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Other awesome Casper fics I've read that rule: Casper -- The Lazarus, Let It Snow (I want an update! I fell in love with this story, but I wanna read Casper -- Lazarus to find out just how Melle and Stinkie hooked up, so please, update them!), Casper II, Violet Phantoms (which I'm still trying to guess the pairing . . .)


Title: Specter, My Protector

Summary: A young fleshie comes to Whipstaff and falls in love with one of the residents. When Stinkie gives her a ring that will let them stay connected no matter where they are, an evil bent on destroying Whipstaff's paranormal residents, kidnaps her and uses her to get to Whipstaff's REAL treasure.

Main Pairing: StinkieOC (gasp! an OC! Heh, no worries, people, no Mary-Sues here!)

Side Pairings: KatCasper, Onesided OCxOC

Chapter: 1

Rating: T for Trouble!


Dr. James Harvey sat in the kitchen of Whipstaff manor, clenching a cup of coffee by the handle, lifting it to his lips, while he gazed at bills and junk mail spread out in front of him. The morning sun filtered over the table from the windows, giving the room a homey feel to it. It was quiet, around 7 in the morning. And it was November. Kat would be going to school soon.

In fact, Dr. Harvey was surprised. It was normally hectic, because Casper would make breakfast before Kat left, and then the Trio would start their trouble. Maybe it was a good thing he'd recently bought that computer . . . The Trio spent more time on it than they did bothering Casper. But, then, he didn't know what horrors they could produce online. His stomach suddenly rippled as nausea hit him. He shook his head to rid himself of it. He hadn't felt this way since he'd gotten drunk that night at the bar.

Within moments, Kat entered the room, jumping the last step and rushing over. She gave him a peck on the cheek and sat down, telling him about her wierd dreams and what today's schedule would be.

"Hey, Dad," she said, suddenly, "Have you seen Casper?" Dr. Harvey looked up, turning his head to the side a bit and nearly going cross-eyed in thought. Kat could tell he was thinking hard about this.

"I'm not sure I have," he replied, "Last I saw him was . . . Three days ago."

"Three days?" Kat blanched. "He's never gone for that long." She thought a moment, resting his chin in her hand. "I bet the Trio are up to something." With that, she marched straight out of the kitchen and into another room. It was spacious enough, with nice carpeting. A large, comfortable chair sat in the middle of the room, facing a television in one corner. A computer sat in another, it's light casting blueish shadows dancing over the wall. It made slight groaning noises as it's modem processed certain orders that it would carry out.

Now, Kat was no computer whiz-kid, but she knew it didn't take someone with half a brain to reboot a computer. She saw no trace of the Trio, so she crept slowly towards the machine in question, putting her hand to her chin as she analysed the screen. It was stuck in a dark blue background with whiteish lettering, saying various technical stuff about whatever the Hell the computer was doing. Along the bottom was a long yellow bar, and below that were three rectangles. One said 'Pause', the middle said 'More Info', and the last said 'Exit'. The yellow was slowly filling the empty space, indicating that it was, indeed, rebooting.

Kat walked over, pressing the right arrow button twice, making the word 'Exit' light up a light blue. She then clicked Enter, making the original background for the screen kick in. There was nothing wrong with the computer, so she didn't need to wait for it to reboot forever. What was there to reboot? As all the icns appeared, she breathed a sigh, not even realising she'd held the breath in the first place. Why was she so tense? The Trio didn't bother her as much. So why was she still afraid?

A cold hand slowly pressed to her cheek and she jumped before relaxing. Casper would never hurt her, she knew better. So why was she so jumpy? Turning, she looked into his blue eyes, smiling softly.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey, miss me?"

"You have no idea," Kat said, her eyes widening for emphasis. She turned, taking a step toward the computer. "I've been so bored. And on top of that, I have school . . ." She nearly trailed off, before she checked her watch. She nearly shrieked, "I'm gonna be late!" She dashed from the room, back into the kitchen and grabbing herself a bagel and grabbing her lunch. She dashed away after giving her father a final peck on the cheek before she dashed out the door, crying a final, "Bye!"

"I'll talk to you after school!" Casper called after her. Kat gave him a final wave before slamming the iron gate shut and dashing away, down the road. Casper's blue eyes twinkled in pride and he flew back through the thick walls of Whipstaff Manor, headed for who-knows-where.


A young girl walked cheerily through the streets, nodding every few seconds as the headset in her ears blasted some rap song by someone named Eminem. The song was on blast and anyone passing by heard a few tidbits of the song.

". . . If it rains, let it rain,

Yeah, the wetter, the better,

They ain't gon' stop us, they can't

We're stronger now more than ever.

They tell us no, we say yeah,

They tell us stop, we say go.

Rebel with a rebel, yell,

Raise hell, we gon' let 'em know.

Stomp, push, shove, mush, fck Bush,

Until they bring our troops home, come on, just . . ."

The girl finally got through the town, headed up towards the sea cliffs. She'd heard that it was a great place to look out across the sea. Smiling at this aspect, she tightened her grip on her backpack and trekked along a path. However, when she came into sights of a huge, Gothic-esq manor, she frowned. Although there were the cliffs, it seemed that this was private property.

She turned for a second before rethinking. Maybe she could ask for a quick peek at the cliffs, for just a second, just for the experience, and then she'd leave. That was what she came here for, anyways, right?

She trudged up to the iron gate, pushing it open and walking up the incredibly long, gravel driveway, up to the porch and knocked on the door. After a minute, a man with brown hair and glasses answered. "Can I help you?"

"Hi," the girl said, cheerily, "I'm Kelly Cardone, just your average, every-day wanderer. I heard this was a good place to check out the view of the sea from the cliffs. I just wanted to check it out, if that's okay?" Her grey eyes twinkled with innocence and pleading.

"Uh, sure. I don't think it'll be much trouble," the man said, letting her in. "I'm Dr. Harvey, I'm a . . . a therapist . . ."

"Ah," Kelly said, smiling, brightly, "I see." She held out her hand for him to shake. "It's nice to meet you, Dr. Harvey." The man shook her hand, smiling.

"Alright, this way," Dr. Harvey led the way towards a balcony.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to be a bother to you," Kelly said, "I think I was a bit rude of me to just up and ask to see the cliffs from your house . . . I should have thought about it before asking . . ." She flushed in embarrassment.

"No, it's no problem, really!" Dr. Harvey said, chuckling. "So, how old are you?"

"Uh, 17, I think," Kelly thought, twirling a lock of her midnight-black hair around her finger. Said hair was cut a little below the shoulders. Dr. Harvey nodded in thought.

"I have a daughter a little yonger than you," he threw over his shoulder at her, "Her name is Kat. She's goes to Friendship Junior High School."

Kelly nodded, politely. "Cool!" she smiled, cheerily. They continued until Dr. Harvey led her into one room, opening a door on the other side of it, and leading her through. They both came to a balcony overlooking the sea. Kelly went to the rail and looked down, her eyes searching, the real reason she'd come here stuck in her mind. She frowned.

"It . . . it's not here?" she questioned, quietly, making Dr. Harvey perk his ears. "I could have sworn she threw it this way. Where is it?"

"Are you looking for something, Miss?" Dr. Harvey questioned from behind her. She shook her head, trembling. She continued to mutter, "Where is it? I need it!" Dr. Harvey was going to question her more, when an echoing bang resonated through the house. Dr. Harvey turned, upon hearing a trio of voices shout, "'EY DOC! Where are ya!?"

Panic flowed through his veins. The Trio was back! They never took well to visitors, or, as they called them, intruders. He turned back to Kelly, who was still staring at the ocean. He mentally bit his nails. "Uh, Kelly, I think we should--," was all he could say before the Trio burst into the room.

"Hey Doc, we got a session or what?" Stinkie called to him. Fatso smirked and Stretch just glared. His glare became more intense as his violet eyes scanned the form of the young girl on the balcony. He frowned, then bared his teeth in anger.

"Who's dis dim dame?" Stretch bellowed, pointing to Kelly. She turned, facing the Trio, then tilted her head in confusion.

"Oh, I thought this place was haunted," was all she said. Dr. Harvey, Fatso, and Stinkie's mouths dropped, but Stretch was unamused.

"Doc, who let her in? Don't tell me it was you?" Stretch accused, jabbing his finger into Dr. Harvey's chest. Dr. Harvey nodded, frightened by the ghost's temper.

"Hey!" Kelly called, "Don't pick on the Doctor!" She walked calmly over, standing in front of the Trio. "I asked if I could see the sea cliffs was all. Is that so bad? Besides, it's his house."

"Huh?" Stinkie and Fatso burst out laughing. "Doc's house? DOC'S HOUSE?? OH THAT'S RICH!!!"

Stretch was still boiling with fury. The thought of a fleshie girl coming into his home brought him no joy. In fact, he was ready to do the little fleshie in any moment. So, he floated over.

"Ya wanted t'see the cliffs, eh?" he asked, before he grabbed her, squirming, and held her over the balcony's edge. Stinkie and Fatso had stopped their laughter, staring in horror at their eldest brother. Dr. Harvey shouted, "STRETCH, NO!" But Stretch had already dropped the girl, then called after her, "Now ya get a closer look!" He floated away, towards his brothers, but a voice stopped him.

"Hey, that wasn't very nice!" Stretch turned, eyes wide in horror. Just behind the balcony was Kelly, only her upper body visible.

"What the--? You're supposed to be dead!" Stretch's surprise and fury had combined. He was heaping mad now. Kelly looked surprised.

"Am I not?" She touched herself to make sure she was really there, looking down at herself.

"How are you still here? I saw you fall!" Stretch asked.

Suddenly, Kelly zoomed up through the air, her feet nearly plastered to a broom, as she turned and landed on the balcony, taking a step off the broom. She grabbed it by the handle, feeling the smooth, ivory wood. The ghosts gasped in fright.

"A witch!!"

"WHERE?" Kely screamed, turning and looking around her.

Fatso pointed to her. "You!"

"Huh, me? I'm no witch!" Kelly huffed. Dr. Harvey was still speechless.

Stinkie floated over. "You mean to tell us you can fly on a broom but you are not a witch?"

"I'm a sorceress," Kelly corrected.

"Sorceresses don't fly on brooms!"

"Sure they do!" Kelly said, with a grin, "Ya see 'em all the time in the movies!"

Casper suddenly zoomed up through the floor. "What's going on?" he asked. He eyed Kelly, who eyed him, then jumped for joy.

"Yay, more ghosts!" she cried. Casper was confused.

"You're not scared?"

"Are you kidding?" Kelly asked, "I love ghosts! And the paranormal, hence why I am a . . ." She struck a pose, "SORCERESS!!"

"Don't you mean, 'witch'?"

"No!" Kelly said, "I'm not a witch, I'm a sorceress! Right, Shadow?" she asked, over her shoulder. A black cat sat on the balcony edge.

"I hate it when you brag, Kelly," the cat said . . .

"Okay," Stretch said, disbelievingly. "You can fly on a broom, you have a talking black cat, and you claim to not be a witch. How is this?"

"Maybe it's cause she don't got no warts," Fatso thought aloud, "Maybe THAT'S what makes a witch."

"No, not all witches have warts," Kelly said.

"Kelly, you are a witch," Shadow the cat told her. Kelly glared at the cat.


"Please don't try to deny it," Shadow said, licking her paws. "And, plus, I'm not a full cat,"

Purple smoke seemed to come from nowhere and blinded all of them. When it cleared, there stood a young woman with long purple hair, golden eyes with black slits for the pupils, black cat ears, a smooth, black tail, and her skin seemed to be very lightly covered in greyish fur. She wore black arm-length gloves and leggings that ended as a bootlike sort of shoe, and a black tube top and short shorts.

She stood a head shorter than Kelly, and both bowed.

"Kelly Cardone, Sorceress extraordinaire!"

"Midnight Shadow, her best friend,"

Needless to say, the ghosts and Dr. Harvey were speechless. Shadow sat back on the balcony and retransformed into her cat form, licking her paws. "I brought Broom over as soon as I could," she told Kelly. "You always get into mischeif."

Kelly pouted. "I do not."


"Okay, so you are a," Stinkie said, then added finger quotes, "'sorceress'. Ya got yer broom, yer cat, all that's missing is yer wand. Ya can't find it here, so go home."

Kelly and Shadow burst out laughing.

"Wands? Oh, THAT is rich!" Kelly cried, nearly doubling over.

"Silly ghosts, she doesn't need a wand," Shadow said, "She's descended so far down her family's line, wands are a thing of the past. Magic runs through her veins."

"Yep, point and POOF!" Kelly added.

"But you still need to work on it," Shadow said, "The best you can do right now is make anything into a chicken."

"Hey!" Kelly puffed up, "I like chickens."

"Poultry," Shadow mumbled.

"DON'T DIS THE CHICKENS, SHADOW!" Kelly pointed, and a chicken appeared next to the cat. Shadow hissed angrily at it, making it run over the balcony and fall down to the depths below. But everyone knows chickens can swim, so it's all good.

"And, about going home . . ." she said, adjusting the strap on her backpack. "I don't have one."

"She's a wandering witch,"



"Alrighty, then why don't you just wander right outta here?" Stretch said, hiking his thumb behind him at the door.

Kelly pouted, grabbing her broom. Shadow jumped on her shoulder. "Fine! I can tell when I'm not wanted! C'mon, Shadow, we'll search another time."

"I could have sworn it dropped back there, though,"

"I know, but SOMEBODY doesn't like company," Kelly threw over her shoulder, walking out the door.

"Kelly, we can fly y'know," Shadow told her.

"Yeah, but I wanna walk."

And they continued arguing until their voices couldn't be heard anymore. Stretch turned on Dr. Harvey. "Let this be a lesson to you, Doc. Don't invite NO ONE in unless we allow it, got it?"

"But, fellas," Dr. Harvey tried to reason with them, "Maybe we could let them stay. We have the room. They're homeless."

"Let them stay, are you NUTS?!" Stretch bellowed. "She's a witch--"

"SORCERESS!!!" Kelly called, one last time, making Stretch glare at the door.

"--And the other's a talking cat! We got enough people here, anyways."

"Yeah, but Stretch," Stinkie said, "Think about it. We got the room. They're homeless. Why don't we just put up with 'em fer a while?"

Stretch got into Stinkie's face. "Are you questioning my authority, Stinkie? Are you turnin' yer back on family to think considerably towards a fleshie runt with powers and a smart-mouth cat?" As he said them, an eerie, quiet, and deadly tone to his voice, his violet eyes glared into Stinkie's golden ones as he pushed the ghost back.

Stinkie stammered an excuse. "N-n-no, Stretch, I-I was j-just . . ." He suddenly became incoherent with his rambling, making things up off the top of his head, so as not to anger his brother any more. Fatso intervened, grabbing Stretch's shoulder.

"What's the harm it could do?" he asked, "Stinkie's right, too. We've got enough room here."

"We could make 'em pay rent!" Stinkie added, meekly, before silencing when Stretch shot him a glare.

"Please, Uncle Stretch?" Casper asked, "I'm sure they won't be a bother to anyone."

"It might be more fun around here with more fleshies, y'know?" Fatso added. Stretch boiled again, them slowly began to simmer, his eyes going dull and bored.

"Fine," he said, in his nasally, sarcastic voice. "They can stay."

Suddenly, Kelly and Shadow (in humanoid form) appeared through the doorway, eyes all teary and smiles on their faces. "You'd do that for us?" they asked. Stretch grunted, looking the other way.

"Yeh, but if any o'yas start making it hard fer me, ya get the boot, capice?"

"Capoosh!" Kelly answered, saluting. "Thank you so much, you have no idea how happy we are to finally have a home!"

Stretch grunted in response. As he passed, he told his brothers, "One a'yas better keep an eye on them," he said, then added," Or there'll be HELL to pay." He then floated through the door and out of sight. Stinkie and Fatso looked at each other and shrugged. Fatso turned to Dr. Harvey.

"Hey, Doc, mind helpin' us get these two settled in?" he asked.

Dr. Harvey smiled. "Sure thing," He turned to them. "Do you have any luggage?"

Kelly gestured to her backpack. "All I need is in here!"

"Magical backpack?"

"Magical backpack."

Dr. Harvey smiled. "I can't wait until Kat comes home. She likes visitors."

"You don't get many, do you?" Shadow asked.

"Dr. Harvey shook his head, "Not with those three trouble makers." He pointed to Stinkie and Fatso, who gave him angelic smiles.


And so, Dr. Harvey and Casper led the two new visitors to a large bedroom, similar to Kat's and Casper's. It was just down the hall from the Trio's room and Casper's room. It also overlooked the sea, providing a nice view. The two got settled and thanked Dr. Harvey and Casper for their hospitality.

Outside the room, Stinkie and Fatso played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would look out for the two. Loser would have to watch them. Stinkie got scissors, Fatso got rock.

Fatso cheered his victory, making Stinkie glare. The larger ghost dematerialized through the floor, headed for the kitchen, while Stinkie popped in to Kelly's room.

"Alright, you two," he said, "I'm going to be lookin' out fer the two o'yas, y'got it?"

Shadow sat on the bed, licking her hands. "I don't need to be looked after, I can take care of myself." Kelly had placed her backpack on the bed, and was rummaging through it. She'd put her broom in one corner of the room, and was digging out bottles of strange liquids and other assorted items with magical properties.

She placed a thick, decrepit book carefully on the desk beside the bed, placing candles and small crystals around it, then kissed her index and middle fingers together, and tapped them on the book. She went back to rummaging through the backpack, unaware of the ghost's presence for the time being.

"Hey, Kelly, someone's here to see us." Shadow pointed out.

"Yeah, uh-huh," Kelly was still zoned out, pulling out candellabras, a few more potion bottles, a couple more books, some old, some new, placing them on the bed.

"Kelly . . ."

The young sorceress continued to pull out vials and books, and other assorted things; crystals, pendulems, medallions, pouches of beads or who-knows-what.

"Kelly, Stinkie's here."

Kelly's head popped up and she spun around. She waved at the ghost. "Heh, sorry. I kinda got caught up in my unpacking."

Stinkie glanced around the room. He nodded. "Like what ya done wit' da place," he commented.

"Oh, thanks!"

He floated closer, and Shadow gagged, pulling away. But Kelly continued to rummage throught the backpack, not leaving anything out, or in. She placed a boombox on top of the dresser, plus a pack of various CDs near. She popped the top of the boombox, placing a CD in and pressing Play on a remote she kept by the nightstand. Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park began to play.

Stinkie raised an eyebrow at her music of choice, and she shrugged. "It helps me think." She walked to the bed, pointing her finger at the objects on it and swirling her hand round, making the objects go floating to their respective places. Stinkie stared, fascinated.

Shadow had moved to the other side of the room, eyeing Stinkie warily. Stinkie smirked at her, opening his mouth and sending a green jet of smoke at her. She gagged and fainted. Kelly looked up at him.

"What was that?"

"Smell-o-gram!" he shouted, spraying the smoke in her face as he said it. She merely blinked it away, tilting her head to the side.


"I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream.

I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean.

I don't know how I got this way, I'll never be alright,

So I'm breaking the habit,

I'm breaking the habit tonight!" Chad, lead singer of Linkin Park, sang through the speakers of the boombox.

Stinkie stared at her. "You don't notice . . . the smell?"

"No, I notice it, I just . . ." Kelly stared, then looked away. "Nevermind." After packing everything away, she jumped on the bed, standing on it and making the springs creak. She grinned. "Now I'm as tall as you!" She was level with the ghost, even though he floated a few feet above the floor. Kelly clapped her hand, excitedly. "I'm so proud!"

It was Stinkie's turn to tilt his head. "You're just happy-go-lucky, and bubbly, ain'tcha?"

Kelly nodded her head, rapidly. "I like candy." She pointed to her hand, but, instead of making a Snickers bar appear, a tiny chicken appeared. She squealed in excitement. "I'M GONNA CALL HIM BOB!"

Stinkie face-faulted.

"Random, isn't she?" Shadow said to him, wearing a gas mask that made her breathe like Dark Vadar. Stinkie nodded, smiling. He turned to go.

"Alright, I'm down the hall if you need me," he called, floating through the door, but Kelly called, "WAIT, STINKY-GHOST!" Stinkie popped his head through the door.


"Thanks for being cool!" she said, smiling softly. Shadow seemed to just stare at her.

"By the way, it's Stinkie, not Stinky-Ghost," Stinkie said, "Okay?"

Kelly nodded, rapidly. "Got it!" She grinned again, making him grin as well. He left the room, thinking to himself about how there was something about this fleshie that he liked, although he couldn't pinpoint what.


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