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Harry Potter/ Warcraft III crossover

BlackRock and Roll

By: Mage-Alia

Chapter 10: Reunions

Summary: Harry has been in danger for most of his life, but the stakes are raised indefinitely when he is swept through space and time to Lorderon near the beginning of the invasion of the burning legion and the rise of the Scourge. Now, he's on his own with no allies or friends, just himself and an iron will to survive his new hell.

AU, No Pairings.

Harry never opened his eyes once as he listened to the song of the cave around him. Magic hummed in the air around the Prophet named Medivh and he knew very well time wasn't on their side.

"Try it again." The man encouraged him and Harry reached out with his senses and felt for the magic in the air, slowly coalescing it into a spell that he thrust forward and into the captive squirrel that had wondered too far in to the wrong part of the mountain. There was a small poof of smoke and all of a sudden standing there in the small pen was a bemused sheep. Harry's lips curved involuntarily in a smile as he caught sight of the creature and he nearly licked his lips before it transformed back to its original shape a few minutes later.

"Well done." Medivh clapped him on the shoulder. "Most don't get that spell right away. Your previous training has made this so much easier."

Since his arrival in the cave, Harry had been learning spell after spell. The odd words the old man had spoken in greeting had only been the beginning as he all but poured the knowledge into Harry's brain and made him use it to cement the skills. As they'd worked Medivh had told him all manner of tales, as time slipped into the background, letting them work without rest.

Learning all the spells he'd seen Jaina perform and more, he also learned why.

Medivh told him he didn't belong to this world. That was, he Medivh, didn't. Harry didn't come from this world, but he already felt like it was home. The old prophet told him the stories of the Demon invasion, the Orcs, his part in this world's sad history and last but not least, about his mother.

The man told him that he would be the next guardian of this world. One to watch over and guide instead of outright protecting them like Aegwynn had tried. The Council of Trisfall, though good in their intentions, had ultimately failed in their sole defence of the world and when Aegwynn had allowed her pride to get the better of her and make such a terrible mistake she had not only failed the world... but her son as well.

After spending the majority of his life, locked behind the walls of his own mind, Medivh understood better than anyone that the defence of Azeroth could not be held on the shoulders of one being alone... many people lived in their world, and many more would be needed to finally triumph over their enemies.

And so Harry learned.

The caverns were dark and cold.

Thrall stood at the head of a small company of Orcs and Trolls peering into the dark and wondering why he was even there as they navigated the traitorous pitfalls and chasms that littered the cave alongside irritated beasts that reacted violently to the disturbance caused by the noise they made. His orcs, Grunt's mostly, spread loosely around the tunnel, all keeping a sharp lookout while a few trolls slinked in and out of the darkness. Their priests, a few wreathed in shadows of their own slipped in and out of sight, fearlessly wondering the tunnels ahead. Although, at the group's core was a small group of Trolls that had steadfastly insisted upon being present.

The majority of their army had regrouped at the base of the mountains where they'd finally come to some semblance of order. Thrall, fearing the damage his brother Grom might do in his absence had sent him north, to the abundant forests that lay at the base of the great mountains that loomed in the distance. He was to harvest what resources he could while Thrall set out to find the Oracle.

The humans had come to an uneasy truce in the early hours of that very morning when Thrall himself, flanked by a newly arrived Cairne and Volgin, had fought his way to their leader and taken the situation in hand, telling them in no certain terms that they had NOT kidnapped anyone as the human woman had thought.

Jaina Proudmore may have been human, but she of all people had a temper that Thrall could respect. She'd threatened him with death anyway, when she'd discovered the boy's sudden flight and then backed off, allowing them into the cave they'd been fighting to reach for days.

Just before they'd begun their search of the cave systems, the scouts sent out to look for the runaway by both factions had returned brining news of a great fire a few valley's over and evidence of a dragon heading toward the peak from the other side of the mountains. Both Thrall and Jaina had gone cold when they held up the Black feather that had been found along the Dragon's path.

So still pondering the connection between the boy he hadn't tried to get close too and the Prophet, he'd lead the expedition into the cave himself, the humans going by another route.

For the most part, their road was empty, a few of their people whom had been taken by the humans during their initial confusion where found in small lit areas off some of the main caverns. Their Tauren counterparts, who had caught up with them after they'd encountered the human's had branched off from their party hours ago when the tunnel they'd been following had split. Of course, the Tauren hadn't been all that impressed with their handling of the situation. Among their number had been the boy's companions. The Druid and the Warrior, whom had seen fit to watch over him when the Trolls hadn't, had loudly voiced their displeasure.

Thrall didn't like the thought of the new split in his faction being formed by the presence of the dragon child. Still, he forged on ahead, leading his people through the maze toward the place where he might find the Prophet. Hours of wondering seemed to bear no fruit in regards to the search, until finally they noticed a light across the other side of a gaping chasm. Elated by the discovery as they where they found themselves stuck for a way across the gap, until Cairne finally joined them once more, bringing with him a solution in the form of a bridge.

A transparent platform, anchored by crystals shimmered into being and with a yelled command the orcs, trolls and Tauren crossed only to come up short at the sight awaiting them.

On the other side of the room, coming from a cave in another direction was the Lady Jaina and her entourage, and standing almost tauntingly in the space between them were the familiar forms of the Prophet and...

"YOU!" The shout slipped out before the Orc leader could catch himself and the Teenager nearly jumped out of his dragon skin.

"HARRY!" Came the elated shout a split second later as Jaina barrelled through her people to lunge at the boy, gathering him into a hug. He bore the attention good-naturedly and even hugged her back before the wryly grinning Prophet commanded everyone's attention.

"Now we are all here we can finally discuss our plans for the coming battle."

The various faction leaders all looked at him like he was crazy.

"Battle?" Thrall glowered and the Prophet gave him a measuring look.

"Yes. A battle. What lies ahead is a fight none can ignore. As the Leader of the Horde and the leader of the survivors of Lorderon-"

"Survivors? What are you talking about old man?" Thrall broke into the speech, giving Harry a suspicious look at the news. Medivh looked on stonily.

"The Invasion of the Burning Legion has begun." He intoned darkly. "Lorderon is already lost and the demons make their way here to overrun Kalimdor as well. Only by working together, will our chances of survival increase. Only then might we drag the world back from the flames."

Jaina seemed to be the first to realise what he was getting at and she bristled slightly, obviously not having forgiven the Orcs for their earlier... Misunderstanding.

"You can be serious! You expect me to-" Medivh silenced her with a look. "Your destinies are intertwined. Humans and Orcs much work together. As such, Grom Hellscream, one already under the Demon's influence, must be saved." Thrall, in spite of his lingering resentment toward the humans felt his stomach drop at the sudden news.

"Hellscream?" The name slipped out before he could stop himself and the prophet and the teen beside him looked vaguely pitying.

"He and the others that were sent into Ashenvale, were tainted with the blood of Manaroth. The demon called upon the ancient pact your forefathers made and awoke their bloodlust once more. But if we are to have any chance, Grom Hellscream must be saved. His actions are to be the ones that decide our fate and for that you must work together."

"We simply have no choice."

Harry watched from beside his newest teacher as Jaina and Thrall reluctantly looked at each other, resignation slowly forming in their faces as they realised that there was nothing for it. Nothing they could say or do would change the fact that they weren't strong enough alone to take on the full force of the enemies before them. Finally, they came to a silent agreement and with a sharp nod to Thrall Jaina turned on her heel and set her sights squarely on the form of Harry who suddenly realised just how much trouble he was in for when she took a deep breath and bellowed.


Harry gulped and looked at Medivh for assistance only to find that the old man had pulled a Dumbledore and was looking steadfastly the other way...

So, never one to just stand still when faced with the wrath of a woman Harry did what he always did when anyone focused on him.

He ran.

Jaina yelled, and took off after him, leaving behind a crowd of confused soldiers, Orcs Tauren, Trolls and a humming Medivh.

Finally, at the back of the crowd Lau'Tiki leaned over into the personal space of a Human Soldier and spoke in a stage whisper.

"Wi'd a sister like dat mon, I'da run away too."

Akward silence followed.

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