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"I found it most appropriate, as there was the most room there and it was the farthest from all those forges."Varil sighed. They couldn't possibly get the thought of bananas out of their heads, could they? He needed to have his evening cookies, tea, meal...Absently, Varil's mind wandered to what he would wear when he got out as he picked up the bar of soap.

Really, Nashment could be quite the nuisance sometimes, though it was nothing compared to a certain white haired girl whom Varil was rather close with, despite all the fights and arguments they had had. Pratty wasn't as blunt and thick as she acted, perhaps it was for protection or something.

One thing that really baffled everyone that Pratty met was her pair of large, baby blue eyes. Varil had never seen a shade like that before, and compared to Varil's icy blue, Pratty's eyes looked angelic. Her hair was somewhere between white and silver, nobody could quite determine her actual hair colour, but in Varil's opinion it put the purest snow to shame. He liked to insult her with it, calling her "Old Woman" and "Grandma". Strangely it never seemed to bother her, which annoyed Varil, because usually his smart-ass comments and names got to people.

Varil shook his head, attempting to banish his thoughts. He turned the water off and stepped out, picking up his royal blue towel and drying himself with it. He stared into his wardrobe as he dried his hair, and considered what to wear. The usual shirt and pants he put on were in the laundry, so he picked out his blue t-shirt with the Gold Guild's crest on the left side of his chest, and dark blue, baggy pants. He patted his golden hair down and blew at the loose strand that stubbornly came back down onto his forehead. He frowned, and fixed onto a side of his head, made sure it stayed, and nodded, satisfied at how he looked. He took a step back away from his full sized mirror only to fall over his faithful spear, his backside thumping onto the polished wood of his floor. He winced, cursing.


"Hey Kite, where are you taking us to?"asked Pratty, walking casually at Kite's side, matching his swift stroll. The boy was quite impressed, seeing as everyone behind the pair were either panting or trying to catch up with their speed. Sakuro was struggling to keep up, and according to Pratty, he was half as fast as herself.

"I was ordered to take everyone to the park, and Mister Nashment requested you visit him at the Gold Guild." Kite answered rather flatly, and watched as Pratty raced off in the direction of the Gold , he didn't even bat an eye, let alone Nashment had told him of Pratty's speed earlier, or maybe he was used to seeing people run at incredible speed, but either way, Kite didn't look twice in the direction Pratty was going.

Pratty ran carefully through the busy crowds of Wystern, her eyes darting around to take in her surroundings. She shouldn't be too far from the guild, and she reckoned she still had plenty of time, so she decided to drop by the cafe Sanary had taken her to some time ago.

It was a quaint little shop, but it always had guests there, due to its reasonable price and satisfyingly tasty food. They sold Wystern's second best coffee there, and they also had choc chip cookies, something Razzy and the young craftlord herself was extremely fond of. They always had the right amount of choc chips, spread out so that wherever you bit, there was always at least two choc chips there, ready to melt right into waiting mouths. Pratty had once found 5 choc chips in one place, but to her disappointment, Razzy found 6 a few days later.

Stopping her thinking, Pratty stopped running and stared around her.

"...Where am I?"

Kite slowed down a bit, and matched his pace with Sakuro, who was going at a considerably fast pace. He smiled quietly at Kite, but was taken aback by the cold look he got in return. Kite's face was now lit up with the evening sun's light. It revealed a hardened expression that could not be identified easily when under the shadows of the doorway in the craftlords' meeting room. Then he noticed that the black things he saw under the boy's eyes were not shadows, but some sort of tattoo that looked like the patterns on a tiger's coat, striped. Sakuro pondered on this thought, but was snapped back into reality when he heard his fellow craftlords' conversation.

"About that body Pratty and Varil found, who was it?" Ureksa asked Sakuro quietly. The rest of the craftlords watching the pair frowned. Sakuro paused for a moment, trying to decide whether or not to tell them who it was. In the end his friendly side got the better of him, and he told them as quietly as he could.

"You know that cat loving man that Pratty told us about a few weeks ago? The guy she found on the port?" Sakuro said under his breath. His companions nodded, except for Kite, who was apparently quite mute to the craftlords' conversation.

"Well it was that man, and we couldn't find any marks on his body at all, no slashes, no scars, not anything, just smooth, healthy. We were surprised, Rondeau and I, but what was most shocking was that his heart was disconnected from the rest of his body, still inside it, but not connected."All the craftlords, especially Rondeau had long faces, their expressions grim, and where surprised by the interrupting voice of Kite. The boy had been listening to their conversation.

"I think I can help you with that, but it shall not be easy to squeeze the rest of the information out of me."

"Hey Big Sis! Big Sis! Hoy! Big Sis!"screamed Razzy, who was waving her arms about crazily, practically jumping out of her seat as she spotted snowy hair in the large crowd bustling past the little cafe Sanary and she had decided to sit in. The girl spotted them and waved back, slowly making her progress through the busy streets. Sanary merely sat there, sipping her coffee and reading her favourite magazine, the "Wysternly Fashione". Razzy jumped out of her seat, really this time, and glomped Pratty as the older girl entered the cafe.

"Yaaay, Big Sis is here!" squealed Razzy. Pratty struggled to get out of the strong girl's grip, gasping and croaking hoarsely at Razzy to put her down. The little girl in yellow had surprising strength, and had somehow managed to squeeze the living daylights out of poor Pratty.

"Hi Pratty, why were you in such a hurry?" asked Sanary, glancing up from her magazine for a moment, then shifting her eyes back to the article she was reading about making fashionable swords. She was particularly interested in a fire element sword with a ruby phoenix on the hilt. The ruby was rather small, but in the article it said the actual size was around 3 inches squared.

"Y'know, I made those swords in that article." chuckled Pratty as she sat down next to Razzy, attempting to pull the younger girl off of her. Sanary's head shot up, ripping her eyes from the picture. She stared disbelievingly at the white haired teen.

"You didn't!" she exclaimed, goggling at her. Razzy giggled as Kutty popped out of nowhere and began to mime Sanary from behind, popping his eyes out and gawking at his master, looking a splitting image of red haired girl. He pretended to be interested in the article, looking over Sanary's shoulder as the young woman shot him a venomous look. Reassuming her normal expression, Sanary averted her attention back to the younger girl in front of her.

"Did you really? Do you have the ingredients? Y'know where to get them?" she asked, eager for more information. Pratty backed off out of her seat, and muttered something about visiting someone before taking off, faithful guardian trailing after her, the little bell hanging on top of the cafe entrance jingling merrily as it opened and shut.

"You know, I think you scared Big Sis there." said Razzy, grinning at Sanary.

"How did you do that? My pranks won't work, Pratty just bats them away with a bored look."

"Oh does she?" said Sanary, looking uninterested.

Varil carefully sat at his table, wincing slightly as his sore backside throbbed. Being poked by the very spear you had made yourself wasn't pleasant, especially if it was specially designed with a sharp tip. Nashment hid his amused smile and stood at his usual post near the doorway.

"Young master is growing up." he thought fondly as he heard Varil's cursing about his sore backside.

Knock Knock

Nashment turned towards the front door and opened it, only to find the doorstep quite unoccupied. Confused, he turned back, shutting the door behind him. That was strange, he was never wrong when it came to the door and visitors.

Knock Knock

The knocking came again, and this time Nashment paid special attention. The sound had come from the second floor. Not quite getting what was going on, Nashment walked up the stairs to the kitchen, confused quite a bit.

"Argh!" Varil's voice floated down from up ahead, and the sound of dropping cutlery and plates were heard. Nashment quickened his pace and soon saw the situation in which his young master was in. The young man had dropped everything, gawking at the kitchen window. Nashment shifted to his left side so that the window could be seen. What he saw was enough to make a well-trained butler chuckle, even Nashment himself, who had been trained for a full five years before he was allowed to become officially employed by Varil's family.

There, right behind the window, hung Pratty, upside down with her face squished onto the glass.

Nashment would have to wipe that later...

Pratty was grinning, apparently unable to work out why Varil was gawking ar was waving enthusiastically, her pale cheeks stuck against the glass. Her leather hat thing, what it was really Nashment would never know, was slipping off and some of her silvery hair was hanging loosely, shining brightly in the evening light. He had never noticed her hair was that long, it was at least long enough to reach well past her waist, and he was sure Varil hadn't either. The faithful butler stopped examining to pick up the abandoned cutlery and plates, placing them neatly back onto the counter, then stepped back and quietly observed his master's reaction.

"Wait, what? You can help us?" asked Sakuro, turning to stare at Kite. The boy nodded, his eyes questioning whether he should go on or not. The craftlords nodded, and Kite took a deep breath.

"Long ago, so long ago that mankind has lost track of its time, there was a great war in the western part of this world. There was a vicious war, of many famines and violent fights, and countries grew so desperate even women were forced to fight. Children were given swords, daggers, spears, whatever they could spare at the age of ten and taught to use them when those children turned fifteen. They were sent out to fight, humans against an unknown species just as intelligent, if not more, than them. Of course the humans were losing, and slowly mankind was becoming an extinct race throughout the world, due to the slowly but steadily spreading plagues and diseases that the creatures had brought with them from hell, maybe somewhere else, nobody knew. What the humans did know was that these monsters had a power that they could not match. So they went and searched for more power, and eventually they found it. A young boy had been sent out with a search party looking for any trace of anything supernatural, and he had foolishly wandered away from the was treading through a thick trail of some unknown plant when he trod on something round and , he stopped walking and bent down to pick up whatever it his fingers came away from the ground, his hands were clutching a round stone with strange markings on it that glowed. the boy could of sworn it was vibrating his fingers brushed at the object, attempting to clean the dirt on the stone, it shone a brighter red."

Kite stopped talking and took another breath.

"That's the legend of how we first began summoning guardians."All the craftlords indignantly began to chatter and complain.

"What does that have to do with this? How does this work?" Sakuro thought quietly, staring searchingly at the boy's expression. He seemed to be hiding something, but before he could examine some more Kite turned and pointed in the direction of the park ahead of the group.

"Look ahead, that's the place I was supposed to take you to. I'm off now." and with that, Kite ran off.

All the craftlords stopped talking as they saw the crowd gathered at the main park in Wystern.

"Uh...Rondeau? Do you know anything about this matter?" asked Ureksa. The older man shook his head, stroking his beard. The villagers were wearing familiar clothes, and the man pacing around the fountain looked even more familiar.

"Hey, isn't that Barondrel?"