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Harry Potter/ Warcraft III crossover

BlackRock and Roll

By: Mage-Alia

Chapter 1: Searinox

Summary: Harry has been in danger for most of his life, but the stakes are raised indefinitely when he is swept through space and time to Lorderon near the beginning of the invasion of the burning legion and the rise of the Scourge. Now, he's on his own with no allies or friends, just himself and an iron will to survive his new hell.

AU, No Pairings.

A/N: Whhhaaaa! Not a very good story so far I think, but I had an idea and you lot, know how I am with ideas. I wrote a good lot of this before I posted the first chapter so I can work on other things later. Anywhoo… this story is set just after GoF in Harry Potter and in Warcraft III it begins just before the human Campaign starts in Reign of Chaos, so quite early in the game. Now… if you'll excuse the author, I'll just get started.

He didn't know where he was… or why he was there, only that they where chasing him down through the forests that looked foreboding and bleak even to his eyes. He didn't even understand why really. He just ran and ran.

His heart was pounding in his ears and tears where beginning to blur his vision as he tripped and went face first into the dirt once more. A battle cry rose up behind him, louder than it had been before and if it was possible his heart beats where nearly blurring together in his panic. With a faint cry passing his lips he tried to run faster. Wolves howled behind him and he shuddered and stumbled before he noticed a cave mouth ahead of him. His strength waning he all but crawled toward it and dragged himself into the shadows to one side of the entry where he couldn't easily be seen and took a moment to focus himself.

He had been in his room at Privet Drive, minding his own business when a portal opened up into the house. He had gone to see what the commotion was and found the Dursleys being bound and dragged through the portal by green skinned lumpy looking humanoid creatures in red armor. They had spoken in a guttural language and more had come to lift Vernon and Dudley when a group of them found him on the stairs. He'd grabbed his wand and begun to fight them off. One was knocked out by a stupefy nearly as soon as the fight began but the others noticed and took pains to avoid his spells. He hadn't been watching his back since the fight started and so it was a shock when another of the green skins came barreling out of Dudley's room and tackled him down the stairs. His wand flew from his hand and a grunt caught it. He snapped it over his knee and leered at him, throwing back the pieces as an even bigger humanoid threw a net over him.

After that he'd been dragged through the portal and laid out beside a pile of humans in varying states of consciousness. Including old Mrs. Figg from Magnolia Crescent. But what really confused him was why, why where the ugly green skinned humanoid creatures gathering people from Little Winging? He wiggled around in the net to see to portal again but all he saw was the raging face of his uncle, nearly purple in his rage toward him.

"YOU BOY! WHAT FREAKYNESS IS THIS?!" There was an edge of hysteria in his words that rubbed off on Harry who remained silent and began to fight his bindings. He found a knot of rope digging into his back and worked his hands around to grab it, hoping to untie it, but before he had made any progress a green skin, larger than all the others, wearing dark red pants and little else came into view. There was a flag hanging from a rig attached to his back and the bead necklace looked as though it was made from cannon balls. He stopped his inspection abruptly when he came to Harry, lying alone between the restrained humans. He stared at him piercingly and Harry shuddered.

"So you are the little mage who resisted the Blackrock Orcs." His voice was harsh and as he spoke a group of smaller orcs, as he now knew them, scampered over. "Your blood with be a good sacrifice to the demons." The leader finished and Harry shuddered as long nailed hands reached for him.

After that… what happened was nearly a blur. As he was being dragged away he realized he had been in a ritual pit of sorts. The leader was speaking in the guttural language again and unsheathed a large curved blade. Peons grabbed at him and kept him still as he tried to struggle when the Orc picked up the first victim and slashed her in half with a spray of gore that ended right before his feet and doused the horrified humans in the pit. Screams rent the air and Harry's magic just reacted.

He had to get out now!

His magic had dissolved the net and a howl had gone up. Orcs grabbed for him but somehow he reached the forest and ran, the screams of the people of little Winging ringing in his ears and they were still ringing god knows how long later while he huddled in the shadows of the dark cave…

Clink, thud…. Clink, thud…

The Orcs were moving slowly toward the mouth of the cave, taking a step then stopping to listen for danger before taking another. Their progress was painfully slow as they fanned out in a loose search formation. Harry went to shift deeper into the shadows but stopped.

Something else was in the cave with them.

The darkness deeper within seemed to come alive, writhing like a serpent and the Orcs stopped their search to stare stupidly as a large, shining, poisonous green cat slit eye opened and from out of their range of sight emerged a dragon.

"WHO DARES ENTER THIS PLACE?" Harry shivered at the power in that voice. The Orcs gave squeals of horror and tried to flee but the dragon opened his gaping maw and spat out a great emerald green fireball. It splashed like liquid along the blackened walls and floor, engulfing the entire Orc squadron. Harry desperately fought the urge to be sick as the flames broke off, revealing the bloated husks that where still standing upright. Even as he watched smaller black creatures… baby dragons, he guessed, poured out of the darkness around the ceiling and began to tear into the charred corpses.

Then the gigantic Black Dragon turned to him.


Two of the younger hatchlings had landed nearby and begun to fight. With deft movements that spoke of many repetitions he reached across and easily grabbed the backs of their necks, pulling them apart and setting them on opposite sides of the rock he sat on.

"No fighting." He admonished them sternly brushing his bangs out of his eyes as he went back to sorting through a pile of armor that had once belonged to the local human soldiers. It had been a few weeks since the whole incident with the portal and Harry considered himself extremely lucky to be alive. After the dragon had killed the orcs it had turned on him, already terrified Harry did the only thing he could think of, he bowed.


"WHY ARE YOU HERE, HUMAN WHELP?" The powerful breath of the dragon nearly knocked him over as he inched out of hiding and tried not to look at the feeding hatchlings. The black dragon was looking down at him imperiously with glowing eyes, waiting impatiently for his answer. Harry gulped, knowing one wrong move would kill him, never mind that the Dragon was talking. Thinking back to care of magical creatures he decided the best thing to do would be to treat it like a hippogriff and he straightened slightly before lowering himself into and unsteady bow.

"I….I… The orcs… they attacked my home." He stuttered out. "They where kidnapping people to sacrifice in some ritual… I… I escaped and… ran… here…" He began to trail off, remembering the gore and violence that outstripped any dream Voldemort could send him. He was only fourteen, nearly fifteen, but he had seen more horror than anyone twice his age would have seen in a lifetime. "I didn't… I didn't think about who might be here, sir, I just wanted to hide." The dragon looked thoughtful as a beast could and Harry kept his head down. Then after a long moment he gestured with a long tail.

"FOLLOW." And with that he led Harry deeper into the cave.

End Flashback.

Ever since Harry knew the only reason Searinox tolerated him was because he amused him. Harry lived in a small corner of the cave, relatively untouched by its draconic inhabitants; he often ended up looking after the hatchlings of the black dragon clan as they all came to accept his presence. During the days Harry would be left to his own devices while most of the dragons slept and during the night the dragons would leave to raid the nearby areas for food. The wizarding teen knew they raided farms when they came back with small things they thought he would like, clothes, trinkets, armor from the occasional soldier they ate and sometimes full Orc heads that they'd leave on the entry of his alcove.

When he wasn't bothering the humans or sleeping Searinox would summon him and make him tell stories about his life and Hogwarts. The dragon was extremely intelligent; it took interest in the unknown and how other dragons appeared in his world…

Yes, his world.

Searinox told him that the portal he emerged from was a dimensional portal, one that the orcs had tried to use to reach their demons, but that portal was long gone now. The Black Rock Orcs had no idea how to call upon a specific dimension, leaving him well and truly stranded with no hope of returning to Hogwarts or the Burrow ever again. The thought of never seeing Sirius or his friends hurt and still did, but after spending so much time with the ancient dragon clan the ache had faded.

"Raigh!" A hatchling squealed loudly nearby and Harry looked up from his work to see Searinox lumbering awkwardly along the ground toward him. These dragons preferred the use of their wings to their legs. He reached the alcove and the ground nearly shook as he thudded down beside it. More of his children noticed and flew or walked over finding places along the walls.

"IT IS TIME TO TELL ANOTHER TALE." Harry couldn't help but smile at the dragon's words. Even if he could kill him Harry felt more at home here than he had anywhere else. Putting aside his work he sat up straighter and a whelp draped itself over his lap as he opened his mouth and began to recite everything he knew about the magical creatures of his world.

He was unsure of what had awakened him.

Harry sat bolt upright on his bed of dry grasses and hay stolen from the surrounding areas and looked around, nearly holding his breath as if it would help him hear better.

Shuffle…. Shuffle…

Amid the heavy breathing of the sleeping dragons he did hear a sound that was out of place. It was the sound made when cloth muffled feet walked across stone. There was a faint clank and something gave a muffled curse, telling clearly that whatever it was, it certainly wasn't one of the dragons. To one side one of the larger fledglings snorted in its sleep and rolled over, belching a small fireball as a claw scratched its side.

If it hadn't been for the presence of the intruders Harry might have laughed at that.

Pushing aside his blanket he got up, slipping a farmers shirt over his head before venturing out into the cave, bare feet not even making a sound.

There had been a few raids by the dwarves recently. A team of hunters had moved into the area just a month ago and they had been responsible for the deaths of a few hatchlings that had escaped the cave. They where nasty little creatures who took the hides and turned it into leather amour for themselves and the humans they traded with, as well as the hearts that could be used to create fiery weapons and enchantments. Harry picked up a dagger from the row neatly lined on one side of the cave and crept toward where he'd heard the noise.

There where seven of them.

Six, he knew, where from the party of dwarves that had been hunting them, but the seventh member of the party was a newcomer, and, he was human. He stood well over the height of the dwarves, sticking out like a giraffe among a flock of blue colored sheep. Each of the dwarves held long silvery tubes that had grips of wood and a covering over the open end so nothing would get inside. The dark haired teen knew they where guns. However primitive the weaponry of this world was, they could be devastatingly effective. Taking note of the dwarves he turned his attention back to the human. He wore a mildly disgusted look that was visible no matter how well he tried to hide it. An enormous hammer with a head the length of Harry's arm hung loosely in his grip. Armour encased a body builders physique and a large golden tome hung from a long chain that slung around his neck..

Harry had to scour his mind for the description and when he finally recognized what the human was, his blood began to run cold. It was a paladin, and to have a Knight of the Light standing in a Black Dragon's Lair was never a good thing. He was forced to slink back into the shadows as the Paladin looked over in his direction. It was with a shock that he realized he'd growled out loud at the thought of them intruding upon his new home. As the blonde looked away he scanned the masses of black bodies piled together before his blue eyes fell on the largest form of Searinox. He signaled the dwarves to be ready and they went about untying the covers on their rifles. Harry knew what was going on and couldn't let it happen. He stood up and took a deep breath before he yelled as loud as he could.

"AWAKE! IT'S AN ATTACK!" The effect was immediate. The nearest whelps all jumped out of shock and in the center of the room Searinox burst out of the bone pile he slept in. He gave out a loud roar that awakened everyone else and searched out the danger, his eyes flickering to Harry before landing on the faintly glowing Paladin.

"FOOLISH HUMANS!" The great black drake roared once more. "YOU WILL NEVER WHIPE OUT MY CLAN!" The others scattered as he charged the paladin and the dwarves opened fire, the cataphony of noise reached a painful pitch as the younger whelps that didn't understand a thing of what was happening took to the air in a panic, only to find themselves falling, bullets tearing through their wings and bodies like they where paper. The roars and screams echoed harshly off the walls of the cave and for Harry it was like he was back at the orc encampment all over again, seeing the clueless residents of Little Winging being slaughtered in the sacrificial pit one by one.

He looked around, desperate to find Searinox and he spotted him closer to the entry of the cave on the ground, taking on the Paladin one on one. Harry began to fight his way over toward him, avoiding the jets of green flame that lanced out toward the shooters. Not paying attention to where he was standing he bumped into one of the riflemen and the dwarf was knocked to the ground, stunned to the point where he couldn't move to save himself as Harry gave out a sharp whistle and a few of the young dragons rushed toward the dwarf. The young wizard didn't stop to listen to the dwarves screams, instead forging on toward the entry only to find a horrible surprise awaiting him.

Out in the sunlight that he hadn't seen in weeks a line of riflemen was taking aim toward Searinox. At least three ranks deep Harry got the terrified feeling that even Searinox wouldn't get them all in time, let alone getting them himself with his dagger. He could only watch in horror as the Paladin drew Searinox into line with the cave entry and the dwarves took aim before in a swirl of his blue cloak the Paladin threw himself away. Searinox noticed the move and then the riflemen and took a deep breath to breathe fire but it was far to late.

All the fighting in the cave seemed to stop in that moment as there was a roar of a different kind. The rifles discharging sounded like an avalanche as they fired again and again. Bullets slowly but surely cracked the scales that should have withstood cannon fire and one forced its way through the flesh with a lucky hit and raced through the great lizard's body, causing lethal damage to its internal organs. Then, as Searinox collapsed the ground shook and out of his hiding place emerged the paladin. He tossed a stray lock of blonde hair out of his face and hefted his hammer high above his head. Harry heard someone shout and he was halfway toward them before he realized it had been himself. Searinox noticed and rolled his eyes over to look at him before the hammer delivered a devastating blow to the head.

Harry didn't even think about what he was doing as he dropped to his knees beside the dead dragon. Ignoring the uproar of the dwarves as they celebrated the victory and the keen's of grief from the other dragons in the lair he reached out to touched the scales, slick with cooling blood. He then found himself shaking his head, as if that would wake him, like he had only been sleeping and not dead.

But the dragon wouldn't move.

Still traumatized over everything that had happened to him since arriving in this world this seemed to be the last straw. He flowed to his feet and turned toward the paladin that had been standing nearby, watching him with a wary curiosity that turned to alarm as Harry attacked him with his bare fists. The blonde, who looked a little like Malfoy, caught his arms and held him away, instead of struggling and giving up Harry lashed out with his feet, using the leverage to walk up his chest, wildly thrusting his heel into the mans face. The paladin gave a below of pain and drew back a fist to do the only thing you could do when a distraught kid was attacking you.

Harry saw the fist coming but did nothing as it impacted with the side of his head, causing him to fall into the welcome darkness of oblivion.

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