alana was still berating herself for fainting in front of micheal. imagine ,

fainting at the intake for the spaceknights and then the head of the

spaceknights coming to your rescue.well anyway what wass she going to do

now? first things first. she would unpack and then call her friend cindy.

cindy morana was alana's friend from since she was a baby. they had dealt

with their first crushes and their first bullies. also, cindy was the only one

that knew about her dizzy spells and had helped her to keep it quiet. now it

appeared it was getting serious. tomorrow. that's when she would deal with

it. pulling her bags into her new bedroom, alana dug out a large t-shirt and

some underwear, and proceeded to take a shower before she went to bed.five

minutes later, alana came out of the bathroom her hair plated in two and

her face fresh scrubbed. barely stopping to turn off the lights alana got into

bed and fell into a deep sleep.

in a room somewhere on hte spaceknight compound, a lone figure sat and

watched alana as she went to sleep. in front of them were the results of the

'tests' run on her earlier that afternoon. they were...interesting to say the

least. if he were to believe what the tests were saying then they were all in

for a more than pleasant suprise as far as alana carter was concerned.

the next day dawned bright and early for alana. getting up at five, she got

herslef ready and donned the spaceknight training uniform. it was a fitted

navy blue shirt with te spaceknight emblem mon the pocket with a navy

blue pants. she had her waist length black hair in a ponytail and she picked

up her bag. she was ready to go. picking up a nutri-bar she hustled out her

door and made her way to the assembly hall. this is where for the

foreseeable future she would be meeting witht the other trainees unitl she

graduated. there was a general sense of anticipation. the spaceknights had

always stood for honour and courage. they had fought valiantly in the

venamoid earth war.

" your attention please ?" the trainees in the hall quieted.

" I am micheal starr. commander of the spaceknights. you all are here

because you want to defend your planet. in times of peace and

unfortunately in times of war. on each of your applications you expressed

and interest in a specific area. now you are going to be sent to those areas to

beging your training. when you hear your name please go with your unit

leaders." the names were called and everyone started going their own way.

at last only alana was left in the assembly hall. micheal got down off the

stage and came towards her.

" what's going on commander?" alana asked. she was puzzled.

" you wanted to go into engineering. correct?"

" yes i did commander. i seem to have an affinity for machines." she replied.

" while that seems to be true, based on the backround search we were

required to do you also have a keen analytical and tactical mind. hence we

have decided to place you in special ops."

" commander permission to speak freely?" hididng a smile, micheal


" why? i don't want to be there. my father was in that same area and look

what happened to him. i'd rather be near machines. sir."

" be that as it may, your particular skills are better suited to the special ops

department.' he replied. micheal could see that she was not happy with his

and the other trainers choice. he could also see that she wanted to be a

spaceknight. really badly.

"follow me alana. i'll be your chief trainer. besides being the spaceknight

commander i am also the special ops leader." as they walked along the

hallway leading to the special ops center, alana had a vision. huge, black

beings,,. they were swarming the earth. there was some kind of sheild . made

of light, surrounding the earth. it was strong but still a few of the beings still

managed to get through and attack the earth.
" alana, alana, is something wrong?" micheal asked. alana snapped out of it

and looked at him a bit blankly.

" i'm sorry commander. what were you saying?" watching her with a

quizical look on his face micheal explained what they would be doing for

that day. even though alana looked fine, micheal still monitored her closely.

something about the way she had spaced out worried him. he made a

mental reminder to run a brain scan on her later that day.

" today, we will be getting you accustomed to the layout of the special ops

center. you'll learn what we do, how we do it that is gather information and

finally how we utilise it. if at any time during your training, you have a

question please let me know. ok?"

" ok. commander. " she replied. still a bit upset about being assigned to

special ops but knowing for the time being she didn't have much of a choice,

but as micheal showed her around the op center an alarm went off.

" status report."

" there seems to be an unidentified object of some sort. it just entered our star

system. if it maintains its current course it will reach earth in

approximately 48 hours."

" can our sensors get us an image, something?"

" i'll try commander." the officer said as he punched in a sequence of keys.

" this is the clearest that i can get it." he said as the image came up on


gasps of suprise and of shock were heard all over the special ops center.

what they were seeinf on the screen looked like a giant spider crab.

" officer i want you to keep working on it. we need as clear an image of

whatever that thing is as we can." as micheal siad this, he turned to alana.

" come with me. it seems as though you're going to get a crash course in

special ops." with those words tommy left the special ops center a confused

alana following closely behind.

throughout the many planning sessions and strategy meetings that followed

in the two days alana kept getting the feeling that something wasn't quite

right. she kept having these strange flashes of something momentous that

was going to happen. she couldn't see more than that and it frustrated her.

micheal noticed and asked her repeatedly what was wrong. she ignored him

and continued with her duties.

after the great battle all those years ago there arose a new earth alliance

with the former space knights at its head. the new allaince knew that a time

would come in the future when the earth would come under attack.

determined not to let the same thing happen as when the venamoids

invaded. they created a planet wide shield. this shield was strong enough to

withstand repeated attacks form a super-teknoman. it's power came form

two sources. the earth's hot magma core and from the sun. there was also an

auxiliary source of power. the wind and water. they , hopefully had all their

bases covered.

the spaceknights that came after that great battle were all trained in

different areas. from the engineering department to the artificial

intelligence center. new and improved tekno-armour had been developed

that came close to but still could not match the power of a fully developed


all of this information and more, alana went through. trying to see if there

was any way that she could help. this was pretty much how her day went. it

was late into the night of the second day of preparations when micheal

finally got alana to get up and go to her room.

" but i have one more systems check to do before i go. "

" if you're too tired or not rested enough you'll start making mistakes. get a

good night's rest. you'll feel better in the morning once you have." alana

looked micheal in his face. she felt something when she looked into his eyes.

as their faces came closer as if they were about to kiss a voice interupted


" systems check on thermal generator number two is completed. are there

further instructions?"

clearing her throat before she spoke, alana answered,

" that will be fine. i'll be logging out now. we will resume tomorrow. ensign

carter out." shaking his head at some private joke, micheal stretched out a

hand to alana. nodding at him she took it as was helped to her feet.

" come on. i'll walk you to your room."

during the 5 minute walk to her room, alana considred telling micheal what

was going on. how shw had been having these...visions about the

venamoids. she knew that the right thing to do was to tell him. the more

preparation time the spaceknights and the earth got the better it would be

for all of them yet she hesitated. if micheal knew she had these visions then

he might be tempted to look more closely at alana herslef. she couldn't let

that happen just yet. she did however have a plan to give the spaceknights'

their warning.