Chapter I

There was laughter. Laughter, echoing in her ears and rousing her from a drowsy state. Sarah found herself surrounded by elegant people dripping with wealth. Their beautiful faces were covered by masks.

Sarah looked down at herself and found that her clothes had changed into a flowing white dress. Looking into a shining silver plate, she saw her hair had been pinned back with tendrils of curls falling gracefully down her neck.

The whole event seemed so surreal. The last thing Sarah could remember was Hoggle giving her a strange tasting peach. now, she was here, accepted by a higher class of people and she felt the heat of someones eyes on the back of her head.

Looking inquisitively over her shoulder she saw the most handsome man watching her. He stood with a black mask covering the majority of his face. his hair was blonde and straightened with flashes of blue brighting it. He slowly moved the mask away. Sarah gasped at the intensity of his smouldering blue eyes as they stared at her.

There was something familiar about this man. Sarah's mind screamed at her to remember him. Who is he? And how did she know him?

As soon as he could reach her, he pulled her towards him and grasped her small frame in a possessive grip. His warm hand felt so right in her own. Sarah stifled a fulfilled sigh.

"Sarah," his hot breath tickled her ear. "I want you."

With those words, Sarah froze. And with the sound of his voice, she remembered him. Jareth. The Goblin King. The man who'd taken her brother.

Jareth chuckled to himself as he continued to dance across the floor as if his partner hadn't remembered everything that was wrong in her life.

"Let. Me. Go." Sarah hissed into his ear. "I need to find my brother."

His only response was to pull her closer and hold her tighter, breathing in her scent and whispering in her ear.

"Listen to me Sarah," his hands moved slowly up and down the expanse of her back, just ghosting over her skin. "I have a proposal to offer you."

Sarah had never felt more confused. she had wasted enough time and she needed to find little Toby. but, she also wanted to stay as close to the Goblin King as possible, while she still could.

"I'm listening." She breathed out.

"I want you Sarah," Jareth repeated. "And, if you agree to my ... idea, I shall make you my queen."

Sarah swallowed nervously.

"Go on."

"I shall let Toby go. Back home. Where none of this will be remembered by him."

"If?" Sarah asked in a quiet voice. This seemed too easy.

"If you stay here in his place. With me."

Laughter chimed faintly in her head, the last strains of music dimmed and the world froze. His proposition was her only focus.

What should she do? Give up her entire life and let Toby live his? Or go home and leave knowing her brother was a Gobiln due to her own selfishness. It wasn't a hard decision, put like that.

So, as the song finished, Jareth bowed and in response Sarah curtsied gracefully. She bowed her head and while facing the floor she meekly replied in a small voice.


And her fate was sealed.