of this.

Before Pratty could reply, Razzy burst out

"Master Rumari has recovered from her disease completely, but for some reason she decided to personally request Varil to replace her!"

Surprised, Pratty dropped her trusty hammer and stared.

"Really, is it true Razzy?" came a loud, all too familiar voice from the doorway to Pratty's workshop. Razzy screamed and turned around.

"Sanary!" she squealed, jumping up and down.

"Whao, calm down don't get so hyper." said Sanary, not too unpleasantly. Razzy pouted and turned to Kutty, rolling her eyes. Said guardian giggled at Razzy's expression, and did not notice Sanary glaring at him.

"Hey, what's the big deal? I'm trying to make a chain, and it's meant to be delicate and smooth!" a rough voice called from the other end of the hall. Pratty snapped back into reality and shouted back to her master

"And I suppose it's for my mum, no?"

A huge bang was heard from downstairs, and Bron exclaimed

"How did you know?"

Sanary snorted and Razzy rolled about on the floor, laughing her head off. Pratty smirked, and lightly went over to pick up her bag from her shelf.

"I think I'll go see Varil." she said, and took off in her usual speedy way. Kutty squealed and after her. Razzy looked at Sanary with a big, cheeky smile on her face.

"How about some sparring?"

Pratty raced Kutty to the Gold Guild, and, as usual, she won.

"Kuuuuttttyyyyy!" yelled Kutty, obviously annoyed by the fact that Pratty could now win against him with ease. His companion grinned and opened the door to the Gold Guild...only to walk straight into her friend, Varil.

"Hey, watch it midge-Oh, hullo Pratty." said Varil, who had grown to be around two inches taller than Pratty, and often mistook her as a so called 'troublesome kid'. Pratty pouted and muttered,

"Is this any way to greet someone who's about to congratulate you?"

Varil turned slightly pink and snapped lightly at her

"I hope you didn't say what I thought you did!" Pratty poked her tongue out at Varil, turned on her heels, and ran full speed towards the heart of Wystern. Varil shook his head, baffled by Pratty's ability to appear as a blur of colour when she went running like that.

"Kutty!" Varil felt something push lightly onto his back. Getting the message, he ran after Pratty.

As Varil ran, he began to think about what had happened 3 years ago, with Parista and Pratty.

He was pretty surprised that Pratty had managed to beat the Spirit of Fire, and, remembering how the supposedly dense girl had beaten him in the competition to become craftlord, he silently began to fume. But then, he was going to take the place of Rumari in a matter of weeks, so he wasn't too angry.

"Hey Varil, watch out!" called a voice from ahead.


Pratty winced as Varil tripped over something on the ground and held her hand out to him. Varil ignored it, and, dusting himself off, he suspiciously examined the 'thing' he had tripped over. Curiously Pratty followed, peering at the figure on the ground.

"Hey Varil, doesn't that look like a person?" asked Pratty, picking up a stick.

"Stupid, it IS a person!" shouted Varil, quite alarmed.

"And what the hell are you going to do with that sti-hey, don't poke it!"

Annoyed, Varil swatted at the offending stick and snapped at Pratty to get another one of the Masters, preferebly Master Sakuro, since he was so smart. Unlike a certain friend of his who liked to poke supposedly dead people with sticks.

His friend stuck her tongue out at him for a brief moment before setting out to do as he commanded.


"I dunno Kutty..." sighed Varil.

"What's going on here?" came a familiar voice. Varil turned around to find Pratty and Sakuro coming along the street behind him, staring at the figure of the dead person.

Varil coughed and wondered how they had arrived so quickly for a brief moment. Then he remembered it was Pratty and Sakuro he was wondering about, so he left the issue to be figured out later with a mental shrug.

"Master Sakuro, what do you think happened?" asked Pratty, jogging alongside an aghast Master Sakuro, who was carrying the surprisingly heavy body. (He was horrified by the idea that Pratty could just jog and keep up with him so easily when he was going at full speed.) Varil had been sent to alert all the other Masters, including the ex-master Rumari.

"I don't know, Pratty..."

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