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Pillow Talk


This was wonderful. For the first time in many mornings, she had woken up, and was comfortable. There was no kinks in her back, she didn't feel like she was covered in dirt, and for the most part she was warm. It wasn't as warm as a nice bed, but it was a pleasant change from the beach. It did smell a little though, the stench of body odour was a little strong, but nothing a shower wouldn't fix.

Hang on. Why does her pillow need to have a shower? Oh crap. It wasn't a pillow. Pillows sure as hell don't move, and they don't smell like that, at least hers don't normally.

Sawyer. The last thing she remembered before she went to sleep the night before was sitting near Sawyer in front of the fire, he was keeping an ear out for anything monster-like. And now here she was cuddled up to him, resting her head on his shoulder, for all purposes using him as a pillow, a head rest. Thank the heavens above that he wasn't awake. Opening her eyes slowly, it seemed he didn't have an arm around her, which was a very good thing. Made it a whole lot easier to get up and away from him. Peeling herself away, she turned quietly to move away.

"Well hell darlin', don't you give good mornings?"

Taking a fortifying breath, she turned her head back to him. And damn it all if he didn't have that infernal grin on his face, that little smile that was just so bloody annoying, "Good morning Sawyer."

"Now that wasn't so hard now was it?"

Rolling her eyes, she got up to get her stuff together, "We should get going soon."

"Sure thing sweetcheeks."

A/N: My first Lost fanfic! Reviews are so very much appreciated, I kind of pictured this set in S1, right about the great boar hunt, the one that was after Sawyer. It's been awhile since I've seen the eppie, morning was a bit different to this. Just an idea. ;)