"James Potter!" she screamed up the stairs into the boy's dormatories. " Get your skinny
little ass down here this instant!"

" You called, my dear Lily?" His cocky grin made her anger grow and her insides
melt. He dropped into a stage whisper as he said to Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, "I
knew someone was watching me in the Prefects Bathroom."

Lily prefered to ignore that comment and snarled. "Don't 'dear' me! How could
you set the Slytherin table ON FIRE??! We all know it was you." she ranted.

"God," Sirius commented, " they sound like a married couple."

"Don't you even hint that I would marry him, let along like him! James," she
started on him again, " As Head Boy and Head Girl we are supposed to set an example
for the school. I'm doing my job, but you aren't!"

"I'm sorry," he murmered, as he tucked a loose strand of reddish-brown hair back
behind her ear. Lily took a step back. "I won't do it again," he said as he flashed his
friends an amused glance.

" Professor McGonagall is going to chop you up into a million pieces and then,"
she added with an evil grin, " I'll come and pick up them up, throw them into Hell, and
eat popcorn while I watch them burn."

"Wow," Sirius commented, " we knew there must have been some corruptness in
you girl. You can't be that good. James you owe me those 15 galleons."

Lily's eyes narrowed in suspicion and she asked,
" Why would he have to pay you?"

" He bet you were all good two-shoes. He said you had never done anything bad
in your whole 16 years." Lily seemed to think about that and idea spat out of her mouth
before she even realized what she was saying.

" I bet you. 50 galleons. That I can do 5 pranks by the end of two weeks. But if I
get stuck, maybe you could help? Just give me some slight ideas?" She asked

"Deal!" Sirius said automatically, shaking Lily's hand.

" You in?" he asked James and Remus Lupin.

" Sure," Lupin answered. Remus raised his eyebrows at James. They seem to say

" Fine," James said almost reluctantly, " but what if you loose?"

" Homework for 3 months!"

" Done deal! No homework for 3 months!" James shouted.

" That's what you think. I'm betting soon you'll be 50 galleons short." Lily said
with a grin as she turned and walked up the staircase to the girl's room.

"Well," James said.

" Do you think she can actually do this?" Remus asked. "What if she gets caught
doing them? Snape might get McGonagall to take away the HG badge and title."

" Nah," James said. " Lily's McGonagall's pet. McGonagall would never do that
to her."

" True," Sirius added. " McGonagall actually smiles at her. Freaky." The boys

* * *

"So? You can do it! You're the smartest girl in the whole school- and you have
done some bad things before." Shiara Kindal, Lily's best and maybe only friend, rattled

"Oh? Really?" Lily asked sarcastically. Actually, Lily knew she was no good
two-shoes either.

" There is that strip club you worked at- and made over 300 galleons. You
painted your neighbors house bright pink...."

Lily winced. That strip club thing. That was an accident. When the ad said
"waitress and other duties" she'd assumed "other duties" meant washing toilets or
something. Not stripping. But she had stayed on the job after seeing how much money
you made.

The neighbor's house bright pink- that had been on purpose. And also the fact
that the neighbors were the Potter's- well, that didn't hurt at all.

* * *

"James! I just had a thought. Remeber in our 5th year how your house was
turned pink? And your mom thought we did it?"

James groaned. "Of course. Mom made up scrape the paint of magically."

Suddenly realization dawned in James' eyes.

"It could have been Lily. And her spells were irreversable!"

" Crap!" Remus groaned.

"What did we geet ourselves into?" Sirius moaned and
pulled a pillow over his face.

"Oh crap."

* * *

Up on the landing, Lily smirked evilly. Then she cracked her knuckles.

"You're right." she told Shiara. " I can do this."

Shiara smiled back. "Watch out world. Lily's on the rampage."

That night, Lily waited for Mrs. Norris to begin her nightly watch. As the cat
walked by, Lily quickly put her asleep. Then she muttered, very softly, so no one would

"Floatum inflatia"

* * *

As the Gryffindor students walked to breakfast the next morning, they were
stopped by the throngs of other students outside the doors to the Hall. Lily edged closer
to Sirius, Lupin, and James, with Shiara close by. A thing resembling a great, big, furry
balloon was shooting acroos the room. Up! Down! Up! Down!

" What is that?" James asked, confused. Lily smiled mysteriously.

"My cat! My cat!" Argus Filch came screaming into the room.

"Mrs. Norris?" Remus aked. Lily and Shiara began to laugh hysterically. James
turned to Lily, his brown, chocolatly eyes wide.

" Did you do this?" he asked in amazement, knowing what the answer would be.

" Shhh....I always did want to get that stupid cat."

"Anyone who laughs gets detention! Evans! Potter! Lupin! Black! Kindal!

Still laughing, the group left Filch trying to catch Mrs. Norris.

* * *

"That was pretty good," Sirius agreed, about 15 minutes later.

" How did you manage to inflate Mrs. Norris?" James asked.

"With a simple spell Lil made up in our 1st year. She uses it on Petunia, her
sister, all the time."

Suddenly, the doors opened, revealing a furious Filch dragging along his cat.
Laughter began again.

"Detention! Detention! Detention! Professor Dumbledore- someone had inflated
my cat. Reverse it! Reverse it!" Filch was hysterical. Dumbledore looked on, amused.

After trying to reverse the spell for awhile Dumbledore said,

"I think this spell will stay on for at least two more days." Filch moaned and ran
out of the hall.

"I would like to thank whatever person jinxed that cat." A voice rang out from the
Slytherin table.

"But Horace," a petite brunette Slytherin said, " it could have been a Gryffindor."

" Who cares?" came Horace's voice. "That cat's everyone's enemy." And for once, all of Hogwarts agreed.

" I never thought a day would come when a Slytherin would thank us." Remus

" I can." Shiara answered. "Its like when they ask Lily out." Lily glared. " I mean,
Snape asks her at least once a week."

"Snape has asked you out?" Sirius said, plainly shocked.

" Well, Lily does try to ignore him and she hides from him too," Shiara started.

" But somehow, he always finds me and asks me out. And I always tell him no.
And I always will." Lily concluded.

"No romance with Snapey?" James asked.

" No romance with anyone." Lily proclaimed.

" WHAT!" Sirius fell out of his chair. "James and I get new girlfriends every
month." Lily's eyes narrowed.

" THat is why you two are the hormone driven boys and Remus is the sensible

" You two do cause alot of trouble you know." Shiara said. James' eyebrows
went up. Lily explained.

"There is the monthly, 'I don't understand' 'I thought he liked me' 'What went
wrong?' Then they cry, cry, and cry."

"Lil's pretty good at cheering them up though. 'James Potter is a snob, you don't
need him!' 'Sirius Black is an idiot for dumping you.' "Forget him. Move on! Get
revenge. Fall in love with someone else!'"br
Lily blushed.

" Do you actually say that?" Sirius demanded.

" Of course. It's true. Those idiotic girls think you're the basis of living. But
you're not!"

"And what is the basis of living?" James asked laxily. Shiara answered before
Lily could.

" Lily Evans' code is study hard, be prepared, get good grades, and NEVER,
EVER fall in love. EVER."

" Not ever, Shi. How many times do I have to tell you? Eventually, I'll get
married, but that's not my priority right now, k? My schedule is to study and finish my
four pranks. Now, can we please get off the subject of Lily Evans non-existant love
life?!" Lily huffed.

"Whoa, TOUCHY! Someone wants a boy---" Shiara was cut off by an icy glare
from Lily. "I'll be quiet now."

"Good idea," Sirius muttered. "You do want to live."

* * *

On the way to Transfiguration (Lily's worst subject), James began to question her.

"So, you've never had a boyfriend?"

" No," Lily replied. Her answer was sharp and quick.

" Ever wanted one?" James asked lazily.

"No!" Lily exclaimed indignantly.

"Why not?" James asked in the same bantering tone.

"I don't want to be dependent on someone else, if its any of your business, which
it is not. Also, it might interfere with my studies."

"And," she told herself. "You're
scared Lily Evans, but you'd never tell James Potter."

He gave her that look--- the one where he turned his head slightly
and raised one eyebrow.

"Really...." he drawled.

"Yes!" she snapped. "Now. Go. Away. Leave. Me. Alone." She gave him the Lily
Evans glare. He seemed immune to it and gave her an amused wave and grin as she
whirled around. Her long auburn hair slapped his face. Oddly, he felt his self-confidence
falter as she stalked into the Transifiguration classroom. His self-confidence, the Potter
self-confidence. No, it had to be his imagination. Potter's didn't lose their cool around
ladies. He shook his head, convinced himself it was just his mind playing tricks on him, and followed
her into the classroom.

For some reason he watched her all during class. Within five minute he
understood why she had a problem in Transifiguration. She didn't pay attention at all.
Her fingers moved her pencil, and he knew Proffesor McGonagall assumed she was
taking notes, but he recognized that black book. It was her diary, any Gryffindor knew
that. She twirled her hair and looked up every few seconds, as if she were paying

James was fascinated by her hair. Its length was to the middle of her back, a bright shade of red, and slightly curly.

"And for homework..."

"Homework?" his mind asked. "That means he had been staring at her hair
for--WAIT!! STARING AT LILY EVANS HAIR?! I must have thought she was
someone else," he concluded.

As the class left, Sirius gave him an odd look.

" Prongs, you ok?" he asked concerned. " You sorta spaced out."

" Fine," he said firmly and the discussion was ended.

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