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Chapter 11: Escaping Reality

"Miss Nicole, you have a visitor. It is detective Carl." the maid said to her.

"Oh, I'll meet him on my private office." Nicole is so excited to hear some good news from the detective. She will do everything just to win back Tokiya.

"Good Morning Miss Nicole, it is nice to meet you." The detective greeted as he takes off his had and winter coat.

"Do you want anything Mr. Carl? Perhaps a cup of tea or coffee?" she offered to him.

"No thanks Madam, I am in a hurry." He replied.

"Elizabeth, you may leave us and please don't leave the room unlock." Nicole instructed to her servant and she just nodded and leaves them to have their private talk.

"So detective, do you have any good news?" she asked him.

"Well, Miss Nicole, I'm sure you'll love to hear what I have known. Miss Fuuko Kirisawa is not Mr. Mikagami's legal girlfriend." The detective replied coldly.

"What do you mean Mr. Detective?" Nicole asked him with anticipation.

"They are just pretending in front of the crowd Ms. Nicole. Ms. Kirisawa is just a simple chef in a lousy Italian restaurant. To make the long story short madam. Mr. Mikagami hired her to pretend to be his girlfriend for 3 months so that he can save his company. His grandmother, who is Ms. Lucy, threatens her grandson. She said if he doesn't present any girlfriend Mr. Mikagami's company will be in great danger. She will get Mr. Mikagami's rights as the CEO of his company." the detective said to her.

"What a very wise old woman. Well, thank you very much for the information Mr. Detective. Here's your payment. Job well done." Nicole said as she hands the cash to the detective.

"Always at your service Madam." The detective bids his goodbyes to Nicole. An evil smile forms on her lips.

'This will be really fun. I'll do everything just to win you back Tokiya.' She said. 'I think I should pay Ms. Lucy a visit.'


Fuuko passes by a big mirror. She stops from her trail and looks at her reflection.

'I am nothing compared to Nicole. She is pretty and sophisticated. And Tokiya loves her from the very start and she is just someone who pretends to be his girlfriend.' She let out a one heavy sigh.

'Wait, what am I thinking? I am acting like a jealous wife! No, this can't be happening. No, I can't fall in love with him. No.' Fuuko thoughts battled on her mind.

'Because if I did. I don't know if he also feels the same way for me.' She said sadly. That's the fact that she can't bear. The truth that she can't escape. Being unloved.

"Monkey, aren't you tired of looking at your reflection?" Tokiya said sarcastically to her. She is still in front of the mirror with a downcast look on her face.

'He keeps on calling me Monkey. No doubt, he won't fall in love with a monkey like me.' She smiled bitterly.

She didn't move any limb. She is in deep thoughts and haven't notice Tokiya giving her a weird look.

"Hey monkey, are you okay?" Tokiya said, Fuuko faced him and gives him a very sad smile.

"Nothing Mi-chan, I'm just wondering what's the difference between a monkey and me." She smiled bitterly again and started to make a very dramatic exit.

"What's wrong with her? Aunt Jessie, did Fuuko eat something that made her stomach sick? She acts so weird." Tokiya asked his old nanny who is busy cleaning the furniture.

"Nothings wrong with her master.The question is, What's wrong with you?" Aunt Jessie asked her confused master.

"Huh?" he gave her a questioning look.

"Why do you keep on calling her monkey? Look what have you done young master." She is now scolding him like a little child.

"Come on Aunt Jessie, you're start treating me like a child again." Tokiya sigh heavily.

"I know that you didn't mean every word that you are saying towards her master but Fuuko is different from us. We are already used with your attitude and the way you treat every one. Maybe, she is not used with harsh words and she is just hiding all pain. She's a sweet girl; she'll just smile even if she's in pain." Aunt Jessie smiled sadly at her Master. She can see that he is reflecting in every word that she is saying.

"I leave you for now master. I'll just prepare snacks for the kids."

Tokiya just stood there, still in deep thoughts. He is used with those comments; he heard lots of it already. Every single moment of his life, he is already used of hearing his name being entwined with title such as arrogant, cold, and harsh but Aunt Jessie's comment struck him. It is not because he was offended of her comment; it is because of Fuuko and her feelings.


'Why am I crying, I am such a sissy.' She harshly wipes the rolling tears on her cheek.

'Why does he keep on calling me Monkey?' she said to herself sadly. 'Am I falling in love with him? No, it can't be. No…' she smiled bitterly and another tear rolled on her face.

'Maybe a good warm bath would be good.' She sighed heavily.


"Aunt Jessie, what the hell are you doing?" Tokiya tries to free himself from Aunt Jessie death grip.

"Young lad, you must ask forgiveness from your girlfriend. You are such a heartless boy." Aunt Jessie scolded Tokiya again.

"I'll do it later Aunt Jessie." He nearly shouted.

"No, do it now! That's a command!" Aunt Jessie places her hand on her waist; she plastered an evil smile on her face. She won't let him go away if he doesn't apologize to Fuuko.

He let out a defeated sigh. He knocks at her door but no one answered it. Aunt Jessie commanded him to enter the room. "Aunt Jessie, it is impolite to enter the room of a lady." Tokiya tried to convince his old nanny but she firmly replied "No". Being a dutiful and respectful master of his old nanny, he enters the room of Fuuko. He hears the sound of the water coming from the shower and after it he heard a shout from Fuuko.


He hurriedly opens the shower door and he was about to say something when Fuuko turns to face him. She is naked for God's sake. Fuuko's eyes went wide and Tokiya just gawk at her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!! Get out!!" Fuuko shouted again as she covers herself with a towel. On the other hand, Tokiya hurriedly went out from her room and expecting tantrums after she get dressed.

He let out a one heavy sigh as he clutches his chest. Aunt Jessie looks at him with a questioning look. "What happened?" she then asked.

"Terrible!" Tokiya replied while wiping beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He just went to his room to clear his head with what he just saw.

She entered Fuuko's room and she found Fuuko seated on her bed and shivering. "What's wrong darling?" she approached the shivering girl. "He saw me, oh no! He just saw me on my... on my…" she mumbled softly, her eyes are fixed on the carpeted floor. "Why? I can't understand what you are talking about darling. Who?" Aunt Jessie asked her full of concern. "Aunt Jessie, he just saw me on my naked state! That's embarrassing." She pouted and blush starts to crept on her face. To her shock, Aunt Jessie laughed genuinely.

"What's funny with that Aunt Jessie?" Fuuko pouted again.

"Because, my young master went out from your room with a horrid look on his face. He was also shocked." Aunt Jessie said as she soothes Fuuko's long hair.

"Why are you shouting by the way?" she asked.

"Because I saw a big spider crawling on my foot." She pouted.

"Silly kid." Aunt Jessie laughed.

"Why is he is here inside my room?" She had a questioning look on her face and gave Aunt Jessie a side way glance.

"Maybe he wants to say something to you." She replied.


"Madam, you have a visitor." The maid said to the old lady who is busy arranging the flowers on the vase. She turned around to see who her visitor is. A smile crept on her wrinkled face and welcomes her visitor with a warm hug.

"Nicole, it is nice to see you hear again." She hugs her tenderly.

"Nice to see you too Mrs. Mikagami." she replied.


"Ahm… Aunt Jessie, may I ask you a question?" Fuuko said as she sips her lavender tea.

"What is it my dear?" she asked.

"Does Mrs. Mikagami know about Tokiya and Nicole's relationship?" she stammered.

"No, she doesn't know anything. It is Nicole's request to keep their relationship. She doesn't want to be talked by everybody. Mrs. Mikagami only knew that her grandson and Nicole are just plain friends, nothing more. See how they kept their relationship wisely." Aunt Jessie said bitterly.


"You know that Nicole girl is so ambitious." Aunt Jessie winked.


"I am sorry it's already late to have a talk with you but this one is so important." Nicole tried to nicer and sweet to the old Mikagami.

"Why? What's wrong Nicole?" Lucy asked her worriedly.

"It concerns Tokiya and his girlfriend." She said to her, plastering a forced sad look on her face.

"Why? What's wrong with them? Aren't you happy with your friend right now?" Lucy is confused of Nicole's sudden behavior.

"Tokiya fell with a wrong girl grandma." She blurted and her statement gave an initial shock to Lucy.

"What do you mean Nicole? That my grandson is not wise enough to choose a girlfriend." Lucy tried to defend her grandson.

"They are fooling you grandma." She said.

"You are accusing my grandson and his girlfriend Nicole. I can't believe what you are talking about." Lucy is infuriated of Nicole's statements.

"Listen to me Mrs. Mikagami; I am here to tell you the truth. Your grandson and his girlfriend are just pretending just to save his company." she said flatly.

"No, this can't be happening." Lucy can't believe of what she had heard. She can't believe of what her grandson did just to have the company.

"You know how I much I love your grandson Mrs. Mikagami. I loved him more than just friends and I am also concern with him. I don't him to be with a woman who is thirsty with money." Nicole said with a concern look to Lucy.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow. I want assurance. Thank you for the information Nicole. I owe you everything. He is so blind to see a kind of woman like you." Lucy smiled bitterly to her.

"Thank you for listening grandma." Nicole enveloped the old Mikagami with a hug and a peck on the cheek before bidding her goodbyes to her.


Early Morning…

"Mr. Mikagami, you have a phone call from your grandma." His secretary said. He immediately answered the phone and said "Yes Grandma?"

"We need to talk Tokiya. NOW!" said by the old Mikagami already fuming with anger.


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