Title: Jacob

Rating: T

Summary: This was inspired by my baby cousin Jacob. After being rescued, Kate has a new role in life. Mom. (Post Island) JATE, PB&J, JUN

Dedication: I dedicate this to my cousin Jacob. We all have been waiting for you for 10 years. You are a miracle, and we all love you very much.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Lost or the characters. The people at ABC and JJ, Damon, and Carlton do. I just like to write fanfics.

Kate woke up from a deep sleep. The medicine she was given helped. She had been through a rough day with lots of pain. Normal, but very new to her.

Kate couldn't believe how normal her life was now. After the whole ordeal on the island, her charges were dropped. With good reason too. The United States justice system figured all of the torturing that was caused to them by "the Others", or the radical group of ex-Dharma employees, was punishment enough. Their group had went through a lot and lost many people. But now, Kate was really free.

She hadn't seen a lot of the Oceanic survivors since being rescued. She missed everyone, especially Jack. Ben had convinced Jack that Kate didn't love him. But, Jack was the only one she truly loved. She had loved Sawyer, but only as a friend. Kate had never loved anyone like Jack. Not even Tom or her first husband. Jack was the only one. Adam to her Eve.

Now, lying in the hospital bed, she needed Jack the most. Kate was in Los Angelus, but this city was large and had many hiding places. She had been hiding from everyone for 6 months once her charges were dropped and she found out. Found out about him.

A soft whimpering came from the bassinet beside her. Kate gently got up and walked over, like the nurses showed her. She gazed at she beautiful baby walking up. Her son.

Kate picked him up and sat down in a chair. She undid her top to feed him. It was amazing how she could already tell what he wanted. It must be my maternal instincts kicking in. Kate smiled at the thought, wishing her mom could be here to see them.

This baby was such a surprise. He was definitely not expected. One of 2 things that sacred Kate was how she became pregnant. It had to have been caused by "the Others". She remembered blood being taken and being put under anesthesia. Then after being rescued, the morning sickness started. This led to today.

The other thing that scared her was who the baby's father was. The whole time on that island, she hadn't slept with anyone. But 2 people popped into her mind. The same two she was captured with.

Jack and Sawyer

However, there were problems telling them about the baby. For starters, Kate could never reach Sawyer. A few tears came to her eyes thinking about it. Then if she told Jack, he would assume the worst and not think it was his.

When her son was done eating, Kate changed him and sat back down on the bed with the baby. She looked at her beautiful son. His dark wavy hair coming in and memorizing blue eyes. All babies were born with blue eyes and most changed. Kate would be watching closely to see what her son's eyes would do. She hoped for green or brown.

Kate held her son close to her and kissed his forehead.

"I love you so much."

Her son looked at her and yawned, making Kate giggle.

He would need a father, and Kate had to know. There was only one other person Kate could call.

With the baby in her lap, Kate picked up the phone and dialed the number. After 3 rings, it was picked up.

"Hello?" An Australian accented woman said.

"Claire. It's Kate."

"Oh my God! Kate! How are you?"

"Good, but I need to see you tonight."

"You're here in LA? Where?"

"In the hospital." Kate worried about saying that.

"Are you alright? Is Jack there?" Claire was clearly panicked.

"No. He doesn't know I'm here."

"Ok. I'll get Charlie to watch Aaron. Are you at St. Sebastian?"

"LA General. I can't let Jack see me right now."

"Ok." Claire was confused. "I'll be there soon."

"Thanks." Kate hung up knowing Claire wouldn't tell Jack, yet.

Kate glanced back down at her son. "Everything is going to be fine. Aunt Claire can help."

Kate prayed that she would know soon and figure out what to do next.