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Pairing: InoSaku

Warnings: shoujo-ai/yuri, language, sexual content

Last Time...

I put the last magazine back, and turned to leave, but she grabbed my hand, and whispered in my ear, "You just got your period."

My face went red. Aw shit. She handed me her sweatshirt from her basket and smiling said, "Don't worry about returning it."

She quickly left the scene of the crime, heading to the check out. I wrapped the sweatshirt around my waist and headed to the bathroom. Maybe that's why I felt like shit. I feel a little better now, though. That's for sure.

I'm not sure if it's because of her or not.

I didn't even get her name.

-Chapter Two-


I woke up that Monday and went to work in my standard business attire. I drove the few blocks to work, and sat down at my desk, starting on the same old, same old. But then I look up after about ten minutes and I notice it. Oh my god, do I notice it. My desk is in a completely different place, and there is one across the room from it. Please tell me that I'm not that dense that I totally just overlooked a major difference in my surroundings!

I did.

Oh, and by the way, who the hell does that desk belong to?

Before I could ponder it, I was answered by a face in mine.

"Hey there."

Damn. I once again missed a major detail. HA HA HA FUNNY SAKURA.

I remember Hideki-san saying that a new intern would be joining today. Temari? Yeah, that's her name.

She's pretty slender, with her hair in four ponytails, a bold statement for an intern in a lawfirm. Her clothes weren't exactly business either. She wore jeans and a light blue top that was semi-dressy, covered with a short jean jacket. She's very lovely, nevertheless.

"So," she started off, "Since I'm interning under you, what'll be the first thing you'll have me do?"

I stare for a minute, considering that I was never told she'd be my intern. "Uh..."

"Any research you need done?"

And suddenly the case I'd been working on last week popped into my mind. "Oh, right, um, Tenara-"


"Temari... You can do some casework right here on the Nara case. I need a clause to save it. Research one and report back to me by the end of the day."


I then remembered I was supposed to go for the damned doughnut-run this morning. "I'll be back in a few minutes, you start on the file."

Without waiting for her reaction, I turned to leave, grabbing my purse and telling the boss on my way out.

I climb into my car, and toss my purse into the passenger seat. My hands are shaky from the cold, but I start the car without any problems. The doughnut shop is about two miles away, and they aren't even that good.

I pull into the parking lot and turn off the car, hurrying out of it and into the store. The doughnut shop is a small cafe, one you might find in a town with less than 1000 people in it. Which is saying something considering the town it's located it is a sizable metropolis.

I'm standing at the register staring at the doughnuts in the display case (looking like I'm about to break the glass and devour them all, no doubt), when a middle aged woman with a scratchy voice says, "What can I get you, hun?"

I'm startled out of my trance, and quickly order two dozen glazed. She rings it up, and I hand her the total. "Be right back with your order," she says, turning to a counter behind her.

Doughnuts are definately not a food for me. All the sticky and the sugar and the fat that goes straight to my thighs. Eww...

The woman comes back with the doughnuts, and I take them from her, silently retreating out of the shop and into my car. I put the doughnuts and my purse down, start the car, and back out of the parking lot.

A light rain comes dripping down onto my car, blurring the windshield. I flip on the windshield wipers and sigh, reaching into my purse. I pull out a small bottle of pills and try twisting off the cap with one hand. Success... just as I pop a little Advil in my mouth...


I get t-boned.


And doughnuts go flying in a spectacular array of fried fatty goodness.

The airbag goes off in my face, knocking the wind out of me. I grab my purse and step out into the now pounding rain. "Fucking ruined my suit..."

A familiar face pops out from the car that hit mine, and rushes over, umbrella in hand.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" She's asking me now, holding her umbrella over me, messing with my hair.

I'm sputtering curses and apologies, on the other hand. "Should have never went to get fucking doughnuts."

"What?" she asks, pushing strands of drenched pink hair out of my face.

"Nothing," I reply, digging through my purse for my business and insurance cards. I pull them out without struggle, and shove them in her hands. "Here, charge all you want," I say, getting back in my car, drenching the seat.

She walks over and knocks on the glass gently, to which I reply by rolling it down, "What?"

"Sorry, but I think your car is totalled..." she said sweetly, giving the insurance card back to me, the business one noticably missing, "Can I call you a cab?"

I look up at her face now, and recognize her as the girl from the grocery store. Her blond hair is down, and getting wet now, too. She has such striking eyes. They're electric blue, or some trippy shit like that. Her complexion is practically flawless, like some sort of angel. An angel that tee-bones you... Right.

Finally, I nod, and get out of my car, saying fuck the doughnuts. We walk over to her car, and she invites me to sit in it for a moment while she calls for a ride. I take a moment to look at the interior of her car. It's older, but I don't really know the model. Pretty sure it's a Toyota, though. Whatever that little symbol is... I don't know.

She hangs up her cell phone and smiles. "I called you a cab, they'll be here in about five minutes."

I reply with a forced smile.

"Look..." she starts, "I'm really sorry. I'm very clumsy. I was talking on my phone and I should've been watching the road and-"

"It's fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, my car was old anyways."

We sit for a moment in silence, until finally she speaks up again. "My name is Ino."

"I'm Sakura," I reply, my wrist brushing hers as I raise a hand up to smooth my hair.

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