The Steadfast Tin Soldier

The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Chapter 2.

Okay , I'm sorry if there was a little confusion about this fic. I called it a one shot, and it was meant to be a oneshot, but I ran out of time writing it and had to make two chapters. Usual warnings, I don't own them, blah, blah blah.


Milliardo ran into his sister's room with a very expensive, very heavy hand carved baseball bat, convinced that his sister was in some sort of mortal danger. He was relieved and a little irate to find that Relena was the only one in her bedroom, sniffling loudly.

" What? What's the matter?"

" M-m-my dolly's gone!"

" Your dolly? Which one?"

" M-m-my dancing dolly! Dorothy stoled it!"

" You just got back from Dorothy's. Did you bring it with you?"

" N-no."

" Then how do you know she took it?"


" Okay, okay, calm down. You probably just misplaced it. I'll help you look."

" She stoled my French soldier too."

" We'll look for that one too."

" She can keep that one. BUT I WANT MY DANCING DOLLY!"

" What's that?"

A glimpse of something shiny caught Milliardo's eye, and he bent down to retrieve it. The blonde dancer was still attached to the pedestal, but the foot that wasn't in the fitted groove had broken off and was lying a few inches away. Relena started crying again when she saw it.


" Calm down. I'll fix him. Sheesh…"

After about an hour, Quatre was returned to the top of Relena's table, beside the Jack-In-The-Box. He was balanced on both feet inside the groove that had been widened by Milliardo, so that the glue keeping his foot on his ankle could set properly. Relena seemed satisfied with her brother's handiwork.

" Now, will we look for the soldier?"

" Nope. I got my dancing dolly back, Dorothy can have the other one."

Meanwhile, Trowa was bobbing along helplessly with the floodwater, watching cockroaches and rats scurry across the walls of the sewer. The red eyes of the rats regarded him with vague interest, and he was alarmed when several jumped into the water to catch him and discover whether he was edible or not. The long claws of a large male grasped him and hauled him out of the water. He closed his eyes and awaited the inevitable, with his last thoughts of the blonde dancing doll that had captured his heart.

" I miss you already, Quatre."

A jolt forced his eyes open and he discovered himself flying through the air as one rat knocked him out of the other's grasp. He fell through the sewerage grating, past pipes and weeds and docks into a huge river. He plummeted to the bottom, only to find himself inside the stomach of a large rainbow trout before he could hit the depth.

Relena left for Dorothy's house at two-o clock to confront her over her other missing doll, and life surged through the bedroom. Toys moaned and stretched, the rocking horse threw a teddy off of his back, dolls made the beds of the dollhouse, the soldier dolls looked around for their missing companion, Treize watched Quatre try to pull his feet out of the pedestal where they had been wedged rather awkwardly. Treize smiled at the doll, who ignored him.

" Do forgive me, my dear. I really didn't mean to push you over like that. A simple accident, that's all."

Quatre looked at the empty compartment of the soldier doll's box.

" Where's Trowa?"

" The cripple? I'm afraid he took a rather clumsy fall out of a window. Terrible, really."

Quatre scowled angrily and turned away from him. Treize was about to make a grab at him when Relena entered, angry because Dorothy had called her a liar and a poop-head.

The rainbow trout's stomach was acting up, and he was swallowing seaweed in an attempt to stop whatever it was from moving around. He was so busy doing this that he failed to notice the fisherman's boat until the net dragged him up out of the water.

Hours later, a servant for a rich household bought the trout from the salesman, claiming that she had a very special dinner to prepare for her Master, who had been abroad.

At six o clock, Relena Peacecraft stared in disgust at the small piece of fish on her plate.

" This smells like it came from a sewer."

" Relena, be quiet and eat the stupid fish, okay?"

She poked at it with her fork and was surprised to find that it went less than an inch inside before it hit something hard. Now intrigued, she carefully dissected the fish with her knife and fork…

… and uncovered her tin soldier!

" Milliardo, look what I got!"

" Is that your missing toy? You must have left it near the cooking stuff. I guess Dorothy didn't steal it."

" She's still a poop-head."

" Go put it in your room so I can eat fish in peace, okay?"

" Okay."

Soon the tin soldier was back in his original place, eagerly awaiting reconciliation with his dancing doll.

As soon as Relena left and the clock struck seven, the room lit up with life again. The three soldiers were amazed to find Trowa there, as if he'd never left.

" Hey, Tro! Where'd you go, man? You stink to high heaven!"

" Did that Onna lend you to one of her Onna friends or something?"

" Hn?"

Trowa was about to answer them when he caught sight of Treize pulling Quatre out of the pedestal roughly. He leaped out of his box and hopped over to the table as fast as he could, cursing his one leg the whole way. Thanks to some acrobatic skill he had attained to make up for his missing appendage, he flung himself onto the table, startling Treize into dropping the blonde doll. Angrily, the Jack-In-The-Box dragged himself towards Trowa and prepred to shove him into the fire.

Suddenly, Trowa brought up his single leg and threw the box over his head into the eagerly awaiting embers. Treize exploded in a spark of red and orange. Trowa flipped himself back onto one leg, while Quatre, free from the stupid pedestal, danced over to hug him. Then the room froze as Relena came in.

" I promised Dorothy she could have my Jack-In-The-Box if she stopped calling me a poop head and I… Where is my Jack-In-The-Box?"

Milliardo noticed the large pile of ashes and had to quickly think of something to prevent his sister's upcoming tantrum.

" You already gave it to Dorothy."

" I did? When?"

" Yesterday."

" I didn't see it at her house."

" Maybe she lost it."

" Okay. What's my dancing dolly doing with my soldier dolly? He should be on his pedestal."

" Leave them like that. It's kinda cute. I didn't like the pedestal anyway."

That ending was pretty weird. Oh well, sue me. On second thought, don't.