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Author's Notes: The following 5 hundred-word drabbles were written in response to the Trick or Treat challenge on Granger Snape 100.

Her Best Light

It wasn't a trick. Not exactly. It certainly wasn't as much of an illusion as the cosmetic charms that most witches wouldn't be seen without. It was just a simple spell, one of Hermione Granger's own creations. Tonight, after she cast it; she would attend the Hallowe'en Feast, as would Severus.


Hermione looked into her mirror and resisted the urge to scream. She had created a spell that would show the caster in their best light, to the object of their desire; in her case, Severus Snape. She expected to look older, or perhaps somehow darker. She never expected this.

Severus Snape never thought he'd see the day that he blended with the shadows, for no nefarious purpose. Well, not entirely nefarious. He certainly wasn't acting as a spy, and avoiding hit wizards to keep secretly supplying the Order with information, anymore. However, he supposed he shouldn't be skulking around the entrance to Professor Granger's rooms, either.

He hoped to spend time with her at the Hallowe'en Feast; but, she hadn't arrived yet. It was unlike her to be late for a required school function. Although, he couldn't blame her, it was a masquerade this year.

Severus heard Hermione scream.

Hermione couldn't resist. She screamed. She had desperately wanted to impress Severus Snape. When she came back from the stylist's earlier that afternoon, Hagrid had said that her hair 'looked a right treat.' She had put on her elegant new costume, and then she cast her spell. Now, she stood before her mirror, dressed in her most comfortable clothes, with her hair pulled into a messy bun - that had her favourite quill sticking out of it. She looked exactly like she had been in the midst of one of her marathon weekends, spent digging through the stacks of a library.
One quick spell and Severus was through Professor Granger's door, wand drawn. He looked around and saw nothing out of place.

At the sound of her door blasting open, Hermione rushed into her sitting room; only to find none other than Severus Snape standing there. He looked ready to defend, well, someone from something.

"Hermione, I was passing and I heard you scream. Is something amiss?"

"Oh, erm... nothing, Severus." At his quizzical look she continued. "I was just frustrated. I didn't have time to finish..." she trailed off, as she noticed the look on his face. "What is it?"

As Hermione explained, Severus looked at her. She had her hair in a bun, with wild curls escaping. Her cheeks glowed a natural pink, as if she had been near dust. He knew they always did that when she was near dust. Her lovely bare feet peeked out of the hem of her loose robes. She was enchanting.

"Would you care to skip the feast with me, Hermione?" he asked.

"Yes, Severus, I'd love to."

Severus pulled her to him, whispering, "I can't resist." As his mouth met hers, she knew she had her treat, without the aid of tricks.