It was 5000 years ago and P.Seto thought he had the strongest monster in all ancient Egypt. Now his beast was a white dragon with blue eyes and a roar, which later on would be hard to forget. He was just about to infiltrate the Pharaoh's temple until he heard a pair of feet dragging on the Egyptian sands "Don't you dare...I will...not...allow this to...go any...farther!" the voice called out. P.Seto smirked and turned around and noticed the weakened warrior. This warrior was barley standing on his own two feet. The only thing keeping him standing up was his sword." If you think that you can stand in the way of my destiny I think I know someone who begs to differ."
P. Seto explained as his dragon let out a huge roar. "Not this time!" the warrior said. P.Seto thought this was humorous and yelled" My great beast stuck down you and your pathetic army once for standing in my way and it will do it again!"

As this was all being said the young yet stubborn warrior was glowing black and his eyes went from dark brown to red in a blink of an eye. P.Seto was amazed at the power he was sensed coming from a weakling like him." You might think I'm worthless but I will prove my worth...IN THE NAME OF THE PHAROAH... RED EYED DRAGON...COME... FORTH!!!"

As soon as those words were said black clouds formed and a dragons roar was heard in the distance. Then the young warrior let out a battle cry like no other and from that emerged black dragon with red eyes. Then it roared once more and landed right by its master. Seto's dragon saw this as a challenge and it roared as loud as it could." I hope you're not serious, that dragon is obviously way too weak to battle with my dragon but I've learned never to take chances," Seto announced.

Having said that, he pointed his Millennium Rod toward his dragon and commanded," Great dragon take the powers of the Millennium Rod and bypass your ultimate form!" The Millennium Rod glowed a bright yellow and produced a blue energy stream that started to make its way around the white dragon.

In mere moments Seto's dragon gained two identical heads on its left and right shoulders. The young warrior watched hopelessly as this transformation took place. After the dragon completed that transformation out of nowhere cracks appeared all over its body and soon after Seto's beast busted and created a lot of smoke. As it cleared a new dragon took its place.

This new dragon looked more like a jet at first until it opened its mighty wings." This dragon will make sure victory is mine but since you want a fight, SHINING WHITE DRAGON!"I... wouldn't count... on that dragon... if I was you backstabber!" the warrior commented. Then he gained some ground and pulled out a small glowing crystal from his pocket and smacked." With this stone... I will make... my dragon more powerful than yours... STONE OF DARKNESS...FUSE WITH...MY DRAGON AND.BRING...HIM.TO. HIS KNEES!!!!" The stone glowed even more as it levitated towards the warrior's dragon. Then the stone went inside the heart of the black dragon.

Seconds later the dragon started to change completely. Don't look so depressed... I'm sure the pharaoh will take it easy on you...NOT" P.Seto grinned his teeth and became angry.

The young warriors dragons transformation was incredible. Its arms and wings fused as one and on each one there was a crystal and orange markings all over its body. Then its body became more sleek and lethal. When the transformation was completed a shadow game started." My dragon feeds on the darkness and destroys... that beast you will lose this shadow game...and my dragon will devoir you as punishment." "Not unless I become the victor here then I'll put you down like the little mutt you truly are!"

Then they both at the same time commanded their great beasts to attack. Absorbing the energy around them the dragons were preparing to duke it out. As that was going on a golden circle started to form around the two dragons. One by one-Egyptian symbols was forming on the inside of the circle. Then the dragons started to launch there most devastating attacks but the last symbol formed right before the attacks hit. This froze their dragons and their attacks." What is the meaning of all this!" P.Seto yelled.

Then the two dragons souls were locked away in stone tablets and locked away for an eternity to maintain the balance. As for the young warrior whose name was Joseph received a metal for the Pharaoh and his people. As for P.Seto well... let's leave that in the past. As for the stone of darkness the sands of time buried it never to be used again...or did it.