Stranded On A Deserted Island

A Yu-Gi-Oh G/X Fic

Summary: Jaden, Syrus, Chumley, Zane, Alexis, Chazz, and Bastion get stranded on a deserted island on April Fools day, and everyone suspects that it's one of Crowler's pranks. But what Crowler doesn't realize, it helped them out a lot.

Couples: Jaden/Syrus, Zane/Alexis

Chapter 3

Figuring out feelings

About a week later, Syrus' fever was getting worse. His coughing hadn't stopped, and since they were on a deserted island, there wasn't much food, just water, which Zane gave Syrus lots to drink. Some days his fever showed signs of breaking, and then others it got really high. Jaden was really worried, as was Zane and everyone else, surprisingly Chazz as well.

On that particular night, Jaden and Chumley had found a new cave, and since the man was off the island, they made it their own. Actually, it was only Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley's cave. Alexis, Chazz, Bastion and Zane took the other one, although they visited a lot to check and help look after Syrus. Zane was beginning to notice how much care Jaden took in looking after Syrus. He always gave him more food than himself and always made sure the little blunette was comfortable when they were going to sleep. It led Zane to wonder...

Were they more than just friends? Best friends? Boyfriends? Lovers? Syrus hadn't shown any signs of being bisexual - he was starting to think Jaden was gay, though. Just by the way he was being so gentle with his little brother. It did make him smile to see Syrus so happy, though especially when they thought when Jaden was dead from the gunshot.

Syrus looked so helpless and sad when he saw Jaden almost dead on the ground. The way his eyes had flooded with tears, and how they widened with sadness. How he had screamed for Jaden to wake up... actually, it was clear to Zane now.

His little brother loved Jaden Yuki.

But did Jaden know?

In the other cave, Jaden and Syrus sat looking out at the long and blue ocean. Syrus was clinging to Jaden for warmth, and Jaden had his arms wrapped around the blunette trying to warm him up. It feels so good to be holding him like this... like we were meant to be... I know we were meant to be because I love him so much...

"J-Jay?" Syrus yawned, blinking his eyes tiredly. "Hey there, buddy. You doin' alright?"

"I don't feel as hot anymore," Syrus replied and Jaden grinned as he felt Syrus' forehead.

"Sy, your fever's broken!" he exclaimed as Syrus let out a small yawn. Jaden just smiled as Syrus went back to sleep with a small smile plastered on his face. "I love you, Sy-Sy."

His eyes drooped close just as Syrus said, "Love you too, Jay." He whispered before falling asleep, as did Jaden.

That was how Zane found them moments later, curled up in each other's arms and smiles on their faces. He sighed and left the cave to return to the shelter of the Obelisk/Ra cave.


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