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"Jareth," Sarah whined. "Why are you throwing another ball?"

"I promised my queen we'd start over." The king smiled.

"And we already have." Sarah reminded him.

Jareth shrugged his shoulders. "I like to see you all dressed up."

Sarah laughed and shooed him out of the room so she could get ready.

It had been a few months since the David fiasco and the two had grown closer over the time that had passed. Jareth had wanted to treat his queen respectfully. So he threw a ball much like the one where he had compromised her so long ago.

The party hadn't been going on long before Sarah had appeared at the top of the stairs leading into the ballroom.

She looked beautiful. Her dress was made out of a shimmering azure with rhinestones adorning the neckline. Her hair was up in an intricate style of curls, expertly pinned to her tiara. She looked every bit the queen she was. And she was his.

The night passed on and many goblins watched their King and Queen dance. They made a striking pair.

Sarah had proven to be a great ruler. Strict when she had to be but overall calm and kind.

Jareth smiled wistfully as he thought about the last few months. There hadn't been many children that had been wished away but the ones that had had provided them both with a source of entertainment. And Sarah was the last obstacle if they managed to make it as far as the castle.

Sarah was the one who decided whether they were genuinely sorry about wishing the children away or not. Only the kind hearted got their baby back.

The ball was interrupted when a mess of Goblins came hobbling in.

"Sire, sire. There's been another wish!"

The King and Queen just looked at each other with matching smirked on their faces.

Here comes the fun.