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This came to me when I was watching "It Started with a Kiss". You know the boy in the story acts like Mikagami and the girl is somewhat like Fuuko. FoR characters are OOC here. Hope I can do this well… Anyways, just enjoy the story and keep on reviewing. Arigatou gozaimasu… some of my ideas are taken from the show It started with a kiss. Cross Over of Aya of Weiss Kreuz, he is also OOC here. Forgive me if my past fanfics are effortless or lets say ineffectual... hehehe I really planned thid fic... so Hope you'll enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Bishonen's Dilemma

Fuuko is busy reading the latest issue of Mango Jam when a certain bubbly and high-energy sister popped out from the door.

"Nee-chan! Nee-chan! Look… Tokiya Mikagami is the cover lad of Tokyo's Top bachelor magazine. He looks so handsome! Ne? Nee-chan?" She giggled and dreamingly hugging the magazine.

"Sorry sister… I am not attracted to him." She said sarcastically.

"You're always like that Nee-chan! You act like a spinster." She said sticking out her tongue.

"FYI, I am a spinster and I am not going to be an old-maid… get it?" She arched on of her eyebrows.

"Really? Then tell me… is somebody courting you nowadays?" Ganko said teasingly.

"None… bu---but I'll gonna have one!" Fuuko said proudly.

"See… Nee-chan… why don't you take a break with your work and find some time with romance…" Ganko said.

"Ok… ok… enough with this romance thingy conversation… by the way… who is Tokiya Mikagami?" She innocently asked her sister Ganko. Actually, Fuuko has no idea about Tokiya Mikagami because she seldom watches news nowadays; she busies herself on her culinary career.

"What!? You didn't know Tokiya Mikagami! Yah… it is because you're busy making pastries and pastas that's why you already forgot to communicate with the present. Tokiya Mikagami: our # 1 bachelor for the season. To begin with, he is the CEO of Neo Tokyo Company, inherited from his grandfather, Mr. Yo Mikagami. He began running the company from a young age of 16. In fact, the only person to ever beat him in a match of good looks is none other than our # 2 bachelor Aya Mikagami his twin brother who is the current CEO of Tokyo Enterprise who is really opposite with Tokiya, he is bubbly and kind. He is a genius with science and math. He graduated Summa Cum Laude at Harvard University in the field of marketing and financing. He also took up law. Besides all that, he is stunning to see. I wonder what's hiding behind his trademark trench coats. He is also a mystery to the crowd. Whenever he stands in front of the press, he'll just talk about business stuffs, actually! Nobody knows about his "PERSONAL LIFE". The only fact that we know is that he has a twin brother and a sister whose age is the same with you Nee-chan. We never see him go on dates but you can catch him in their family gatherings. Known for his mysterious gaze and stubborn, unrelenting attitude and cold treatment to the people around him. I'm just wondering who will be the woman that would attract this cold-hearted bishonen." Ganko said dreamingly while she keeps on hugging the magazine.

"I never knew that his life is so BORING." Fuuko rolled her purple orbs.

"Nee-chan! You'll be in cloud nine if your boyfriend is as cute and as talented as Mikagami-sempai!" Ganko said dreamingly.

"Okay! Okay! I admit it his kinda cute… you know his looks just pinch me a little. Oh! Gotta go… Mrs. Peri must be looking for me." Fuuko get up and start changing her tank top and faded jeans into a white turtle-neck and white pants match it with her white coat.

"Woah! Nee-chan… you look so heavenly with your outfit but I looked more heavenly than you." Ganko teased

Fuuko sends her sister her famous glares. She throws one of her purple pillows to her sister who is laughing like a maniac.

"Shut up! Silly Ganko. Ganko-chan! Don't wait for me for dinner. I'll go home late and don't forget to drink your medicines after your meal. Okay? You still have your flu." Fuuko reminded her sister who is currently brushing her hair. She puts her stuffs in her white sling bag.

"Hai! Commander… Nee-chan! Don't forget to buy me some Belgian bites!" Ganko said.

"Okay! Ja Ne!" Fuuko said leaving her sister alone.

She patiently waited for the taxi to arrive and after a few seconds of waiting a taxi stopped in front of their house. She get inside it. She busied herself by watching outside as the snow gently falls on the city of Tokyo. It's already winter!

"Welcome to flight 101, please fasten your seat belts for we were about to land at Tokyo International Airport. Enjoy your vacation at Tokyo." The flight stewardess said.

"Finally! We are here!" Yanagi said while re-touching her make-up.

"Yeah and I predict that media will instantly flock in front of us." Tokiya said while watching at the window. He watched every snow that falls.

"You're right brother and I know that they will bombard us with lots of questions regarding with our personal life. About me and Recca and You and your love life. Hey Nii-chan, why won't you date one of those elite girls in the city? You know, you might have a girlfriend after your date." Yanagi teased her brother.

"Yanagi, you know I am picky when it comes to girls. I don't date with some sluty chick out there and anyways, I don't have time for that. Job being a CEO is quite hard." Tokiya answered.

"It's your decision!" Yanagi said.

"Welcome to Tokyo International Airport. This is Lindy your flight stewardess. Please unfasten your seatbelt and don't leave your things unattended before you get off in the plane." She said.

As soon as they step out in the plane. Body guards flocked before them. They went to the arrival area and their body guards get their luggage. When they went out in the arrival area, media and girls gathered in front of them; they refused to have an interview and decided to go inside their Limo. Their driver instantly drove them back to their mansion. When they arrive at their home, his twin brother Aya greeted them with a smile. He led their way in the dining table where Recca, Yanagi's fiancé and Mrs. Lucy Mikagami is waiting for them.

"My grandchildren…" Lucy said while hugging Yanagi and Tokiya.

"Mildred, serve the dinner now." Aya commanded. Their servant nodded.

Tokiya seated beside Aya and Yanagi seated beside Recca.

"So, How's your business trip?" Lucy asked

"Well it's doing fine. We've got new investors from Europe. It's a French couple." Mikagami said

"Good…good… How about you Yanagi dear?" Lucy faced her only granddaughter.

"Well, Francois and I opened a new boutique at Madrid and he is currently managing it." She said happily.

"Oh… Good to hear that dear, now the Italians would love to wear your creations." Her grandma said.

"arigatou granny" Yanagi said

The dinner was served and the Mikagamis continued their talk.

"Tokiya, Recca said you have a girlfriend. Who is the lucky girl?" Lucy said with a smile written all over her face. Tokiya almost vomit of what he has heard. He knows that his grandma keeps on bugging him to have a girlfriend and now that his oh-so-stupid-bestfriend made his grandma believe that he has a girlfriend.

"WHAT!?" Tokiya yelled.

"Oh! Is she so private to talk to?" Lucy teased

"Actually grandma, Tokiya will bring his girlfriend on tomorrow's welcome party ." Recca added. Tokiya sends daggers to his bestfriend who really brought this topic to his grandmother.

"Oh really, I didn't know you have your own girl bro! Good for you." Aya added.

"Good… I think she is really lovely!" His granny said

"Indeed Mrs. Mikagami!" Recca smiled. Tokiya gave him an I'm-gonna-kill-you-after-the-dinner look. Recca smiled at Tokiya's reaction.

"Wow Fuuko dear… Our customers really loved your cooking! I can now sense that ¡que aproveche! Will be popular because of your scrumptious cuisine!" The fat lady said, she is Mrs. Peri. The owner of ique aproveche, an infamous Italian restaurant on Tokyo but they serve the best Italian cuisine in Tokyo because of the help of Fuuko who is their chef cook. Their Restaurant was located in the secluded part of Tokyo that's why they seldom attract customers.

"Yes Mrs. Peri!" Fuuko said. They pose like in anime with a twinkling background and in their chibi figure with the word Sugoi at their back.

"By the Fuuko, can you accompany me at Mikagami's residence?" Mrs. Peri asked.

"You know the Mikagamis?!" Fuuko was shocked.

"Hai, Mrs. Lucy Mikagami is my loyal and closest customer. You haven't notice her? Oh it is because you're busy cooking... Silly me... You don't have enough time interacting with our customers." Mrs. Peri said.

"Ahhh...Sure!" she said. Mrs. Peri drove the car to the Mikagami's residence.

Tokiya with his brother and sister and Recca went to the balcony to have some fresh air.

"Recca! I'll gonna kill you!" Tokiya said trying to compose himself from punching Recca straight on the face.

"Easy bro… It's easy to find a girlfriend… why won't you join "Speed dating"? It would be fun!" Recca said with a silly grin on his face.

"Recca's right bro…" Aya added while drinking his red wine.

"I agree!" Yanagi said while sipping her balck coffee.

"This is lame!" Tokiya rolled his eyes.

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of a car. A fat lady stepped out from the car and followed by a young lass with long purple hair wearing an all white outfit.

"Aha! Perfect! Who is this beautiful lass…? She is beautiful! Isn't she?" Aya said while he intensely looked at the girl entering their home.

"I agree! She is perfect! I love her long hair!" Yanagi giggled.

"I have an idea…" Recca said. He let them gather on him and tells them about his BRILLIANT idea.

"Excuse me Ma'am, what can I do for you?" The maid asked.

"May I speak with Mrs. Lucy Mikagami? Please tell her it's Mrs. Elizabeth Peri." Mrs. Peri said.

"Follow me ma'am." The maid said.

"Madam… I'll just stay here." Fuuko whispered.

"Are you sure? Just don't touch anything… things here are quite expensive."

"Promise!" Fuuko said.

Mrs. Peri followed the maid. Fuuko looked around the paintings and sculptures inside the house. There's the famous Mona Lisa (the original one) hanged at the right wing of the house and the sculpture of David placed near the table. Fuuko was interrupted when a certain beautiful lady approached her.

"Hi! I'm Yanagi Mikagami; may I know who are you?" She asked

"Oh! Ma'am I'm Fuuko Kirisawa. Please to meet you Ms. Yanagi." Fuuko bowed

"Enough with those formalities. My brothers want to talk with you for a moment." Yanagi smiled

"Ahh… but…"


Fuuko just nodded and followed Yanagi to a spacious room where Tokiya and the rest are waiting.


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